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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Calif Open Day 2

Vilaysane leads by nearly 18 pounds going into the final day of the WON BASS California Open

EVENING UPDATE DAY 2 - 2019 California Open


WON Staff Writer

LAKEPORT — Noy Vilaysane started the Day 2 of the WON BASS California Open with a 14-pound lead on the strength of his astounding 41.76-pound Day 1 limit, and when the day was over he’d incredibly expanded his lead to nearly 18 pounds.

Still, he’s taking nothing for granted. “I’m going to go out there and have fun, I’m going to go out there and fish. If it works, it works. That’s fishing,” he said.

Villaysane and his Day 2 partner AAA Randy Sapp 21.87 pounds on Day 2.

Two-time past California Open champion Wayne Breazeale’s consistency pushed him into second place with one day remaining. He weighed 24.30 pounds on Day 2, for a 45.96 total. Jason Newby is third with 43.62 pounds. He weighed 19.85 pounds. It’s a crowded field after Vilaysane, there’s still plenty to fish for.

Pro Big Bass of the day went to James Bunker (9.67 pounds), Jonathan Schuyler (8.69), and Bryan Lutz (7.83).

AAA Big Bass and Big Bass of the Day went to Kevin Potter (10.84-pounds), James Rathjen (8.09 pounds), and Cody Nugent (7.16 pounds).

The AAA leaders are Ryan Furno with 56.11 pounds, Cody Nugent (45.98 pounds) and Kevin Quach (45.45 pounds)

The day started out fairly calm, but by the time the afternoon rolled around the wind was howling. Most competitors experienced a soggy and tiring ride back to tournament headquarters at Konocti Vista Resort. The forecast for Day 3 calls for more wind, but it isn’t expected to be as rough as it was on Day 2.


DAY 1 WON BASS California Open leader Noy Vilaysane built on his lead on Day 2, weighing 21.87 pounds to take an 18-pound plus advantage in the third and final day.


Morning update:

Yesterday's record setting, 41.76-lb bag was an amazing catch.


WON Staff Writer

LAKEPORT — As the competitors in the WON BASS California Open launched onto Clear Lake for Day 2, the buzz was still going strong on yesterday’s record setting 41.76-pound limit caught by Pro Noy Vilaysane and AAA Ryan Furno.

Pro Joe Uribe Jr. acknowledged he put in a decent day’s work to compile the 20.33-pound limit that had him in the upper tier of all Day 1 finishers, but he couldn’t resist joking. “I’m within striking distance, I’m only 21 and a half pounds out. I’m right there. Put me in coach!” he said.

Uribe said it was incredible to see Vilaysane’s giant bag. “It shows how great Clear Lake is and the potential. Conditions yesterday, a lot of us knew it would be a tougher day with the heavy winds we had the day before, it really muddied up a lot of the areas that guys were anticipating catching them at. For Noy to do that yesterday shows that all the lake wasn’t affected,” Uribe said.

Day 2 dawned calm, but the forecast calls for the wind to build as it wears on. Uribe said he would fish the conditions, taking every day as a new day. He’s in the same boat as 124 other Pros, far behind on weight but determined to fish well and hard for the best possible result. The tournament is far from over.

Mike Iloski’s Great Save

Everything went wrong for Pro Mike Iloski yesterday, until it didn’t.

His boat broke down not far from tournament headquarters at Konocti Vista Resort first thing in the morning. He was out of luck, his game plan in shreds. He spent two hours on the phone searching for a marine repair shop to help him after tournament hours, and when that was done, he just went fishing.

“You can’t control stuff you can’t control, we just put our rods in the water and went fishing. Less expectations, fished the stuff that I know from years past, areas that I know, luckily we broke down in that area,” he said.

Iloski pulled a double digit, 10.24-pound largemouth out of his unplanned spot, and his AAA Kevin Quach roped a 7.11, backstopping a 26.91-pound limit good for third place after Day 1 — weighed when they flagged down another tournament boat and his AAA took their fish to the scale.

Iloski was towed in, took his boat to the repair shop, and was back on the water to start Day 2 in a strong position.


COMPETITORS AT THE WON BASS California Open at Clear Lake ready their boats for the Day 2 take-off.

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