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Friday, November 03, 2017
WON Tuna Jackpot's Dramatic Final Day

Split Decision! A Tale of Two Brothers
sneak attack and their 195
SNEAK ATTACK TEAM AND CREW enjoy the moment as they find out their 195-pound yellowfin had just beat out the Overtime for the top two daily jackpots.

Brothers, captains and teams opt to
split $118,000 over coin flip choice

Two sportfishers with local mates get identical 195 pounders

Special to Western Outdoor News

CABO SAN LUCAS, BCS -- Chrome-plated sportfishing yachts and super pangas backed and turned, idled and waited as the dark fell and the 6 p.m. deadline to reach the Western Outdoor News Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Gray Taxidermy scales came and went. Who made it in time? Who didn't? Was there a huge fish that would take over the top Tuna Jackpot Championship spot held by Estrella del Norte's 338 pounder? 

Yes, no, maybe. Rumors fly and only a qualifying fish hanging on the scale can make a difference to the overall and optional jackpots. And in those waning moments the Sneak Attack team did just that, bringing in a 195-pound yellowfin that erased the Overtime's 181 from the $5000 and $10000 daily pots. 

Another boat turned in it's weigh cards, then decided not to bring a fish. Wives of anglers frantically tried to find out if their husbands, who had spent all afternoon pulling on giant yellowfin tuna, made it to the dock in time. 

rq 195
THE REEL QUEST crew soaks in their 195-pound catch after the decision is made to divvy up two jackpots with their hermanos. 

Then word spread the Reel Quest had arrived before the deadline and had a big fish to weigh. Yes, the very same Reel Quest that in 2016 swept the final day's jackpots with a last-minute tuna. 

There was a twist this time, a family tie, as it were. The mate of  the Reel Quest is the brother of the mate working with the Sneak Attack team, scions of Cabo's famous Bojorquez fishing family. 

So when the Reel Quest brought their yellowfin tuna to the scale, it was all in the family and all the family was there. The fish looked very large, yet all of the many fish weighed on either side of 200 pounds were girthy. 

Weighmaster Bill Egan let go of the weigh rope and all eyes turned to the scale. 195 pounds. A tie. A chaotic mix of laughter, amazement and stunned looks. Did that just happen? The brothers hugged, mama cried. It was decided to split the $118,00 pot rather than resort to the coin toss offered by Tournament Director Pat McDonell. 

Everyone won. 

Thank you Cabo!
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