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Thursday, October 10, 2019
White seabass still on fire at San Quntin

Cabo big bucks season debuts with Billfish Classic and Bisbee’s Offshore
 Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament this week, then Tuna Jackpot Nov. 6-9; inaugural La Bocana trip for WON hosted by Baja Fishing Convoys was an eye-opener to the lodge and the fishery; East Cape Classic for charity celebrated 31st year

CABO SAN LUCAS — Cabo’s “high season” is going on right now. High with excitement, big money events and great fishing.

The 120-boat Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore Tournament is the precursor or warm-up to the Black & Blue going on this week through Saturday, followed by the Pelagic Jackpot and then the biggest tourney in Mexico, the WON Cabo Tuna Jackpot, Nov. 6-9.

THE BISBEE’S OFFSHORE was held last Friday and Saturday and the biggest fish was caught at the Gordo Bank by local anglers with Team Marlini with a 468-pound black marlin that won $93,365 of the total prize money of $1,274,150 as 120 teams battled. Next up this week is the Black & Blue with nearly $4 million in prize money. GARY GRAHAM PHOTO

TEAM CAPTIVA III scored the biggest yellowfin of the Bisbee’s Los Cabos Offshore Tournament at 157 pounds with Tyla Armstrong the leading the way on the first day of competition Friday, Oct. 18. GARY GRAHAM PHOTO

The Bisbee’s Offshore finished up its two days of competition on Saturday, Oct. 19 with most boats again heading to the Gordo Banks and beyond, all hoping to land either a giant dorado, yellowfin tuna or billfish and a share of the record $1,274,150 purse.

The first day saw 5 fish brought to the scale by closing time at 9 p.m. The Predator, captained by Jarrod Smith, weighed a 328-pound marlin to claim all the optionals for $445,825 and the Choyeros #2 with Carlos Beltran brought back a 117.4-pound yellowfin. The Captiva III with Tyla Armstrong had the biggest yellowfin at 157 pounds for $66,850, and the C-Rod weighed in a 313-pound black marlin and an 80-pound tuna, according to the Bisbee’s website.

The Gordo Bank region on the second day did not turn up any big tuna over 100 pounds, but produced a decent volume of fish and a dramatic feel-good finish.

The first boat to arrive at the scale the second day was Team Outcast with Mike Phillip’s black marlin of 360 pounds. Then things got interesting when the local team on the Marlini showed up at the dock. A massive tail could be seen, and it took four people to tote the black marlin to the scale, which registered the billfish at 468 pounds.

That winning weight produced a thunderous roar. It was, after all, a local Baja Sur team headed by Aristeo Gutierrez Gonzalez, who told the crowd the black marlin was his largest fish ever, and it was the very first time he had ever won a sportfishing tournament. He added that the fish was caught at the Gordo Bank on a skipjack and had only taken an hour and 20 minutes to subdue. It was good for $90,365. They were not in all the optionals, though. Thus, the Outcast team grabbed lucrative marlin optional money left on the table for a cool $217,700 payday.

The yellowfin jackpots were up for grabs, but no big tuna over 100 pounds came to the scale, just money winners like Team Tuna Killers and Cesar Alberto Carrillo Sanchez’s fish weighed 56.3 pounds and turned out to be the largest yellowfin of the day, earning $41,650.

The big winners for the tourney? Team Predator won $445,825, Team Outcast claimed $217,700, Reel & Deal won $213,360, Team Marlini banked $90,365, the Captiva III team won $66,850, TAG Team took $61,880, Team Tuna Killers banked $41,650,Team Overtime won$21,420 and Team Quitena won $11,900.


A few days before, the 21st annual Los Cabos Billfish Tournament that was delayed and cut short from three days to two because the port was closed in the aftermath of tropical storm, had the tournament radio on fire the first day, with the fleet of 51 tournament boats catching 39 striped marlin, 15 blue marlin and one black marlin. Teams also weighed one qualifying 29.2-pound wahoo, one qualifying 158.6-pound yellowfin tuna and a hefty 440-pound black marlin, caught by Guy Arrington of Team Wild Hooker. There always seemed to be a team hooked up from lines in at 7:30 a.m. to lines out at 4:30 p.m.

