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Summer action goes off
One bait, one bucket list item. Success!


A 5-year journey for a roosterfish ends with a big pez gallo off Muertos Bay for a Utah angler and his wife; Loreto region starting to get interesting on the tuna; Cedros big bass going off

LA PAZ — Mark Brown, from Vernal UT, had traveled the world for five years trying to get a roosterfish going to places like Costa Rica, Panama and various parts of Mexico unsuccessfully. He thought he’d give it a try with Tailhunter in La Paz and only had one day, and it was after Hurricane Bud had blown through. Waters were dirty and turned over, and they were only able to catch one single ladyfish for bait. But it was enough! With his wife, Toni, caught and released a 50- to 60-pound pez gallo just outside of Bahia de los Metros.

And on Sunday, Dave Fausto of Sacramento, a retired fire chief, took a last-minute trip to fish with Tailhunter Sportfishing in La Paz and was out with Captain Adolfo fishing Cerralvo Island and got himself a nice wahoo and topped it with an amberjack. Dave has fished in the Tuna Tourney and on many WON charters over the years.

BUCKET LISTS ARE sometimes hard but the rewards are worth it. Mark Brown is from Vernal, Utah and traveled the world for five years in pursuit of a roosterfish, and with just ione bait and one day, the ladyfish trolled just outside of Muertos Bay turned up this 50- to 60-pound pez gallo for Mark and his wife Toni on a trip withTailhunter International out of La Paz.

“It was an okay fishing week for the most part down here,” said Jonathan Roldan of Tailhunter. “I’m a little disappointed that it’s taking longer for the waters to bounce back after last week’s Tropical Storm BUD came through. Fishing had been pretty decent prior to the storm and initially just after the blow, I had been pretty optimistic. It looked like conditions had re-bounded. But, not quite as fast as we had wanted or thought.”

He said that as of Sunday the waters around Muertos Bay, Punta Arenas and Cerralvo Island still aren’t quite back, a bit cloudy and turned over and it’s been reflected in the fishing. There just hasn’t been a lot going on.

“The main issue is the bait. It’s been difficult at best to get consistent bait. On top of that, with nagging winds post storm Bud, the waters are slow coming back up to snuff. There have still been some nice grade tuna hanging out as well as some billfish, dorado and wahoo. But, you either get a big fish or nothing. It’s home runs or a strike out.”

The La Paz panga fleet has been scoring smaller fish, but more of them. “Funner” is the word Roldan used. Bait in the bay has been more available to make, or buy.

He said, “It’s not surprising for one of our pangas to come back with a half-dozen species of fish that included dorado between 10 and 30 pounds; some smaller yellowtail and amberjack; several species of pargo; several species of snapper; and some nice cabrilla. Add in action with jack crevalle, skipjack, white and common bonito and it makes for a nice day on the water.”


DAVE FRAUSTO OF Sacramento did a last-minute trip to fish with Tailhunter Sportfishing in La Paz and was out with Captain Adolfo fishing Cerralvo Island and got himself a nice wahoo and topped it with this amberjack.

In other La Paz action...WON reader Mike Montgomery posted on FB Sunday the following: “My brother and I just got back from a fishing trip to La Paz. We took the Volaris flight from Tijuana to La Paz. It only took four attempts to Land in La Paz due to wind gusts. Lots of nervous passengers. The wind held us up from getting out on the water for the first half of the trip and Hurricane/ tropical storm Bud closed the port for a couple more days. When it was all done we only fished two days out of 11. When we finally did fish it was very slow due to the cold water being pushed up by the storm. We did manage to catch a few roosterfish, jack crevalle, and bonito. The roosterfish were all released and the bonito became bait. On the last night we had dinner at the Mesquite Grill in La Paz with Orchid Martinez and the crew from the Stoked on Fishing show. Great food and a fun time.”

CABO SAN LUCAS — Mike Tumbiero of Renegade Mike Sportfishing has been posting some great videos and quickie reports on Facebook. Small tuna still, footballs, on the outside, marlin fishing has been steady with fun videos with clients, and shoreline roosterfishing is back up again with the water cleared.

