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Wednesday, May 02, 2018
Blowing in the Wind
Wednesday, May 30, 2018
Baja Tournament Time

Tools for Baja Travelers
Mex 1 opened in 1973 … a narrow two-lane paved road with no shoulders extending 1,063 miles from Tijuana to Cabo San Lucas, offering many challenges to the bold tourists eager to explore Baja.

Over its 45-year history, its challenges have become legend – lack of services along the road, gasoline shortages, lack of mechanics, lack of communication with the outside world, flooding in arroyos and vados when it rained, delays that could be measured from hours or even stretching into days.

Constantly evolving, some of the problems were slowly solved while others disappeared and reappeared. News concerning the road conditions was difficult to come by.

Those in-the-know reached out to two travel clubs for information prior to traveling down the peninsula. Those two active clubs still provide a wealth of information about Baja, including the highways themselves.

Vagabundos del Mar Boat & Travel Club was founded more than 50 years ago when a group of trailer boaters “buddied up” to go on a cruise on the Sea of Cortez. Over the years, those without boats began caravanning in their vehicles. The club has evolved into a non-profit organization boasting thousands of members and offering up-to-date information along with low-cost insurance, adventure tours, discounts, books, clothing and much more.

Discover Baja, a family-owned and operated club,was founded by Hugh and Carol Kramer 27 years ago. “Our aim through Discover Baja,” Hugh observed in an early newsletter, “is to enhance your understanding of this fascinating and ever-changing peninsula, Baja California. We provide the most current travel information in order that you can enjoy the best that Baja has to offer as you explore its awesome sights.”

Over the years, the scope of services, information and products has grown tremendously. Carol and Hugh, along with their daughter Jennifer Kramer and the Discover Baja staff, provide low-cost insurance, books, tours, and clothing and are available to answer questions and to assist Baja visitors to ensure their travels to Baja are safe and enjoyable.

Other sources of information are social media sites which are always active: Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have many individuals and groups featuring both Baja fishing and travel updates. “Talk Baja” and “On the Road in Mexico” are full of valuable information.

Recently, several apps for your IOS or Android smart phones have surfaced:

Discover Baja Trip Bucket brings you an interactive guide to Baja and all it has to offer. This app includes a broad range of features including visiting major cities such as Cabo San Lucas and Tijuana, kayaking in the Sea of Cortez, and swimming with whale sharks off La Paz; it even informs you when to watch the Baja 1000.

It provides a fun and easy way to Plan, Do and Share those "Must-Do" experiences while you are on the peninsula with its descriptions, maps, local weather, relevant articles, Tips and Things to Do.

Cabo Map is a must if you spend a couple of days or more this season in the Cabo area; this Cabo Map app will assist you during your stay. It’s available for both IOS and Android operating systems. Currently it is free. Take a look.

Let’s Talk Hookup If you already listen to the show, download this app – it’s a no-brainer for every angler. If you’ve never listened to this radio show and have a passion for fishing, or are curious about what is going on here in So-Cal and Baja, you will find this app a must.

Google Translate allows audio translation of many different languages including English and Spanish in both directions.

Google maps are great for direction while driving or even walking in Baja.

Savvy travelers, and those interested in sportfishing, use all of the above as tools to keep up with the latest road conditions, as well as important information about the routes available from Calexico, Tecate or Tijuana and any other routes available now.

The apps mentioned also provide easy access to anglers for the latest fishing information on both the Pacific and Sea of Cortez side of the Baja Peninsula to problems encountered in the area, as well as species being taken and bait, lures or flies that are successful.

However, the list just scratches the surface. There are weather and navigations apps with local charts and apps that allow the user to access a remarkable array of information about Baja.

Another reason not to leave home without your smartphone.

SAVVY TRAVELERS AND those interested in sportfishing use all the above to keep up with road conditions, as well as the latest regarding all the latest routes available From Calexico, Tecate or Tijuana.

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