ANGLER GUY ARRINGTON of Team Wild Hooker caught a 440-pound black marlin on day one of the Los Cabos Billfish Championship, Oct. 15. For their catch, they won all four levels of the Daily Marlin Jackpot. PHOTO COURTESY OF MICHELLE GAYLORD / OUT YOUR FRONT DOOR

Wild Hooker won all four levels of the Daily Marlin Jackpot. After the first day of fishing, Wild Hooker also held first place in the overall Largest Marlin Jackpot. Second and third place positions remained empty after the first day of fishing, as only one marlin was brought to the docks.

Team Pocket Aces won the Daily Release Category, scoring two blue marlin releases on the day for 600 points. The team edged out Team Quitena, based on time, who also released two blue marlin. After one day of fishing, Team Pocket Aces took the lead in the Overall Billfish Release Points Jackpot, while Team Wild Hooker led the Overall Team Division standings with 660 points.

Team Tejas and angler Mike Darden weighed a 158.6-pound yellowfin tuna to win the Heaviest Tuna Daily Jackpot. Angler Mark Chiavetta, on the Bill Collector 2, won the Wahoo Daily Jackpot with his 29.2-pound catch. Nobody in the fleet captured a dorado that surpassed the 25-pound minimum. Unfortunately, no results were posted on the tournament website concerning who won the $780,000 in cash and prizes for largest marlin, tuna, wahoo and dorado, as well as the top three billfish-release-points teams and daily high-point-release teams. Oh well.

In terms of overall Cabo fishing, Rebecca Ehrenberg of the Pisces Fleet said the march to the Cabo Tuna Jackpot continues with tuna, wahoo and dorado catches.

“Mahi madness in Cabo continues,” she said. “With easy (2-fish per person) limits almost daily for our fleet in this past week, with a staggering 274 mahi mahi caught total. But that’s not all, with 247 billfish caught and released, which included striped and blue marlin, black marlin, sailfish and to our surprise, a swordfish caught on the surface in 300 feet of water. Top it off with 5 big yellowfin tuna and wahoo and you’ve got yourself some of the most spectacular fishing in the world.”

And, the Pisces recent successes in the recent tournaments can be seen at this link.

(If looking for a boat for the tuna jackpot Nov. 6-9 the Pisces fleet still has a few boats available for charter in the Tuna Tournament in November. Call 1-877-286-7938.)

SAN JOSE DEL CABO — Eric Brictson of Gordo Banks Pangas said the annual high stake billfish tournaments are now ongoing, with the granddaddy event of them all, the Bisbee’s Black & Blue, scheduled for this next week.

“Needless to say there are large numbers of visiting anglers now arriving,” he said. “Last weekend’s scattered rain squalls turned into more like isolated monsoons, very heavy rain on and off, which did cause major flooding in low-lying locations. Now conditions are clear, drying out, high humidity just now starting to relent. Over the full moon period the winds became more unpredictable in recent days, coming from the north and at the same time swirling from the south.”

He added, “The ocean water temperature has ranged 80 to 85 degrees, with warmer currents in the direction of the Sea of Cortez. With recent squalls, winds and currents, we saw varying ocean clarity. Most sportfishing charters locally were concentrating efforts on the grounds from the Gordo Banks to Iman and Vinorama. Bait supplies consisted of sardinas, being netted in the surf zone north of the marina at first light, also caballito, slabs of squid, ballyhoo, chihuil and skipjack being used.”

He said local ports were closed partially last Sunday and totally on Monday due to thunderstorms, but fleets and the Los Cabos Billfish Tournament were back in operation Tuesday, Oct. 15.

“Charters began scouting out to see where the best action could be found,” he said. “Overall, the bite proved to be more scattered than it was pre-storm.”

The Gordo Banks produced a handful of yellowfin tuna up in the 100-pound range, he said, though numbers of yellowfin tuna found were higher near Iman Bank, but it was still very spotty through the week, with anglers fortunate to land one or two tuna, with the majority ranging in the 20- to 70-pound class.

“Dorado were scattered on these same grounds, found in smaller-sized schools, while trolling lures, rigged ballyhoo, sardinas and chihuil. Most of the dorado we saw were in the 5- to 20-pound range, but we heard of some larger bulls found on the Pacific.”

As for wahoo, the action was very good the previous week, but slowed down during the recent rainy, full moon period.

“Anglers who did best were the few that were able to find chihuil for use as bait for slow trolling,” said Brictson. “A handful also hit Rapalas and rigged ballyhoo, so we expect wahoo to become more active as conditions return to their liking.”

