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Wednesday, April 11, 2018
Gobble, Gobble
Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Ammo problem... what about the .410?

Ruger Yukon Magnum from UMAREX is full of fun
The good folks at UMAREX have come out with a really fun air rifle called the Ruger Yukon Magnum .22 caliber high velocity gas piston break barrel model.

Every time I try out a new air rifle, I take a quick trip down memory lane, back to a time of youthful innocence when I was first learning the basics of shooting and hunting. Like the new Ruger Yukon Magnum, my air rifle then was a .22. They had .117 air rifles back then, but it just seemed that since I was going to use it to hunt small game, that .22 was better than .177. Since then, I have been as successful with either caliber, but bigger seemed better at the time.

AUTHOR SHOOTS RUGER Yukon Magnum air rifle. Scoped rig worked great.

One huge difference between then and now is the velocity. The Ruger Yukon Magnum. With lead pellets, this air rifle delivers 950 feet per second, and with alloy pellets, it does right at 1,000 fps. That’s nice.

For this go-round, the ammo was RWS’ Superdome field line 14.5-grain pellets. These are good hunting projectiles – much the same design as I used those many years ago. In this rig, the pellets delivered consistent groups at 10 yards of one inch, outside to outside. A nickel would pretty well cover up a three-shot group. That’s minute of small game under any circumstances.

Like many UMAREX models, the Ruger Yukon Magnum is loaded with features. For openers, it comes with both open barrel sights and a 3-9x32 scope (Picatinny rail and scope rings are included). The scope is nice and clear, but frankly, I still prefer open sights for some small game hunting. The mechanical sights consist of a fiber optic front sight and a micro-adjustable fiber optic rear sight. That translates into fast alignment on target. Very nice.

The Lockdown all metal custom Picatinny mount comes mounted in the grooves atop the receiver. Inside the trigger guard are the trigger and the automatic safety. Every time the gun is cocked, the safety goes on. Flick it to the rear to fire.

The trigger is a two-stage adjustable model. The stock features an ambidextrous cheekpiece and a rubber recoil pad. At the muzzle is UMAREX’s SilencAir five-chamber noise dampener. It is permanently affixed to the 16.25-inch rifled barrel and does reduce downrange noise, although it doesn’t silence the gun. Overall length of the gun is 48.25 inches, weight is 9.2 pounds and length of pull for the single-shot is14.25 inches. We’re talking about an adult size air gun here.

The wood stock is handsome, and the checkering is well done. Overall, this is a really nice rig that fun in an addictive sort of way. Once I started shooting it, I didn’t want to quit.

UMAREX RUGER YUKON Magnum air rifle is a lot of fun and shoots straight. Here is a typical group at 10 yards.

There are a couple of things to note about shooting this air rifle. One is that it takes a bit of effort to cock it. No problem for anyone of even average strength, but cocking it is not a wimpy undertaking. This air rifle has what is called the Reaxis gas piston, which is a reversed axis gas piston, which does a number of things like reducing vibration and felt recoil and delivering consistent velocity. This translates into increased accuracy.

Bottom line is that the rig comes complete and ready to go afield with the open sights. Or, by attaching and sighting-in the provided scope, precision is at-hand. The scope was not just very clear, but the adjustments on it were quite consistent. Point of impact moved well with the click adjustments and then after a shot or two for everything to settle in, it was time to shoot for record.

Shooting this gun was addicting, so I found myself shooting all kinds of things with it at varying distances. It did not disappoint.

When it came time to shoot for group, I found that the gun consistently put pellets into one-inch or so groups at 10 yards. Some were slightly less, some slightly more, but none total fliers out of the groups. That’s minute-of-ground-squirrel in my book.

Bottom line: Fun gun that puts shots where it aims.

RWS PELLETS WERE used in the Ruger Yukon Magnum. They worked fine and are just the ticket for

PELLETS LOAD SINGLY into the break barrel Ruger Yukon Magnum air rifle.

* * *

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