Lake Havasu Striper Derby - May 16-17, 2020

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018
2018 WON Lake Havasu Striper Derby

2020 WON Lake Havasu Striper Derby
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38th Lake Havasu Striper Derby

May 16 & 17, 2020


The 38th annual WON Lake Havasu Striper Derby is closing in and set to go off May 16-17. One of the longest-running and most popular events on the WON calendar, Striper Derby will once again run out of London Bridge Resort where weigh-ins and the award ceremony are hosted.


A true, family-friendly “every angler” event, all eyes will be on the Grand Raffle Prize, a Klamath 16 EXW boat paired with a 40hp Suzuki outboard and a trailer that every participant is in the running for. There are plenty of other prizes including cash up for grabs, and many different ways to get your hands on it.

The Striper Derby festivities kick off on Friday afternoon at the team check-in, held at Anderson Toyota at 6510 Showplace Ave in Lake Havasu City. Anderson Toyota will be hosting all anglers and family members at a special appreciation BBQ during registration hours from 4 p.m. until 7 pm. BBQ starts at 5 p.m.. Teams will check in during this time, and they may purchase additional event T-shirts, make partner changes and enter the blind bogie and big fish options if not already entered. Late sign-ups will also be taken at this time. After check-in, a brief Captain's Meeting will take place to go over event rules and weekend activities for first time entrants.

The entry fee is $175 per team and it includes your basic entry and chance to win the boat, trophies and many other tackle prizes, including your Striper Derby hat and T-shirts for both team members. But most people enter the great options, which are $40 each day for the the blind bogeys. The General Big Fish Option is $20 per team and goes into the pool to be paid out to the five biggest stripers caught during the tournament based on 1st (35%), 2nd (20%) 3rd (20%) 4th (15%) 5th (10%). So for only $275 your team is "ALL IN." This year there is the "HIGH ROLLER" entry, which puts those choosing to lay down another $100 into a separate TOP 3 Big Fish pool to be paid back on to the angler with the 1st (50%), 2nd (30%), 3rd (20%) biggest fish based on the number of anglers entered into the pool.

Lake Havasu Striper Derby Events Schedule

Friday, May 15, 4:00 – 6:30 PM – Team Check In

— Team Check-in and meeting at Anderson Toyota of Lake Havasu located at 6510 Showplace Ave, Lake Havasu City, AZ 86404. Anderson Toyota will be hosting a BBQ during registration. Late Sign-ups, partner changes, blind bogey entries, Big Fish options and T-shirt sales will occur. At 6:30 PM the Tournament Director will go over contest rules, highlight rule changes for 2020, and give a general overview of the weekends events. After 6:30 PM, no further tournament entries will be accepted.

Saturday, May 16th, 5:00 AM – Tournament officially begins

— Boats and anglers may be on the water beginning at 4:00 AM prior to tournament start time, but no lines may be in the water before 5:00 AM. Any team found fishing prior to start time will be disqualified.

— Scales will open at the London Bridge Resort’s launch ramp area beginning at 1:00 PM and will remain open until 4:00 PM.

— All contestants must be in line by 4:00 PM to have their fish weighed. Teams arriving late will not have their fish weighed. All fish weighed MUST come from boats docked at the weigh-in site. No walk-in or trailered-in fish will be weighed by tournament staff.

Sunday, May 17, 5:00AM - Tournament Resumes

— Day two of the tournament officially begins at 5:00 AM. Once again, boats may be on the water starting at 4:00 AM, but may not be fishing until 5:00 AM. Scales will officially open at 11:00 AM and will close promptly at 1:00 PM. Again, all teams must be in line by 1:00 PM to have their fish weighed. Teams arriving late will not have their fish weighed. All fish weighed MUST come from boats docked at the weigh-in site. No walk-in or trailered-in fish will be weighed by tournament staff.

— To allow anglers ample time to load their boats and get cleaned up, the awards ceremony will begin at 3:30 PM and run until roughly 5:00 PM. Awards will be presented to the top 10 teams, and will also include Saturday and Sunday’s blind bogey contest, Top 5 big fish awards, Big Fish optional payouts and finally, the Grand Raffle prize will be awarded to some lucky Striper Derby contestant!

— Once the boat and motor package have been awarded, the 37th Annual Western Outdoor News Lake Havasu Striper Derby will have concluded. Everyone please drive home safe and we’ll look forward to seeing you back at Lake Havasu in 2021.

2020 – 38th Annual Lake Havasu Striper Derby Rules


1) Back for 2020 – All tournament boats must have a minimum of 2 anglers during tournament hours. Only team members may be in the boat during fishing contest hours. More than one team may be permitted on one boat during the event. Each team on that boat MUST keep their fish seperated for weigh in purposes. The additional team on a boat may be a single angler who fishes as his/her own team. WON prefers a team consists of 2 anglers, but since this is a family event we will allow a team to be a single angler on another team’s boat or 2-angler team on another team’s boat.

2) Due to the size and weather conditions on Lake Havasu, no boats under 12 feet in length will be allowed to participate in the tournament for safety reasons.

3) All boats must be equipped with Coast Guard approved equipment, including life vests, paddles, signal devices, bailing device, and working running and anchor lights.

