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Wednesday, September 5, 2018
WON Big Fish Update
Tuesday, September 10, 2019
WON Big Fish Challenge: 2019 is in the books!

Game on: The WON Big Fish Challenge starts Friday, June 28
You’re going fishing anyway, so why not join this 10-week long contest with a low entry fee for the chance to win one of 6 grand prize packs valued at more than $5,000? CLICK HERE to sign up.


WON Staff Writer

SAN CLEMENTE — The WON Big Fish Challenge kicks off on Friday, June 28, and it’s your chance to win one of 6 unbelievable prize packs valued at more than $5,000. Entry is just $10 per species or $40 for all 6, and the contest will liven up your fishing for a full 10 weeks of summer primetime.

It’s easy. Once you enter, and it’s not unheard of someone winning who signed up a few weeks in, fish saltwater when and where you want in Southern California. There’s a valuable grand prize pack like something you’d see on a TV game show (they are incredible) for every species category. The species categories are yellowtail, halibut, tuna, lingcod, white seabass, and one combined category, bonito / barracuda.

What’s in the grand prize packages? It’s too long to list, but highlights include $500 cash courtesy of Mercury Outboards, Penn Fathom reels, a Lowrance Elite 7 Ti2, a pair of excellent Engel coolers… You get the idea. In all, every grand prize package is spiked with 20 separate prizes!

When you catch a contender, take it to one of the WON Big Fish Challenge weigh stations located throughout Southern California. The full list of land-based weigh stations is available under the Rules tab at wonbigfish.com. Once you have a photo of you and your fish with its weight, upload it at wonbigfish.com for everyone to see. It makes for a fun, spirited contest.

At the end of 10 weeks, on Sept. 5, the angler who caught the heaviest fish in each species category will win a grand $5,000-plus prize pack! There are weekly prizes too, to spice things up.

For more information or to sign up, visit WONBigFish.com, and do it soon. You won’t want to miss it.

CATCH FISH, weigh them, win big prizes. That’s the WON Big Fish Challenge. The fun starts Friday, June 28, and it’s only $10 per species or $40 all-in to enter. Sign up at CLICK HERE

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