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Wednesday, August 29, 2018
San Quintin yellows, dorado going off

Cabo report: Blue marlin move in
Cabo scene features blue marlin; slow by Cabo standards, though

The following is a report Sunday night from Mike Tumbiero, owner/operator pf Renegade Mike Sportfishing.

Fishing this past week has not been up to what we would consider Cabo standards. If you happen to be on the right boat, you might be bragging about a great day on the water. But if you were on a boat that didn’t quite have the luck. You’d be talking about all the fish that were seen but would not bite. It’s been that kind a week. The fish have been here just not everybody has been catching them.

Our blue Marlin bite continues to be very good as most boats that are targeting them are raising up to three blues a day and getting at least one released with some of the lucky boats getting two or three released for the day. Stripe Marlin are still around in pretty decent numbers. One thing that is lacking is our sailfish bite. There has been some reports of sailfish, but not in the numbers we should be expecting for this time a year. Starting to wonder if they will show up in large numbers at all this year as we are already almost into September.

Our tuna bite has not improved much the last week. Compared to the previous couple of weeks. As far as quantity. Boats are finding plenty of porpoise it’s just that the tuna are not coming up to bite. That could very well change any day now. Tuna have been showing on the sounder (fishfinder) and occasionally feeding on the surface, but have been reluctant to bite anything the boats offer them. Later in the week there were several reports of tuna between 100 pounds and 200 pounds being hooked on schools of porpoise. So that is a good sign. Most of these fish were hooked on the kite some on lures. Usually the first boat on the school is the one catching the bigger ones or any at all.

Our inshore Dorado bite has not been all that great. Although there are some fish in the 10 to 12 pound range being caught and occasionally a 25 to 30 pounder. Still plenty of Pacific Bonita in the same area to keep anglers rods bent and providing plenty of action for those who are looking for light tackle action,

Overall, her fishing has been pretty good for trophy fish, but for those looking for plenty of action. It has been slow going for most. This is considered our big-game trophy time of year. So for those of you looking for that fish of a lifetime, your chances are fairly good.

Our weather has been fairly hot on most days, mid to upper 90s. We did have several days with partly cloudy, which is what we locals like to see. Humidity is not been sky high yet as most days in the 60 to 70% range.

Seas of been pleasant on most days on the Cortez side of Cabo with some days of heavy Northwest winds on the Pacific side preventing comfortable fishing on that side.


From Pisces Sportfishing, Rebecca Ehrenberg reported the following on Sunday night:

Fishing this week has been slow compared to last week’s report. I thought the fishing would pick back up after the storm, but just the opposite happened. Not in the sense that we haven’t been catching fish, it’s just been harder to come by, with one day being particularly good, followed by the next day being a bit slow and really coming down to sheer luck. Anglers are spotting fish, just not finding hungry ones! On one day the captains’ comments included: “We had three marlin we saw and tried to bait, but they wouldn’t take” or, “Two marlins bit, but we lost them”. On another day anglers were hitting the dock having released 2 or 3 blue marlin or even landing a “Grand Slam” all before midday! All in all, it has been a week of consistent billfish catches, with boats landing just about the full range of billfish sought after in Baja: blue marlin, striped marlin, sailfish and black marlin. The crews and anglers have had to work hard at landing fish, and even coming back with only one billfish caught and released has been a highly rewarding experience. Some nice wahoo showed up, but the dorado and tuna have decreased significantly.

Our Grand Slam this week was achieved by anglers and crew aboard Pisces 42’ Hot Rod, who set out on August 13th, for just a half day of fishing. Who would have thought they would have managed to land the catch of their lives! 1 striped marlin, 1 sailfish and 1 blue marlin. The striped marlin and sailfish were about the same size, some 80 lbs, and were caught and released out at the 95 Spot on caballito. The blue, which also hit on live caballito (spotted on the surface) was just shy of 200 lbs. Anglers were James Nakfoor, John Mansour, Marshall Thurmond, Patrick Dowell and Austin Delarosa.

Pisces 55’ Flora T also had a great week, with two days of fishing totaling 6 billfish! On the first day it was 1 striped malrin of about 100 lbs landed out at the 11:50 Spot on caballito bait, which was released, and 2 blue marlin caught at the 11.50 and the 95 Spot. The blues, both released, were about 200 lbs and hit on a blue lure and a red/yellow lure. Anglers were the Folks and Males’ families from Lago Vista, Texas.

Next outing, the Flora T and the Palacios family from Monterrey caught three blue marlin! The marlin all hit on green lures at the 11.50 Spot . They ranged in size, weighing approximately 310, 280 and 200 lbs each. Two of the three were released, with the largest being kept by anglers.

Pisces 31’ Rebecca did well this week to catch 3 marlin as well, in this case, all were striped marlin between 120 and 150 lbs each. The fish hit on caballito bait on the Pacific side, at the Lobera area, and were released by anglers Kyle Barnard and Brandon Jackson.The next day, August 12th, the crew and anglers aboard Rebecca worked hard getting a 300 lbs blue marlin to the boat on 40 lbs test. Kevin and Rick Walsh fought the blue for about two and a half hours before they got it to the leader and it was released successfully. They also caught a striped marlin of about 130 lbs, also released. Both fish hit on caballito bait.

Pisces 35’ Valerie, was one of our most consistent boats this week, with blue marlin released almost daily. James Nordyke and Matthew Smith from Iowa, caught and released two blue sof about 200 and 230 lbs each our at the 11.50 Spot on Caballito bait. The next day John and Rachel Merino caught and released a 250 lbs blue aboard Valerie as well, which hit on a blue and grey lure out at Destiladeras.

The only wahoo this week were caught, again, aboard the 31’ Pisces Cabolero. These were landed at the Cerros de Arena area on the Pacific, and weighed about 30 lbs each.

Pisces 31’ Tracy Ann was one of the few boats to catch tuna this week, with 8 yellowfin tuna of about 10 lbs caught on cedar plug lures at the 11.50 Spot and 1 blue marlin of about 230 lbs released, hitting on a petrolero lure.

And last but not least, Pisces 28’ Andrea was one of our top boats this week, with the only black marlin caught in the fleet, and some tuna catches as well. Captain Nicolas Winkler and mate Pablo Martinez were trolling the 11:50 Spot when the marlin hit a black and red lure. Angler Ian Heisler caught and released the almost 300 lbs fish successfully. Other top catches for Andrea included 1 striped marlin, 1 blue marlin and 1 yellowfin tuna. All fish were caught by angler Raymond Adcock from North Carolina. The striped marlin, of about 100 lbs, hit on caballito bait at the 11.50 Spot and was released. The blue marlin, of about 200 lbs, hit on a green and yellow lure and was also released. The yellowfin was small, only about 6 or 7 lbs. Raymond fished again the next day and had another good day, this time with slight variation in his catch; landing 1 striped marlin of about 170 lbs, 1 blue malrin of about 200 lbs and a silky shark of about 100 lbs. All fish were caught and released at the 11.50 Spot.

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