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Wednesday, August 22, 2018
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018
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Accurate, Calstar new sponsors
Team Jen Wren Sportfishing Relies

 on Accurate Reels and Calstar Rods

 TEQUILA TEASERS celebrated with Capt. Mark Rayor of the Jen Wren Fleet at the weigh scale last year. Their team took the top money of $132,800 for their 239-pound yellowfin on day 2 of the 2017 Tuna Jackpot. The fish was caught on a Calstar rod and Accurate reel combo. 


CABO SAN LUCAS, BCS – Consistent catches of quality fish in a tournament setting with big cash payouts on the line requires the best in tackle and meticulous attention to detail. For decades Team Jen Wren Sportfishing has used Accurate reels Calstar rods, both sponsors of the 20th Annual WON Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot in November.

CAPT. MARK RAYOR believes in Accurate reels and Calstar rods. They catch huge fish, and do it in style and durability.

THE JEN WREN FLEET at the East Cape is back in the mix for 2018. Sign up by Sept. 7 as and “Early Bird” and you are eligible for a one-day charter with the Vaquera and Capt. Mark Rayor at the East Cape.

Mark Rayor and Mike Daniels’ Tequila Teasers team took the top money of $132,800 for their 239-pound yellowfin on day 2 of the 2017 Tuna Jackpot. They were fishing aboard Rayor’s Vaquera, the latest addition to his Jen Wren fleet based in Los Barrels.

The cow was hooked and landed on the combo of an Accurate ATD 50 mounted on a Calstar 7665XXH rod.

All you will find on Rayor’s boats are Accurate reels and Calstar rods.

Perhaps it is no surprise that Del Marsh (I knew him) played a big role in bringing the tackle to the attention of Rayor.

“Del Marsh introduced me to Jack Nilsen in 2002 when he brought him fishing on Jen Wren,” said Rayor. “Some people you click with right away it was all over but the shouting, we have always had a really good time. A little while later on I met his sons. Now I just feel like part of the family.”

David and Douglas Nilsen are the driving force behind Accurate reels, while the father spends most of his time with the original Accurate Grinding business – building parts for fighter jets. The rest of the time Jack is the ambassador at large for Accurate reels. Of all the many places he travels to fish and promote the reels, Jack is regularly found in the East Cape, usually under a palapa out fishing with Mark.


Still, it was the reels that convinced Rayor, thanks to a previous introduction by Del Marsh


“I was pretty sold on the equipment I was using -- I had the whole boat outfitted -- then Del gave me one of Accurate’s reels,” noted Rayor. “It was a different world! While the Twin Drag concept sounds weird, but Twin Drag reels feel completely different. At first I had to turn the clicker on, the reels were so smooth. I was used to being able to tell if a customer’s fish was taking line out because the rod tip was jerking! 


“I was also surprised how little repair the Accurate reels need, you could run it over with car and it would still work,” Rayor added, “they are totally, totally trouble free. I used to have a dresser drawer full of parts for the other reels, now I have an envelope with some clips and bearings.

“We have almost 60 Accurate reels in service working every day. All the time I have been fishing Accurates on the boats, we have only changed one drag washer.

“We don’t abuse them, we use them, but they are definitely Baja tested.”

“I have been fishing Calstars from the beginning, Yo was wrapping me Calstar rods when Leon first started making them,” said Rayor. “At first I fished the glass rods, then got going on composite reels when Del gave me one.

“I have composite rods 25 years old that are still models in current production. We refinish them and they look like new.

Calstar has got it down, they just do,” he concluded.

Rayor did have one more thing to add:


“All the gear we use, it is because we believe in it,” he said. “I can use any gear I want, and anything I use I believe in my heart I can’t get anything better.”

See a full feature on Mark Rayor and his big money win last year by Rich Holland at:

JACK NILSEN of Accurate, a new Cabo reel sponsor, started it all making gaffs and then sideplates and then reels, but now his twin sons Doug and Dave run the factory and designs, Jack hunts big fish all over the world.


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