4) All children 16 years of age and under who are entered in the contest must wear life vests while in the boat during tournament hours.

5) All contestants will be issued a wristband with their raffle number embossed on it. These wristbands must be worn during the event & cannot be removed until the close of the event on May 17, 2020.

6) No licensed striper guides conducting business on Lake Havasu may be a part of a team or assist any team during the duration of the Striper Derby.

7) Pre-Fishing with a licensed guide is permitted up until 5 PM on May 15.

8) All fish must be caught in the waters of Lake Havasu or the Colorado River between Parker Dam and the I-40 Bridge. All fish must be caught live, with rod and reel, fair game hooked, and not snagged. Contestants found fishing outside these areas will be disqualified.

9) All California Dept of Fish & Wildlife and Arizona Dept of Game and Fish rules must be observed during the tournament. Any team cited for violating any Federal, California, or Arizona Fish and Game laws during the contest will be disqualified.

10) All California and Arizona Department of Boating and Waterways laws must be observed during the tournament. Any team cited by any Federal, State, County, or Local law enforcement agency will be disqualified from the Striper Derby.

11) Lake Closures – Lake Havasu and the river will be closed to fishing on Friday, May 15 from 5 PM PST to 5 AM PST Saturday May 16. The tournament will commence on Saturday May 16, from 5 AM PST to 4 PM PST. Lake Havasu and the river will then be closed to fishing from 4 PM PST on Saturday May 16 until 5 AM PST on Sunday, May 17. Tournament fishing will then resume from 5 AM PST on Sunday, May 17 until the close of the event at 1 PM PST on Sunday, May 17, 2020.


12) All fish weighed during either days of the tournament, MUST come from team boats docked at the courtesy docks of London Bridge Resort ONLY. All team members must be present when offloading fish at the docks. No WALK-IN or TRAILERED-IN fish will be weighed by tournament staff.

13) Derby Fishing Times – The tournament will start on Saturday, May 16 at 5 AM PST and cease at 4 PM PSTon Saturday May 16. Scales will open Saturday at 1 PM PST and close at 4 PM PST on Saturday May 16th. Weigh-in will occur at the docks of the London Bridge Resort both days. On Sunday, May 17, fishing will commence at 5 AM PST and end at 1:00 PM Sunday May 17. On Sunday May 17, the scales will be open at the London Bridge Resort docks starting at 11 AM PST until 1 PM. The tournament director will establish and keep the official time for the event. Any contestant arriving late to the scales will not have their fish count towards the event.

14) Boats on the Water – No boats will be allowed out on the water moorings, beachings, or docks prior to 4 AM on the morning of tournament days May 16 or May 17.

15) Limits/Size – Only Striped Bass 14 inches or longer will count in the derby. Fish turned in to the weigh masters, which are shorter than 14 inches may incur a 1-pound deduction from the total weight submitted that day. Each team is allowed a daily limit of 10 Striped Bass. Any team checking in more that 10 Striped Bass may incur a 1-pound per fish penalty which will be deducted from their total weight.

16) All derby boats must keep a distance of 75 feet between them when anchored or drift fishing. Boats which are trolling are exempt from this rule.

17) The tournament director has the sole discretion to disqualify any catch for reasons they deem violate tournament rules or the spirit of the competition. Decisions of the tournament director are final and may not be appealed. Official protests must be filed in writing with the tournament director no later that 2 PM PST on Sunday, May 17.

18) Merchandise prizes and trophies will be awarded to the Top 10 combined total weighing teams and the Top 5 Biggest Fish winners after two days of competition.

19) All teams entering the “ALL IN” $275 entry will qualify for both Saturday and Sunday Blind Bogey winnings and The TOP 5 Big Fish optional payouts and prizes.

20) WON will once again offer the High Roller ($375) option at this years event. The High roller option is an additional $100 that is put in a separate big fish pool and paid back to the Top 3 Big Fish High Rollers. First place will receive 50%, Second place 30% and Third place 20% of the pool.

21) The tournament director reserves the right to refuse entry to any team for reasons deemed detrimental to other participants pertaining to the safety and/or fairness of the competition.

22) All Striper Derby participants will receive one wrist band which is also your raffle ticket good for the grand prize boat drawing at the time they check in. These wrist bands will NOT be replaced if lost. All wrist band numbers are thrown into the grand prize drawing whether the contestant has previously won a raffle item or not. Prize winners are responsible for all taxes, licenses, and transportation costs associated with any prize. Prizes not redeemed or picked up by the contestant will be forfeited within 60 days. All raffle contestants must be present to win.

Entry fee cancellations: - Refunds of entry fees will not be made for any reason within 14 days of the start of the competition due to non-refundable costs incurred by Western Outdoors for facilities, catering and contest supplies


The waters of Lake Havasu have been infested with an invasive species of bi-valve known as the Quagga mussel. In order to prevent the spread of the Quagga to other waterways, all striper derby participants are urged to thoroughly clean their boats and trailers immediately after pulling out of Lake Havasu. Vessels returning to California will be subject to Dept of Agricultural checks as they enter the state. Boats, which are not fully cleaned or show signs of Quagga, may be quarantined.

Full details on the Quagga mussel, its harmful effects, and mitigation efforts may be found by logging on to:

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