Stay tuned for reports of bigger tuna sure to comer as the water warms, and details on the tournaments coming up, especially the 20th annual WON Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Nov. 7-10, and of course the Bisbee’s Offshore in July and its big $$ marlin events in mid- to late-October in Cabo.


CEDROS ISLAND IS turning up some huge calicos as this angler, Ryan Boyles, 14, was among the group fishing with luremaker Mike Ryba’s annual charter trip to Cedros Outdoor Adventures and the Baja Dreams Lodge. A WON trip is planned for Sept. 14-17. Email kevin@wonews.comfor details.

CEDROS ISLAND — Jose Angel Sanchez of Cedros Outdoor Adventures is starting up the season at the island these past few weeks, and the great news is this: The big bass – huge calicos – are back for those who are into that sort of thing. LOL. Luremaker Mike Ryba of Reebs Lures and his annual group has been pulling in (and releasing) some huge calicos.

Calico catches are in the hundreds on the western tip of Cedros Island,” said Sanchez. “But yellowtail are surly around but in smaller numbers, and we are also getting some sheephead and white seabass. Most of the attention this week has been on the calicos. The Baja Dreams Lodge is undergoing an expansion with cabins being built on the hill for expansion and privacy, said Sanchez, who said he will soon have more big COA news for anglers.

For those interested in fishing the island this season with WON on its Cedros Outdoor Adventures trip, former WON Editor and current Baja Reports Editor Pat McDonell is hosting the annual charter with extra gifts and a feature story, slated Sept. 14-17, with a few spots remaining and we’d like to nail down the roster ASAP. Last year we super-quick-scored limits of yellowtail 15 to 40 pounds and small tuna – most on the iron, with a some dorado mixed in. This year we will be mixing it up with runs to the western side for the big calicos. The cost is $1,720, which includes all ground and air transport to and from the lodge, meals, fishing, and filleting. For booking that WON trip, contact WON’s For all other Cedros Outdoor Adventures trips, check their website at and call them at (619) 793-5419.

HOTEL RANCHO LEONERO angler P. Dawn of Marina Del Rey took a quick photo of her roosterfish before sending it back on a trip last week to the East Cape.

EAST CAPE — John Ireland of Hotel Rancho Leonero sent in a report Sunday, with all good news. Water is between 77 to 80 and clear and the water has been flat calm all week. The air is in the 90s mid-day, cooling in the afternoon when the Coronas come out on the patio overlooking the Sea of Cortez. As for the fishing, pretty solid action on the yellowfin, he said.

“Another outstanding week,” he said. “All the fish are concentrated from Punta Colorado to the Pulmo Park boundary. Yellowfin from 20 to 65 pounds are being taken within 200 feet of the beach off the Lighthouse. Big roosters to 55 pounds in the same area, also the occasional wahoo and dorado. Lot's of sails mixed with striped marlin are in the same zone, a little further off the beach, no more than five miles offshore.”

He said the yellowfin are the main targets, with bigger grade yellowfin being taken right off the beach from Punta Colorado to Rincon, all on slow-trolled or drifted sardine and caballito. Nice bigger grade fish with limits for almost all anglers. Outside 25 miles the porpoise are holding smaller tuna in the 5- to 20-pound range, all taken on trolled hoochies and cedar plugs.

“It’s been very very good tuna fishing,” said Ireland.

As for the billfish, there’s lots of sails mixed in with stripers with anglers targeting them getting at least one 3 to 6 miles off the Lighthouse. The wahoo and dorado bite is seeing a daily catch of one or two ‘hoos in the 30- to 60-pound class, both species right off the beach mixed with the yellowfin. Inshore fishing at the lighthouse and marina entrance are the best spots for the roosters, pompano and huge pargo, some over 30 pounds this week.