The combined sportfishing fleet launching out of the panga area from Puerto Los Cabos Marina sent out an estimated 90 charters for the week and anglers reported an approximate fish count of: 3 sailfish, 9 striped marlin, 1 blue marlin, 72 yellowfin tuna, 76 dorado, 28 wahoo, 8 leopard grouper, 22 Mexican bonito, 1 broomtail grouper, 12 yellow snapper, 2 dogtooth snapper, 4 pompano, 1 mullet snapper, 5 surgeon fish, 12 sierra, 8 amberjack, 6 rainbow runner and 125 triggerfish.

LARRY FUKUHARA SCORED the biggest yellowtail of the WON/La Bocana trip last week with a surface 7X iron getting a 24-pound forkie next to shore in a surprise hookup in the midst of sierra, small yellows and skipjack. Larry is pictured with his captain, Enrique. Glenn Hinman is in the background.

TYLER BARNES OF Long Beach had one the bigger leopard groupers on the WON/La Bocana trip hosted by Baja Fishing Convoys. Deep-diving lures on the high spots as well as iron got many of these leopard grouper. Most were released.

LA BOCANA — The first (and hopefully annual) WON/Baja Fishing Convoys charters trip for 12 anglers to La Bocana Adventures beach lodge was spectacular last week. There were so many options, so many fish inside and out, with incredible surf fishing in the evening right outside the cabins located at the entrance to the estero. While winds were up outside, there were many protected coastal areas to hit over four days on super pangas, and always the 10-mile long mangrove-lined estero was there to fish.

How good was it? Every cast of a stickbait or small plastic was a fish (halibut, sand bass, juvenile leopard grouper) in the estero on several drifts for one trio who finished off a day of epic coastal fishing for yellows and grouper by going into the estero for their final hour of casting. That was on the second day, and from then on the other pangas finished off their days in the beautiful sand and mangrove-lined estero, too.

The reef action just offshore was nonstop on the troll or with surface iron, or both. All four pangas all four days caught yellows to 24 pounds, leopard grouper to 30 pounds, Sierra to 8 pounds, calico bass, 8- to 10-pound bonito and log barracuda. It was epic variety. No bait needed as masses of bait were inshore or on the reefs holding fish of some kind. Just cast and grind or troll for yellows and cabrilla.

The star of the operation? The fine food and cabin accommodations right on the beach. It was a great WON trip for 12 readers and this writer hosted by Orchid and Johnny Martinez of, who saw to every detail. First rate and organized. Check out all their Baja package trips to L.A. Bay, Cedros, La Paz, Mag Bay, Gonzaga Bay, Ensenada and San Quintin. We will have a feature on this trip and this new Baja west coast option soon in WON.

Ted Sleek of San Clemente was with his father and his son for a three-generation trip and said, “It doesn’t get any better than this!” This is Baja’s newest hot spot.

EAST CAPEWON reader Mike Richardson and his father George were fishing out of Buenavista Beach Resort on Mike’s boat 4 Generaciones, and had captain Victor Garciglia Jr. aboard. They caught nice dorado on skirted ballyhoos and had two other 10 pounders. Earlier in the week they nabbed a 75-pound wahoo.

“It was an awesome week of fishing,” said Mike.

John Ireland, owner of Hotel Rancho Leonero, reported in Sunday, saying the water was clear, flat and 83 degrees, the air in the mid-80s.

“Fall has arrived,” he said. “We have had cool mornings in the mid-60s and during the day it’s in the low 80s; just beautiful weather. The fishing this week started slow and improved as the week progressed. The very good and consistent billfishing we’ve enjoyed all season continued, with lots of striped marlin, quite a few blues and blacks and the occasional sailfish being released daily. The wahoo fishing really picked up as the week progressed.”

He added, “The dorado fishing also improved by midweek. Very, very good bottom fishing all week with pompano, amberjack, pargo, sierra, and black grouper all biting. Lots of roosterfish around with very little fishing pressure. Lots of good bait, with big sardines available.”

The wahoo were found off Vinorama, taking Marauders and Rapalas, and a few hit on trolled ballyhoo, with fish biting better as the week went on, from 25 to 65 pounds. The dorado action improved as the week progressed, starting way south and moved closer to the hotel later in the week, most in the 5- to 25-pound class on live sardines. Billfish were plentiful off the La Ribera area, with most boats releasing at least one daily, and every fourth or fifth billfish hooked was a blue marlin.

