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Thursday, September 28, 2017
Go light for upland birds

Big blasts with an air blaster
Want to have more fun with a gun while plinking? Try the Big Blast bottle caps from Umarex. They turn plastic soda pop bottles into splashingly reactive targets!

Umarex is generally known as one of the really big companies in the airgun business for hunting. That’s nice. And now, they are in the air target business. Even better.

A BIG BLAST puts on a water show when pressurized plastic bottle is hit with a projectile, like a pellet or bullet.

Basically, the Big Blast kit is comprised of some special bottle caps, a string and a mesh bag. The idea is that you fill up a bottle with water, screw on the cap, use an air pump to put pressure in the bottle and then shoot it. The added pressure makes for a much more dramatic spray when the bottle is hit. It sprays water out in a cloud that is two to three times as big as if you shoot a bottle full of water without the pressure. Fun with a gun!

For this column, we took a number of two-liter Pepsi and A&W root beer plastic bottles, filled them with water, attached the Big Blast caps and then used a tire pump to put 80 psi of pressure into the bottles. A regular needle type of nozzle that works for footballs, etc., was attached to the air pump hose and then air pressure was pumped into the bottles through the Big Blast lids.

The kit comes with a net bag, which is to be used while pumping (don’t want stuff flying around if something goes wrong at this point of the procedure).

It is important to tie a string or length of fishing line to the Big Blast bottle caps. Otherwise it might be hard to find the caps after the bottles blast apart when the bullets impact. A lot happens in a big hurry when the inflated bottles are hit.

Instructions warn not to inflate the bottle with more than 80 psi for two-liter containers, nor over 50 psi for the thinner water bottles. Also, it is recommended to shoot from at least 60 feet (or 30 yards even) away. We went 30 yards and hammered the inflated bottles with a .25-06 bolt-action rifle and with an AR-15 in 5.56mm NATO.

A SPORTS BALL nozzle attached to the air hose from a hand pump goes into the Big Blast lid to compress air in the bottle.

Results ranged from impressive to spectacular, depending on where the bottle was hit. Both calibers worked extremely well.

Then we shot a group of the same kinds of bottles full of water, but didn’t pressurize them. Results were different. Yes, it still was fun to watch, but the eruption of the water cloud was much more noticeable and more fun when pressurized, using the Big Blast caps.

During a shooting session, all went well, except one of the Big Blast caps was hit by a bullet, which pretty well ended its participation in the fun. Other than that, the Big Blast caps are reusable – more and more fun.

Check out the Big Blast caps at the local gun store, or go online to:

It is always nice to find still another way to have fun with a gun.

* * *

Steve Comus is a nationally recognized hunting editor with Safari Club International and a former WON Guns and Hunting Guns Editor. His column appears every other week in WON and he can be reached at

A TIRE PUMP is used to inflate bottles full of water. With the Big Blast bottle caps, the fun factor can be increased substantially as clouds of water spray fill the air when the pressurized plastic bottles are hit with bullets.

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