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(Part 2 of 2) SHOT Show — Optics, accessories and more…
SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nev., has to be the greatest venue on the planet when it comes to showing off the latest in firearms, optics, ammo and hunting/shooting accessories. It’s really too bad that this show is not open to the general public (restricted to those within the shooting sports industry, distributors, dealers and the media), but this hunting editor would doubt whether there would be a big enough convention center or stadium that could handle the tens of thousands of attendees. So, it’s up to us media folks to pass on a much information on what is new out there for 2019.

SHOT SHOW 2019 — Las Vegas again hosted this year’s SHOT Show; shooting sports industry’s largest venue. WON PHOTO BY JIM NIEMIEC

At the end of 2018 and for the 2019 hunting season, Bushnell has new Nitro riflescopes on-line. These scopes are ideal for hunters and precision shooters alike.

All 35 configurations are built to withstand every environment. An EXO Barrier coating bonds to the exterior lens surfaces and repels water, oil, fog, dust and debris. With fully multi-coated optics that deliver a bright high-contrast image with minimal eyestrain the clarity is amazing.

Trijicon Inc. show cased two new powerful rifle scopes, the 4.5-30x56 and 5-5x56, which resets expectations for flexibility and long-range performance. Featuring a powerful zoom that gives precision rifle shooters, long-range hunters and tactical shooters the tools necessary to acquire, identify and engage targets.

Vortex now offers its Fury HD500 binoculars with laser range finding ability. Also, from Vortex for this coming hunting season is their Razor HD Gen II rifle scope that provides long-range advanced features. The EBR-7C, HorusH59 and Tremor3 models are most effective in making accommodations for bullet drop and windage correction.

Hawks Sports Optics LLC will have on dealer shelves for 2019 a new precision hunting and shooting rifle scope. The new scope features an exposed tactical turret design with zero-stop, resettable and lockable turrets with state-of-the-art return to zero function.

VictOptics unveiled their new 1-6x24 rifle scope that has true 1x magnification and is ultrabright and clear. This scope also has long eye relief and a wide field of vision.

From Targetvision comes the Hawk Universal Spotting scope camera, which is the next evolution of digiscoping, turning any target spotting scope into a smart-scope in just minutes. By simply sliding a hawk over the eyepiece of the range spotting scope and then opening the Targetvision app on a smartphone or tablet it’s very easy to take the image.

New from Lica Hunting for 2019 is the Geovid 10x42 HD-R 2700 model, which achieves excellent contrast, transmission and stray-light suppression for maximum performance until night sets in. With 10x magnification this scope enables a detailed viewing and identification of game.

bushnellsnewnitroBUSHNELL’S NITRO RIFLE SCOPE — There are 35 newly designed Nitro rifle scopes from Bushnell for the 2019 hunting season.

Mojo Outdoors has stepped up its line of duck and turkey decoys that now offer a more realistic movement and life-like colors. The new mini-flags are sure to enhance any duck or goose decoy spread and believe me the Mojo Pocket Pick Stick is ideal for picking up spent shells.

MacDaddyCaddy introduced a neat multi-functional hunting cart that is ideally suited for carrying all kinds of hunting gear out to a dove stand or duck blind. Big tires make it great for traveling over mud and other debris, the cart converts into a hunting seat, it’s well designed and built, comes in a variety of camo patterns and weighs in at 33 pounds.

Duck Creek Decoy Works just developed a new motion decoy that wobbles, shakes and dunks its head in continuous motion. This electric decoy is restricted for use here in our California Pacific flyway until Dec. 1 of the season.

Leave it up to Primos Hunting to come up with new gear each year and 2019 is no exception to their line of hunting accessories. The Dogg Net Series from Primos are a neat collection of wireless game callers, they have a complete Topp Dogg wireless system, a whole new selection of box, slate and mouth turkey calls and stakeout camo blinds.

One of the most unique products introduced a SHOT Show 2019 is the new Zippo Heatbank 9s hand warmer. This neat little device is rechargeable which keeps you warm for hours. The convenient power bank feature recharges your USB compatible device, so you can still stay connected while enjoying the outdoors. Also, from Zippo is the new Heatbank 3, also rechargeable, that can radiate heat for up to three hours from a single charge.

Rocky’s new line hunting boots and camo clothing are great for western-style big game, waterfowl and upland game bird hunting. The Rocky Deerstalker sport boot is designed for hunters who choose to be continually on the move, the Rocky King Snake offers the ultimate lower leg protection when hunting in rattlesnake country and this boot is available as a rubber boot model (which is this WON hunting editor’s top choice when waterfowl hunting). Rocky also expanded its Stratum collection of camo hunting clothing to include a new all-season layered system.

KENT FASTSTEEL 2.0 — With a muzzle velocity of up to 1550 fps, this new shotgun shell from Kent Cartridge should offer up excellent waterfowl hunting results for next season.

There is some new shotgun shell ammo for 2019 that was also introduced at SHOT Show. Kent Cartridge has upgraded its shotgun shell line with the introduction of Faststeel 2.0 Precision Plated Steel line of non-toxic shotshells. The foundation of Faststeel 2.0 begins with the high-performance based-wad to optimize functioning in today’s most popular semi-automatic firearms, allowing for fast follow-up shots and ensuring consistent reliability. Available in both 12 and 20 gauge, the 3-inch shell is loaded with 1¼ oz. of shot with a muzzle velocity of 1500 fps.

For those planning on hunting the spring snow goose season, Winchester now has on dealer shelves their Xpert Snow Goose shotgun shell ammo. Currently this Winchester ammo is only available for 12 ga. shotguns in lengths of 3- and 3.5-inch with shot sizes from BB to 1+2 and muzzle velocities between 1475 and 1550 fps.

Federal Ammunition announced a new blended HEAVYWEIGHT TSS turkey load for 2019. This Federal ammo is a partner with the National Wild Turkey Federation. Two new sizes of shot are involved to increase overall pellet count and the number of hits on a target. These new loads combine No. 7 and 9 or No. 8 and 10 Tungsten Super Shot to deliver the extremely high pellet counts and dense patterns turkey hunters try to achieve. Both 12 and 20 gauge shotshells are now on dealer’s shelves, from 3 inch to 3.5 inch, with loads up to 2.5 oz. of pellets and they will be sold 5 to the box.

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