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Friday, July 06, 2018
Wildfires are a huge concern!

Shooting Sports Fair a total blast!
The return of Shooting Sports Fair to Mike Raahauge’s Shooting Enterprises after a year away was enjoyed by thousands and thousands of hunters and shooting sports enthusiasts. While Mother Nature warmed up to sunny days it never got as hot as the firing line, which saw constant action all day long. It was truly a wonderful event and one that speaks highly of the interest in firearms, ammunition and related hunting/shooting accessories to those all across California and for our neighboring states of Arizona, Nevada and as far north as Oregon.

NEW SHOTGUN FROM DICKINSON — Jim Bladen of Lakewood had an opportunity to check out the new Impala Plus shotgun with Tim Baily, president of Tim Baily and Associates. WON PHOTO BY JIM NIEMIEC

“Shooting Sports Fair set attendance records for opening day and attendance was almost to overflowing for those that showed up to enjoy a full day at the range over the weekend with family and friends. Parking was very well organized allowing quick access for those wanting to get to the firing line or to visit with other vendors. Outdoorsmen missed Raahauge’s not holding this event last year due to unforeseen circumstances but we feel that firearms manufacturers, factory representatives and other supporters of the shooting sports industry did an outstanding job of supporting and putting on this year’s Shooting Sports Fair,” said Cindy Raahauge.

Raahauge went on to add, “Over the weekend there will have been tens and tens of thousands of rounds of ammo fired by shooters who are more than willing to wait in line to test fire the latest in new rifles, shotguns and pistols. Not only does this event allow shooters and gun enthusiasts the opportunity to test fire new firearms, there are also many support vendors with an awesome selection of products and services offered. This is a huge event and there is something of interest to all attendees. In addition to just about every firearm manufactured on display, there was FREE fishing offered for the kids with an opportunity of hooking into a 20 lb. catfish, there was an outstanding display of CanAm ATV’s and the CA Department of Fish and Wildlife staffed a couple of booths that were very informative.”

Western Outdoor News spent the entire afternoon at Sports Fair and was amazed at the keen interest of those who were interviewed. Bob Mello of Costa Mesa attended his third Shooting Sports Fair and this hunting editor caught up with Mello just after test firing the new SigSauer Model 440 T.T. in the 556 caliber.

“This is really a nice shooting rifle and one that I looked forward to shooting on the firing line. It features a 10 round magazine that can easily be adapted to shooting .223 ammo. This rifle has been cleared for sale in California and should be available for sale at most retailers by the start of hunting season.”

Mello further stated, “Shooting Sports Fair offers a great venue at which to shoot the weapon of your choice. It’s kind of like going into an ice cream parlor and sampling all the different flavors offered.”

shootingamachinegunSHOOTING A 50 CAL MACHINE GUN — This WWII vintage 50 caliber machine gun ended up with a very hot barrel. Shooters were allowed to keep spent brass. WON PHOTO BY JIM NIEMIEC

WON was eager to spend a lot of time along the firing line and came up with the following observation on what those attending Shooting Sports Fair were most interested in. The most popular rifles/shotguns being shouldered and test fired where black tactical rifles of many different styles. Looking down the firing line just about every shooter had one in their hands while a skilled gun safety representative stood by to make sure of proper gun handling and assist in loading, cocking and shooting these many AR style firearms. Other firearms were waiting to be shot were displayed on gun racks. Secondly the most popular firearms selected were both sport shooting and hunting handguns with calibers ranging from .22’s clear up to some of the big hunting pistol calibers. Third in interest, and believe me there was a lot of serious gun enthusiasts with safety ear protection gear on, waiting in line to shoot the many big military automatics, while blasts ratchetting off down range bunkers and the gongs of hitting 50 gallon metal drums and distant steel targets echoed all across Shooting Sport Fair grounds. Surprisingly, by observation of that Friday crowd, was the fact that hunting rifles and shotguns were plainly beat out by black style firearms.

WON had a chance to talk with Scott Schalliol of Tim Bailey and Associates, one the United States largest rep group, about the status of the shooting sports industry here in the west.

“Jim, we are coming off a very strong year of good interest in all shooting sports industry products and our company’s feelings are that interest and sales will continue to show strength and grow in demand thru 2018 and beyond. There are a lot of great products out there for the shooting sports public,” said Schalliol.

There were many new products also for attendees to check out. Dickinson’s fine line of shotguns was topped off with their new Impala Plus sporting clays or clay target shotguns that offer new styling and smooth actions for 2018. Show attendee Jim Bladen of Lakewood had a chance to bust clays with this newest shotgun and was pleased with its smooth action, less recoil and good handling. This new Dickinson shotgun has a suggested retail price of $559.99. Making a new appearance at Shooting Sports Fair was Wolf Performance Ammunition with their main office based here in Placentia. Wolf offers a wide selection of rifle, pistol and shotshells, along with primers, cases and bullets, .22 Match ammo and a line of performance gear. Wolf ammo is available at all Turner’s Outdoorsman retail stores and Ammo Bros. locations.

Shooting Sports Fair is co-sponsored by Raahauge’s Shooting Enterprises, Turner’s Outdoorsman and Lucas Oil Products. For additional information on next year’s Shooting Sports Fair or to keep updated on shooting events at Raahauge’s log on to their web site at

EXPERT ATTENTION ON THE FIRING LINE — Standing by every shooter on the firing line at Shooting Sports Fair was an expert representative. WON PHOTO BY JIM NIEMIEC

GUN DOG SHOW — Professional gun dog trainer Paul Cacciatori, and his daughter Amy, put on a good show at the Shooting Sports Fair last week. WON PHOTO BY JIM NIEMIEC

SELLING SNAKE OIL — This cowboy put on a great western show while promoting Dr. Sam’s Tonic. WON PHOTO BY JIM NIEMIEC

LUCKY SPIN WHEEL AT TURNER’S OUTDOORSMAN BOOTH — Many attendees at Sports Fair walked away with shooting accessory prizes. WON PHOTO BY JIM NIEMIEC

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