Scorpion Sportfishing sent in a report to WON June 24. Action aboard the El Rogalo, said Matthew Clifton of the charter group, saw a great June month of fishing, “with some of the best fishing in recent memory. Consistent bait sources and calm winds have made getting on the bite easier. Despite Tropical Storm Bud, fishing on the East Cape continues to be good. While conditions were mixed up to the south as we saw on our couple of days of fishing out of San Jose Del Cabo. Although June has been great, there are signs that point to an even better July here on the East Cape.”

scorpionsport1SCORPION SPORTFISHING ON the East Cape has been into the thick of a great inshore and offshore bite for, marlin, tuna, big roosters and sailfish aboard the El Rogalo.

Clifton has a full species-by-species report at For those after marlin, he said, the billfish bite has been red hot in the past couple of weeks.

“Striped marlin were willing takers on trolled ballyhoo and lures within a couple of miles of shore,” said Clifton. “In addition, we also saw some other billfish enter the game this week. We caught both our first blue marlin and sailfish of the season. As water temps continue to rise, we can expect to see more diversity of billfish moving into the area in the near future.”

L.A. BAY IS going off on the forkies for Capt. Juan Cook and customers.

L.A. BAY — Juan Cook, a guide who alternates his charters between San Quintin Bay and L.A. Bay is in L.A. Bay and said he was fishing the 21st with two doctors Carlos and Mike and their two sons Winston and Otti and found wide-open yellowtail action and good cabrilla with “super weather.”

JAY YADON WITH a big dorado out of Loreto, south of Catalan Island on an Outpost Charters run. They had a half day trip for rockfish, then went out on a family trip and found dorado and small yellowfin under porpoise. 

LORETO — Fishing has started to boom here on the dorado, and now the tuna. In a late report yesterday, Capt. Jay Yadon of Outpost Charters based in Marina Puerto Escondido of limits of dorado and full assortment of amaro and a huge cargo at El Seco south of Catalina.

Yadon and father-in-law Robert Ross of San Cosme fished out of Marina Puerto Escondido on the Cast N’ Reel charterboat south of Catalan Island and found some small dorado and 15-pound yellowfin on the porpoise on a family afternoon trip after a half-day bottomfish charter.

“It was a fun family trip after the group wanted to go only a half-day and bottomfish,” said Yadon. “It was our first yellowfin of the season. But the interesting part was that while we were out there the local commercial guys from San Cosme (a community south of Puerto Escondido) radioed Robert and reported that the night before there were a few large tuna in the 300-pound class jumping and feeding at dusk at El Seco, a high spot located south of Catalan Island getting a rep for big tuna.”

Added Yadon, “This is the same guy who has given Robert a heads up every time he has seen them at El Seco while bottomfishing commercially and Robert has gone out to catch them.”

Yadon said he had a client flying in for Outpost Charters in the 40-foot Luhrs Cast ‘N Reel who might want to take a shot at them, but if not and he wants to go after other species, Yadon said he will run out there himself middle of this week to see if they are still there at El Seco. This is the time of year the bigger grade yellowfin show. In January, a 319 pounder and a 424-pound yellowfin (a pending 80-pound line class world record) were among the big fish caught at El Seco in a rare winter bite.

As far as current fishing reports, there has been a lot of sargasso grass patches but the hurricane-turned-tropical-storm Bud really cooled off the water, said Yadon, and “we have to travel far to find water peaking above 80 degrees. The dorado are there, but one or two under each patch. Dorado are fun, but nothing like a 300- or 400-pound tuna.”


THE KIDS HAD a great time on a fan trip aboard the Cast N' Reel on a run out of Puerto Escondido

On the afternoon fam trip on Jay’s boat Cast N Reel last week, conditions looked solid, said Yadon. “We went south of Catalan where the water was green but had warmed back up to 82 degrees, the weather was calm all day with a slight breeze. A good amount of striped marlin were seen. Large sargasso patties floating produced 3 dorado for us. While heading back in we spotted some porpoise and trolled the cedar plugs, as luck would have it the tuna were right there with them we landed a total of 10 yellowfin. Made for a great afternoon for some fishing in Loreto with the kids!”