In other East Cape news, Lynn Rose, director of the East Cape Classic held at Hotel Palmas De Cortez last week, celebrated her 30th year organizing the charity tourney.

“The 30th East Cape Classic is in the books,” said Rose in a Facebook post. The top team fished on the Dottie B, made up ofMarshall Phaneuf, Keenan Delaney and Chris Mueller from Houston, Texas with 3,450 points. Second and third place was a tie with 2,700 points and after the coin flip, as Wally and Jesse Nachman took second and Rich Howell from Paso Robles and Tom Piarino from Lakewood placed third. The largest dorado was 34 pounds taken by Mark Williams from Texas on the Jule Kate. Largest tuna was 87 pounds caught by Brandon Davis from Phoenix fishing the Pez Espada. In all, 140 billfish were caught and all released, a mandatory rule.

“The event was a huge success and raised a lot of money for the community,” said Rose.


CEDROS OUTDOOR ADVENTURES saw the dorado get beefier, and of course there are the nice yellows, as Roger Eckhart with a yellowtail and Tony Bykerk with a dorado hold up two of the quality catches last week.

CEDROS ISLAND — Tom Gatch of Cedros Outdoor Adventures and the Baja Dreams Lodge reported lucky anglers visiting Cedros Island this fall have been treated to an increasingly active bite on quality grade dorado and yellowtail, along with the calico bass fishing for which the Island has become famous.

“Despite occasional seasonal breezes, there always seems to be an abundance of places to go that present a host of opportunities to catch the fish of your dreams, and last week was no exception,” said Gatch.

He said Tony Bykerk and three of his friends from Mission Viejo went for the gold and cashed in big time with a total of 10 fat dorado weighing up to 25 pounds during their 4-day stay on Cedros. However, due to the influx of red tuna crabs, the calico bass fishing was “hit and miss,” yet they still managed to take a few checkerboards up to 6 pounds. In addition to the dorado, they also took full limits of yellowtail between 20 and 40 pounds.

“Russel Parker and his wife Jeanette were visiting Cedros Island for the first time from Long Beach, and encountered an outstanding bite on calico bass weighing 8 to 10 pounds while fishing around Natividad,” said Gatch. “Since there were very few red crabs in the area at the time, the fish were quite cooperative in attacking their 4- to 5-inch swimbaits in red and green hues. The duo also took limits of yellowtail up to 35 pounds while slow trolling live mackerel.”

Cedros veteran Roger Eckhart was with a couple of fishing buddies on his 7 th trip to the Island on a 5-day fishing adventure that lived up to everything they had been expecting and more.

Eckhart reported, “We had a wonderful week of fishing! We love to target the calicos, and fished many of great locations around the island like Punta Norte, Colorada, and many others. Yellowtail were plentiful around the island, especially in the airport area. Our lures of choice were the Rapala X-Rap 40 in purple for the yellows, as well as mint or green and yellow surface iron.”

The calicos were favoring hardbaits such as Rapala X-Rap 14s in variety of colors and MC weedless 8-inch swimbaits in brown bait colors.

“We enjoyed great ‘catch and release’ style fishing, racking up 50 to 75 calicos per angler in the 2- to 6-pound class each day,” said Eckhart. Most of the fishermen going for yellowtail were getting easy limits of fish weighing between 18 and 40 pounds.”



LA PAZ HAD a tough week with a massive rainstorm that messed up the fishing, but there were still some great success stories. Here, Eric Gunnels of Phoenix fought the fish on light tackle for two hours with Tailhunter International Captain Chito. And Denver angler Bobby Hart had never fished in saltwater before, let alone been to Mexico, and his first day hooked a trophy roosterfish (released) off Punta Arenas. Finally, 10-year-old Carter Hart hooked a bull dorado north of La Paz. On just 30-pound-test the youngster battled the fish for 20 minutes, refusing offers of help and got it to the boat by himself.

LA PAZ — “We have definitely had better weeks of fishing this season,” said Jonathan Roldan of Tailhunter International. “Overall, it was probably the most disappointing and difficult fishing of the year and the captains and clients really had to work hard for their fish. It started with a combination of several factors and it took quite a while to recover.”

Roldan said the week kicked off with the tail end of a huge 30-hour rainstorm, and subsequent sporadic rains in the following days not only required that they cancel a day of fishing, but the rain sent lots of run-off into the ocean, muddying the waters.

