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Tuesday, October 29, 2019
Sign up now, no cash entries in Cabo
Wednesday, November 06, 2019
On the Verge of Tuna Jackpot Glory

Updates from Cabo
One day to go, so let’s party!


From the Director, Pat McDonell:

Tomorrow is check-in and big  tuna are showing to 247 pounds, teams and anglers are coming here and more are coming from U.S. Alaska’s Yukon Territory, throughout Mexico, and as far away as New Guinea. We are still getting in wires for teams, and we will have a final roster by tomorrow night and totals on payouts for all the tuna, wahoo, and dorado optionals. Remember, we do not take cash for entries in Cabo. You have to wire the entry money and optional money, and lori@wonews.com will walk you through it.

Also. if you are in  Cabo, the Pisces fishing office has personnel there who can help you, but time is running out! Wires must be confirmed before you are officially entered.  Lori is the most direct contact. The entry form can be found at www.loscabostunajackpot.com.

It's getting jiggy down here!  People are fired up. Minerva's Tackle in downtown Cabo was like Costco the day before Thanksgiving!  Weather is spectacular, tuna of 250, 247, 220, 166, 162 and a bunch of 90 pounders ver the weekend are just ones we have seen in the past four days. There is a lot of prefishing going on, with great action offshore both straight out and outside Godo and up the Pacific side too (That 247 by the charterboat Diablo weighed in at Gricelda’s Smokehouse here two days ago came from the north) and who really knows what other fish are being caught and where….“loose lips sink ships” as they say in the Navy.

Dorado seem to be on the small side, and it could well happen that no fish makes the 30-pound first day minimum for that optional, and a 20-pound minimum the second day (if a fish over 30 pounds  is not caught the first day) could mean a heckuva payout on a small dodo. Wahoo 30 pounders should be no problem. Having the dorado and wahoo optionals separated this year is gonna be fun. If a team with a 20-plus dorado the second day and that money that didn’t get won he first day rolls over, we are talking about a dorado optional payday well over $100,000.

As for the six tuna optionals, well, they are going nuts on pay-ins, and the $20,000 Gray Research optional is drawing a lot of teams that are up for playing on that level. Only across the board teams can enter that Gray tuna optional, and so the payouts for an across the board team for one day could well exceed $500,000. We will see if those numbers actually occur when all the entries and wires are in. Our goal was to go over $1 million in payouts this year, and it could happen.


It is a new optional and has a great winning percentage, and $1,000 of each optional payin goes to buying expensive sat tags for the Gray Research program. Today (Wednesday) the Gray/Pisces team with Dave Marciano of Wicked Tuna and Billy Egan, assistant director of the tuna jackpot, and Baja journalist Gary Graham are aboard with Tracy Ehrenberg, Bill Dobbelear of Gray and others on the Pisces Caliente to implant three sat tags in marlin today.


I’ve been down for four days as the tourney director and official AARP Roadie getting venues confirmed, organizing shipments and all that mundane stuff and each year. I have to say, it hard work behind the scenes as we prepare for the anglers, but also super fun seeing great friends and confirming warm relationships here in Cabo. We are in our 21st year and we have a lot of folks here in Cabo helping us and it’s nice to contribute to the economy and also to raise money for Smiles International Foundation for cleft palate surgeries. Last week’s clinic (there are two a year in Cabo) and the one-week effort drew 109 children, a record.


The Tesoro has thrown out the welcome mat for everyone, and we dressed up the famous lighthouse tower this year, and we have some other fun signage planned for the marina at night.


It all starts today with early bird check-in at the Tesoro, continues tomorrow with the official checkin on the malecon, then the big welcome party and captains meeting, two days of start boat flare gun starts and parties that morning on the Wild Tours party boat Cabo Escape, the weigh-ins, the super fun Friday Fiesta at Maria Corona, and then the gala dinner on the cruise ship pier for 700 anglers and guests and dignitaries and of course the winners, and fireworks and great food catered by Solomon’s Landing restaurant.



We just learned of a new raffle being setup by Gray Taxidermy and Research here at the tuna jackpot eventto raise money for satellite tags. Here’s the deal on the $100 tickets that will be on sale through the tourney at Gray’s table and all events. Limited to 200 entries. The winner will be picked at the awards dinner Saturday night.

--Fish with Dave Marciano for a day for monster bluefin on Dave’s Hard Merchandise off Gloucester, Mass.

-- Round trip air for two people and ground transfers

-- hotel.


-- A free mount by Gray Taxidermy.


-- A free entry into next year’s Cabo Tuna Jackpot, a $1,000 value


Remember! Only 200 entries, and winner need not be present at the awards dinner.


Keep track of the tourney with live video and updates on this blog and aso our Cabo Tuna Jackpot FB page.





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