Coming up is the 8th annual Fishin’ For the Mission charity tourney July 5-8 out of the La Mision Hotel. FGor information, E-Mail director Chris Wheaton at

SAN JOSE DEL CABO — It’s been a fast start to a hurricane season with three storms developing and passing through with little damage, Aletta, Bud and Carlotta.

“This last system Carlotta stayed far south and impacted only the Southern Mexico mainland,” said Eric Brictson of Gordo Banks Pangas. “The Los Cabos region is now basically back to normal after being directly hit last week by, fortunately, a weakening tropical storm Bud. Many tourists left town in a rush due to storm risks, and scores of other cancelled out upcoming trips in fear of getting trapped or something worse. Everything remained under control, no major issues, businesses are now operating as though nothing ever happened.”

Heavy ocean swells to over15 feet pounded the coastline, now it has dropped down to normal summer-size swells. Last week the storm pushing in from the south brought with it colder Pacific currents, green water, with temperatures off of San Jose del Cabo dropping down from the 78 degree range to 67 degrees over night. It has been a slow process to recover and rebound to pre-storm status. Pacific grounds are still dipping into the 60’s, though in the direction of the East Cape the water is back up near the 78 degree range. Clarity is still off colored, clearer in some isolated locations, but swirling strong currents continued to sweep through, causing clarity to remain off.

Brictson said the mass of baitfish that had been holding near Iman and Destiladera banks have vanished, so the striped marlin action is much more spread out now, being encountered while trolling lures and many of the tailing marlin spotted would strike dropped back caballito.

“Marlin was still the main offshore species of gamefish encountered,” he said. “Dorado were just seen on occasion and more often closer to shore. Yellowfin tuna were scattered further offshore, open water trolling produced spotty action for mostly football-sized fish. This tuna action was mainly being found off of the Cabo San Lucas grounds, as well as off the East Cape. No wahoo seen locally, but there was talk about a wahoo bite going on near Cerralvo Island to the north.”

He added that the high storm surf scattered the schools of sardinas, which is common this time of year. Main baitfish that is now being obtainable in the mornings has been caballito, a few other variety of jacks, mullet and limited moonfish. Offshore baitfish seemed to vanish since the start of the week, as water conditions improve and currents slack some, we do expect to see the larger concentrations of offshore baitfish to return.

“Roosterfish action remains sporadic, but has improved some in recent days, though it was surprising that the majority of the roosters were more juvenile sized, not all 25 pounders and up, which can be more common during the later part of June,” said Brictson. “Jack crevalle were also patrolling the shoreline and most of these fighters were in the 15= to 30-pound class. Only a couple of smaller dogtooth snapper reported, a handful of pompano and snapper rounded out inshore activity.”

Off of the shallow rock piles there were some decent fish caught, red snapper, yellow snapper, amberjack, a variety of grouper, spotty from day to day, areas near Iman, San Luis to Vinorama producing best. Bottom action was found early in the day by using yo-yo jigs, shallow spots were more productive drift fishing larger baits.

The combined panga fleets launching out of La Playita, Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out approximately 76 charters for this week. Anglers reported a fish count of: 29 striped marlin, 1 sailfish, 6 dorado, 22 bonito, 19 yellow snapper, 2 dogtooth snapper, 26 cabrilla (leopard grouper), 6 gulf grouper, 4 broomtail grouper, 11 amberjack, 32 roosterfish, 6 barred pargo, 12 pompano, 4 sierra and 22 jack crevasse.

MIDRIFF — Capt. Tony Reyes Jr. and the San Felipe-based mothership Tony Reyes returned from another 6 day trip chartered by Calstar rods and led by Gary Gibbs from Redondo Beach, CA.