“Winds that persisted all week, including strong northern winds that are the vanguard indicator that the season is coming to an end, not only made it bumpy and rough to fish but also cooled down surface water temperatures. Add in a full moon and choppy waters and it was a roundhouse kick to the head.”

By Sunday Roldan said it was recovering, little by little.

“Dorado were the mainstay action with fish mostly 10 to 20 pounds. Bonito were mostly plentiful to the point of being a nuisance, but together with jack crevalle, small roosterfish, pargo, cabrilla and snapper at least kept rods bent most of the time. Most exciting were the boiling tuna that showed up between La Paz and Espirito Santo Island. Fish between 50 and 150 pounds came up several times and really rocked a few of our anglers who battled fish up to 4 hours. All were lost but one of the big boys, a 70 pounder by Eric Gunnels of Phoenix, who fought the fish on light tackle for two hours with Captain Chito at the helm.

And Denver angler Bobby Hart had never fished in saltwater before, let alone been to Mexico, and his first day he hooked a trophy roosterfish off Punta Arenas. Youth was served with success. Ten-year-old Carter Hart hooked a bull dorado north of La Paz. On just 30-pound-test the youngster battled the fish for 20 minutes refusing offers of help and got it to the boat all by himself.

L.A. BAY -- Juan Cook reported excellent action on the yellows, a golden grouper was caught, cabrilla are on the bite too.

SAN QUINTIN: All the fleets are reporting great yellowtail fishing, and the white seabags brute is still going on with some real slugs. This is from Garcia's Pangas.

LORETO — Rick Hill at said, “Firecracker dorado and pintos this week were found at a few high spots north of Coronado Island. Trolling action is getting toro and short dorado most everywhere you go. The bait situation is great with most bites happening on the sardine at the rocky points. We’ve had super weather all week with highs around 85.”


CABO SAN LUCAS FULL REPORT -- The following is the PISCES fleet Report as of Tuesday: From Rebecca Ehrenberg.

Overall Catch Success rate: 92%

Billfish 46%, Dorado, 48%, Tuna 22%, Other 2%

This week got off to a slower start than last, due mostly to a surprising storm that caught everyone off guard. The Storm which came through Saturday to Monday brought a torrential downpour that closed the port and pushed the Los Cabos Billfish Tourney over a day. Two tournaments took place this week, the Los Cabos Billfish and the Bisbees Offshore, the first had 51 boats entered, while the second had 119 boats and a $1.3 Million Dollar Pot.

The full run-down of standings and prizes can be found HERE, or under our News Tab. Billfish numbers were still good, 133 fish released total this week, which included nice sized Blue Marlin, averaging about 200 - 250 lbs each. Pisces 72’ Tag Team took the Release Division in the Bisbees with four Blue Marlin and 3 Striped Marlin over the course of two days. There were 176 dorado caught, which were slightly smaller in size compared to last week, averaging between 10 and 20 lbs. Tuna catches totaled 94 fish, which included a nice 157 lbs Yellowfin for Pisces 38’ C Rod during the Bisbees that won them $132,430 USD. Other catches included wahoo mainly, with Pisces 35’ Bill Collector 2taking 1st place in the Wahoo Division of the Los Cabos Billfish with a 29.2 pounder.

A few of this week’s best catches are highlighted here - Pisces 31’ Rebeccadid well with marlin beginning the week the first day port was back open, with 6 striped marlin released by anglers Blaize and Herman Solis and Leslee Barbee. All fish hit on caballito bait close to Cerritos. Pisces 31’ Ruthlesscaught and released 6 as well, but on live bait, in the same area. The next day with Ruthless, the Sullivans released 5 Striped Marlin and kept 7 dorado weighing between 10 and 20 lbs. Top marlin release boat wasPisces 37’ BBII, which went 8 for 13 on Striped Marlin. Anglers the Reynolds and Faulkners did a great job at fighting the fish, which hit on ballyhoo, and dead caballito mostly. Marlin averaged between 100 and 140 lbs each, hitting close to Punta Lobos area.

Pisces 42’ Calientereleased 8 Striped Marlin, using ballyhoo instead, close to Todos Santos. Our other 42 footer, Pisces Yahoo did very well with marlin as well; 6 Striped Marlin released, caught on ballyhoo and dead mackerel at Punta Lobos. The next day brought them 3 Striped Marlin released, weighing between 90 and 120 lbs each, 1 Sailfish of about 110 lbs which hit live bait, and 4 Dorado of about 10 and 18 lbs each. All fish hit at Pozo Cota on live and Dead bait. And still, the next day, Yahoobrought back 8 Dorado, weighing about 20 and 22 lbs; these hit on dead bait and green and blue/white lures for anglers from Georgia.

