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Friday, October 20, 2017
Woulda’, coulda’, shoulda’

Feeding Cabo Kids
October in Cabo is always fun, even if you don’t participate in the many tournaments that take place during the month. The energy is remarkable, the sheer number of anglers and their families or entourages is astonishing. Taking part in many of the festivities and celebrations of the many events, meeting Captains, teams and guests and other participants, only adds excitement to the unique experience of your trip to Land’s End.

One local group that I encountered was Jen and David Limpert and their extended family who operate Hope for Los Cabos; they have collected many of the fish caught during the Bisbee Tournaments since 2015. Seems as though they had one of those “no-brainers” that are so simple that they are overlooked.

are making an impact in the community when a woman who runs a feeding center begins sobbing when the fish is delivered because they had just run out of food for the kids the day before!

Waiting between fish being brought to the scale, the two of them explained how their program had begun. Basically, they realized that most tournaments don’t allow the teams to take their catch in many of the events. However, the distribution of the fish that were brought in to the scale was not very organized; they were passed off on a first come/first serve basis.

Along come Jen and David Limpert with an idea of taking reasonability for all of the catch and arrange to have the fish cleaned, filleted, packaged and then distributed throughout the barrios surrounding the area. If you say that fast, it seems like a simple undertaking. However, upon closer inspection, there are a dizzying number of moving parts required to make it all happen, beginning the moment these huge fish are taken down from the scale.

Their work begins after a tournament team’s exhilarating weigh-in, when the fish is taken down and loaded onto a cart. At that moment, the Limpert volunteers take over … first to clean and fillet the fish and then, in most cases, delivered direct to the dozen strategically located feeding centers as well as distributed to rehabilitation centers and the boys’ orphanage strategically located in the remote communities surrounding Cabo and San Jose.

Since the first time I was introduced to the project, their volunteer staff has grown rapidly from a few helpers to an army of volunteers who manage the increasing flow of fish from their growing list of local tournaments and individual contributors.

So far this year, from just the first two Bisbee events, there were 334 teams with 1,433 anglers, which produced over 4,833 pounds of fresh fish, equaling approximately 14,649 meals for distribution to kids. Those numbers, plus the meals the fish that Black and Blue produces, could set a new record.

Overall, the partnership the Limperts have had with the Bisbee tournaments since they teamed up in 2015 has amounted to an impressive 20,000 pounds, which has resulted in the delivery of nearly 60,000 kids’ meal.

In addition to the Bisbee effort, Dave Limpert also has another “Fishing for Food” program that operates throughout the year.

Limpert’s “Fishing for food” program has donated over 20,000 pounds in the last two years (outside of the Bisbee meals), with a total of over 100,000 meals adding his Fishing for Food program with the Bisbee Tournaments.

Jen Limpert shared recently, “You know you are making an impact in the community when a woman who runs a feeding center begins sobbing when the fish is delivered because they had just run out of food for the kids the day before! So, it’s worth all the hard work involved. We are indeed grateful to have the opportunity to partner with the Bisbee’s — with just their tournament, they help double the yearly amount of fish we are able to distribute to those in need,” she concluded.

If you happen to be fishing in Cabo and your luck is great and you end up with more fish than you can use, the Limperts will be happy to come and pick up your catch to distribute it to needy families in the area. And the gesture just may be good karma for you and your gang on your next trip.

Their contact info for Dave and Jen:

USA 719-377-2973 - Jen

USA 719-428-1331 - Dave

Mexico 624-219-9171 - Jen

Mexico 624-132-3958 - Dave


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