“They fished the Isla San Francisquito areas catching yellowtails up to 28 pounds,” said Tom Ward, owner of Longfin Tackle in Orange which books the trips. “Cabrilla fishing was excellent hooking fish casting jigs, Tady and Salas, in blue and white and green and yellow colors along with trolling Mirrorlures in pink color and Rapala X-Rap lures in mackerel patterns around Snake Island, Refugio and San Lorenzo. The weather is warming up with live bait being caught but not in great quantity. There was some wind Friday morning.”

The counts: 303 yellows to 28 pounds, limits of cabrilla to 20 pounds, 21 pargo, 1 black seabass of 94 pounds, 6 grouper, 2 sheephead, 2 amberjack and 273 assorted other fish, most released, See more at l

CONTRIBUTE! Baja reports can be sent to WON at Deadline for the next issue is Sunday morning. 

* * *

CLUB VAGABUNDOSThe following are a list of Club Vag-related/endorsed tournaments coming in Baja


July 5-6 - 28th annual Fishin’ For The Mission Charity Dorado Tournament in Loreto, La Mision Loreto hotel begins with sign ups on the 5th and fishing the 6th and 7th and the banquet and awards Saturday night the 7th. Tournament entry is $250 per team. Boats available to charter, not too late to sign up.Contact tournament director Chris Wheaton at or join the Fishin for the Mission Facebook group to keep up with all of the info and photos of the event at

June 28 - 30- Vagabundos Yellowtail Tournament - Tournament headquarters is Guillermo's. For more local information go tobahiadelosangeles.infowhich has accommodations, guides, etc.

July 21- East Cape Dorado Shoot Out at the Van Wormer Resorts in Los Barriles. The heaviest dorado caught will win a car. This is one of the largest fishing tournaments in Southern Baja with an average turnout of 130 teams each year.

July 31- Aug. 4– Bisbee’s East Cape Tournament, Fishing Wednesday, Thursday, Friday. See www.bisbee’

Aug. 25-Van WormerEast Cape Gold Cup Wahoo Jackpot Tournament - Headquarters is Hotel Palmas De Cortez. For check in and registration click on

Aug. 31 – Sept. 2- Vagabundos San Quintin Tournament, Don Eddie's Landing,where Vag discounts are given.

Oct. 18-21 - Bisbee’s Los Cabos Tournament (Baby Bisbee’s). Multi-species. Fishing days Friday and Saturday. Details.

Oct. 23-27 - Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin Tournament. Three days of fishing 24th to 25th. Richest tourney in the world. Details at

Oct. 27 -Van WormerTuna Shoot Out -Headquarters is Hotel Palmas De Cortez. For check in and registration click on

Nov. 7-10: 20th annual WON Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot, Tesoro Hotel, two days of fishing, parties. More than $700,000 in cash and prizes. and (events).

 Fishin’ For The Mission Dorado Tourney in 29th year, July 5-8

LORETO – In it’s 28th year, the Fishin For The Mission charity Dorado tournament in Loreto will be hosted out of La Mision Loreto hotel on the malecon just walking distance from the Loreto Marina.

Slated for July 5-8, it begins with sign ups on the 5thand fishing the 6th and 7th and the banquet and awards Saturday night the 7th. “Each year this tournament raises about $10,000 for the town and locals with most of that going directly to the Mission of Loreto but also helps out with the local Internado School, an orphanage,” said director Chris Wheaton.

This is a fun family event that has become a tradition in Loreto. Tournament entry is $250 per team and this gets you a discounted room rate at La Mision, a tournament bag filled with goodies, 4 performance moisture wicking tournament shirts, free pizza at the sign ups, raffle tickets for a bunch of great prizes, an excellent banquet set around the La Mision pool, and all the beer and water you can drink. There are prizes for 1st- through 3rd for teams in both the dorado and other species class and they are 4 frame-ready fishing photos donated from photographer and TV personality Bill Boyce. There are still boats available to charter and it’s not too late to sign up.

For more information contact tournament director Chris Wheaton by email at or join the Fishin for the Mission Facebook group to keep up with all of the info and photos of the event at

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