Pisces 32’ Bill Collector did well with marlin and dorado too - but an especially nice day brought 17 yellowfin tuna between 10 and 20 lbs each, hitting on cedar plugs and feathers about 24 miles out from La Ballena. They also released a nice Blue Marlin of about 250 lbs on live mackerel, by the Woods family of Clovis, CA.

Pisces 38’ C Rod, apart from their Tourney win, had great fishing the rest of the week, releasing 1 Blue Marlin of about 180 lbs on a guacamayo lure out of Morros Prietos. Add to that 5 dorado between 10 and 25 lbs each on green lures and caballito bait out of Migrino for anglers from Alberta, Canada.

Pisces 30’ Karinacaught and released 3 striped marlin between 100 and 130 lbs and kept 3 dorado of about 15 lbs at Migrino for Harrison and Robert Silvers from North Carolina. Next day they went for tuna and kept 11 about 20 - 25 lbs each.

Pisces 35’ Bill Collector 2 kept on the Wahoo streak after landing their winning 29 pounder in the Los Cabos Billfish. They caught 4 wahoo between 30 and 40 lbs each on chiwiles at Punta Gorda and released 2 Striped Marlin. Anglers were Jim, James Clove and Robert Bartnett from Idaho.

LOCATION: Pacific Side mostly from Los Arcos to Gaspareno for Dorado, plus Golden Gate, San Jaime and Cerritos for Marlin and Tuna.

WEATHER CONDITIONS: Good weather conditions with minimum swell. Only one day with wind.


BEST LURES: Mackerel, caballito and ballyhoo bait, cedar plugs, feathers - lime green, petrolero, guacamayo.

THE PISCES FLEET reported dorado limits were easy with 274 of them caught on their fleet boats for the week, plus 247 billfish caught and released, which included striped and blue marlin, black marlin, sailfish and even a swordfish caught on the surface; plus 5 big yellowfin.

Pisces finishes high in first $$$ Cabo events!

Pisces Fleet Places in Los Cabos Billfish and Bisbee's Offshore

The first two tourneys of the October-November Season have come to an end, with Pisces placing in several divisions.

The Los Cabos Billfish Tournament took place October 14-16th, after the unexpected delay because by the port closing Saturday through Monday caused by a storm which brought heavy rainfall. The Tournament had 51 teams total.

Pisces 35’ Bill Collector took the Day 1 Wahoo division with a 29.2 pounder caught by Mark Chiavetta.

The Bisbees Offshore, October 18-20, with 120 teams and a $1.3Million Dollar pot!

Pisces 38’ C Rod takes Day One Tuna Division with this 157 lbs Yellowfin caught by Tyla Armstrong - Team Captiva III. It was the last fish weighed of the day and made it count. Day two there were no big contenders and with no dorado caught, monies rolled over to the Tuna Division. This made for a nice payout of $132,430 for their 157 YFT.

Billfish Division 1st Place for Day One, was caught by Angler Jarrod Smith on the Predator, a 328 Blue Marlin.

Pisces 72’ Tag Team released 4 Blue Marlin and 3 Striped, earning them $61,880 .

The PISCES Captiva III team celebrates on the podium of the Bisbee's awards at Maria Corona Restaurant in Cabo.

Second place release went to Overtime with 3 Blues and 4 Stripes, and a total of $21,420. 3rd Place Release was Quiteña with 4 Blues, taking $11,900 .

And in the Heaviest Billfish Division, although Team Predator ended up taking 4th with their 328 Black Marlin, it earned them the biggest check of the night! A whopping $444,550 as they won the Daily Jackpots and Largest fish for Day One.

Third place went to Team Outcast with their 360lbs Black Marlin, taking $217,621 USD. Second place for Reel & Deal and their 371lbs Black Marlin, earning them $212,368 USD.

And last but not least, the 33’ Marlini took 1st Place Overall with a great job by an all-local team of anglers and crew, landing an impressive 468 Black Marlin. The fish earned them $89,530, as they were in the Dailies only.

A great start to Tourney season so far, the three-day (fishing) Bisbee's Black & Blue is going on now, through Friday, awards Saturdat!

• • • • •

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