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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dr. McCreary of CONCUR and the MLPA I-Team staff will have to  be on the top of their game when the stakeholders meet this next week. His CONCUR partners on the staff are the ones that overcome the inertia of so many competing interests and have achieved some incredible deadlines in the past projects.

Here's the meeting info:

April 28, 2009
Residence Inn Marriott at River Ridge
2101 West Vineyard Ave.
Oxnard, CA 93036
(opportunity for public comment)

April 29, 2009
Work Session
Residence Inn Marriott at River Ridge
2101 West Vineyard Ave.
Oxnard, CA 93036
(no public comment, but you can sit in on sessions)

Here's the agenda:

Work Session Objectives

  • Receive and discuss MLPA Master Plan Science Advisory Team (SAT), California Department of Fish and Game, California Department of Parks and Recreation, and MLPA staff evaluations of Round 1 SCRSG "draft marine protected area (MPA) arrays" and draft external MPA proposals
  • Receive and discuss MLPA Blue Ribbon Task Force (BRTF) feedback on SCRSG draft MPA arrays and draft external MPA proposals
  • Receive and discuss BRTF guidance on developing Round 2 "draft MPA proposals"
  • Assess approach for convergence on draft MPA options within and across work groups
  • Begin discussion of potential revisions to draft MPA arrays and draft external MPA proposals with an eye toward finishing draft MPA proposals at the end of the May 21 SCRSG meeting

Well, it will be the third time around for many of the stakeholders when it comes to the presentations from the SAT, etc., and especially frustrating, too, since it will be the third time they have to listen to what is literally a bunch of crap from the scientists.

The SAT is working hard to incorporate more data into the assessments, desperately trying to resolve the fact they don't know squat about the mainland coast in water depths from zero to 30 fathoms.

What's worse, what we all do know about the structure along the coast is there's a whole lot of mud and sand, scattered, patchy rock and reef and a handful of headlands that are heavily relied upon to supply both recreational and commercial fishing opportunities. The science size and spacing guidelines don't fit and don't work. Trying to make them work is going to cause untold pain and suffering, and not to just the poor SOB's on the stakeholder groups who have to make the tough decisions.

Making those decisions without accurate data just plays into the hands of the representatives of the  environmental groups on the stakeholders. They sit like fat black widows in a corner, waiting for the mandated "convergence" and the chance to suck the lifeblood of network that has a chance to actually work and be accepted among the fishermen both inside and outside of the working groups.

Pedantic boors like Greg Helms can't wait to stick in their thumb and pull out a La Jolla plum.  You see, demanding cross interest discussion and convergence is the one intelligible piece of guidance the BRTF managed to convey.

The Partnership for Sustainable Oceans knows the dilemma well and sent a letter to the Fish and Game Comission and the Blue Ribbon Task Force, copied to the governor and state legislators, asking for a delay in stakeholder deliberations until all the science and direction is on the table.

The elephant in the room continues to be the closures at the Navy islands. Will the fishing closures the military has proposed get credit for working within the network of marine protected areas being created by the stakeholders? Will stakeholder plans that include new marine protected area designations on the islands be upheld, even applauded?

The Navy says they will fight any MPA designation with every resource legal and political at its disposal. At least one member of the BRTF is undaunted by the threats. The SAT says they will  say how critical it is one way or another on May 5.

Meanwhile the stakeholders spin in the wind.

Good luck Dr. McCreary. I'm tuning in just to see you do your stuff.
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Great reports. Keep after them bastards !
Bob Joner
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