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Wednesday, October 17, 2018
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Thursday, November 15, 2018
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History in the making
Last week, the overall winner of the 20th Annual Los Cabos Billfish Tournament was Team Sea Angel, scoring 1,700 points. Sea Angeldid not weigh in any fish, but thanks to their 28 striped marlin releases and one blue marlin release, they were able to hold onto the top spots in the Overall Team Division and Overall Release Points Jackpot. Plus, they won the Day Two Release Points Jackpot.

What most missed, according to Tracy Ehrenberg, is that this is the first time in the history of the LCBT that the winning team won without killing a fish. Now that’s a welcome accomplishment that would’ve put a smile on Don “Luis” Bulnes’s face, (father of Sportfishing in Cabo and advocate of release), if he were alive. We are all fortunate enough to be witnesses to something that has never been done before!

The team, consisting of Capt. Billy Chase “BC” Angel, Andrea Angel, Greg Angel, Austin Angel, Chase Travers, Fico Ortega and Juan Carlos Buenes, earned $113,500 for their efforts and an invitation to the 2019 Offshore World Championship in Costa Rica.

The Los Cabos Offshore Tournament, formerly referred to as the “Baby Bisbee,” made more history this week.

Equally significant, the LCOT had only 5 black and blue marlin brought to the scale out of a total 150 billfish hooked during the two-day event. Not one billfish was brought to the scale that didn’t meet the qualifying weight of 300-pounds. Somewhat of a record.

Added to that is the 145 billfish released in the two-day event.

Wayne Bisbee also noted. “Seven tournaments throughout the world have broken through the Million Dollar ceiling. We were the first to ever do it back in the ’90s. I remember standing on the stage and announcing that Bisbee Tournaments had done it!”

“Since then, a few tournaments have gone beyond that into the TWO, THREE and FOUR Million Dollar world.”

“However,” Bisbee announced, “the LCOT has achieved a payout of more than One Million Dollars making it the 8th tournament in the world to crack that Million Dollar ceiling !”

This historical event underscores the contributions made by Bob Bisbee Sr., patriarch of the Bisbee’s Black & Blue Tournament’s phenomena who passed away recently; and coincidently his Memorial and scattering of ashes were held the day after the event.

Some historical moments are personal or can be far reaching. However, they are always interesting to reflect on their impact personally or universally.

On a more personal level, we all have encountered some historical events of our own.

Some may be a “first” for you only that may or may not have any impact on others. Other times, it could be that unintentionally your actions are just a piece of a big picture and you don’t even realize when it’s happening.

The first time I traveled to Guaymas to fish for sailfish it was with my uncle and his buddies in a 16-foot Wizard boat. The drink of choice was beer and we camped out. At 16 years old, hearing their tales of the sails they had caught had me dreaming of seeing one, but more importantly, catching one. It is fair to say that the sail I caught that trip was more than I had dreamed it would be and it helped push me down the path to where I am today… hanging out with the big boys who are competing for millions of dollars. And getting to write their stories of their dreams.

Fast forward to a decade or so to the first time a couple of buddies and I climbed into a bare-bones Dodge Van with two bucket seats and a couple of folding chaise lounges (plus a cooler holding their beer and my wine) and off we went to explore the newly opened Mex 1 in 1973 and all that lay on either side. I’ll let you draw your own conclusions on the total impact that trip had on my life, but when you do, please include one self-contained RoadTrek Van and add the icing, my WON column, The Roadtrekker, which came about 30 years later.

Then at a party hosted by Galati Yachts a couple of nights ago celebrating the opening of their new offices overlooking the IGY Marina, I met one of Bob Healey’s, (CEO of Viking Yacht Company), grandsons, Justin Healey, who had just fished stripers on the Finger Bank for two days back-to-back and scored double-digit releases on both days!

Justin’s excitement couldn’t be contained as he gave me a blow by blow description of his battles during the LCOT.

Not only was this his first trip to Baja and Cabo San Lucas, but I think it’s safe to say this trip will be part of his history in the making. Watch out, Granddad! You have a fisherman following in your footsteps.

There are too many such events to list here, but a word of caution. Keep an eye out. There are plenty of these exciting events that one can literally be witness or party to that has never been done before.

Write it down, send it in. Share it with the rest of us.

I’LL LET YOU draw your own conclusions on the total impact that trip had on my life, but when you do, please include one self-contained RoadTrek Van and add the icing, my WON column, The Roadtrekker, which came about 30 years later.

* * *

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