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Friday, September 04, 2009
Federal Steel Doves
Friday, October 02, 2009
Remington 870

Turner’s Ruger Days


There exists an inexorable tie between what we do in the outdoors and the equipment with which we do it. That is the way of participant sports, for example, as contrasted to spectator sports.

    With that in mind, the totality of our functional reality includes it all. Yet in recent times, shortages of some kinds of arms and ammunition have curtailed some of the variety of products we normally are accustomed to expecting to be there when we want them.

    That’s why it is significant when good supplies of some products are not only available, but even on sale.

    I love to read and absorb the advertisements in any publication, and especially WON. Shooting, hunting and fishing are living the dream, so ads about gear are what trigger the imagination.

    And Turner’s ads are always way up high on my list of must-reads – even before I read my own column, if that makes any sense. The reason is simple. They are interesting and always have a variety of products that are at least provocative, if not downright delicious.

    With that build-up, suffice it to say that the Ruger Days ad recently stopped me cold in my tracks. Anyone who did not avail himself or herself of one of the Ruger .44 Magnum 50th Anniversary “flattop” revolvers has missed a real opportunity. That model on sale is something to talk about.

    I have most of the Ruger models in the big ad. I have the 50th Anniversary .44 as well as the 50th Anniversary .357 Magnum. I also carry, on occasion, the Ruger LCR .38 Special, SP 101 .357 Magnum and SR9 9mm.

    Then there was a giveaway of a Ruger Hawkeye bolt-action rifle. For me, the Hawkeye is the best bolt rifle Ruger has ever made. I have four – two tactical models (.223 and .308), a .223 walk-around standard model and another standard in .375 Ruger. That rifle is one of the handiest true dangerous game rifles extant.

    There was a Turner’s Exclusive in the ad – the Howa 1500 Tactical .308. I keep getting awesome photos in the email from Andy McCormick with Legacy Sports, the outfit that handles the Howa rifles (and also has a common tie with Turner’s via Gene Lumsden). Andy and his buddies routinely take bragging level animals with their Howa rifles. Andy used to be with Turner’s, as well, and is a true, hard-core hunter.

    These may be tough financial times for a lot of folks, and that’s sad. But one thing that is nice to know is that there are still some really smokin’ deals out there to help all of us live our dreams in the outdoors.

    And that’s what makes WON such a tremendous value. In these pages, it is easy to learn what is happened and where, what is available to use to go get it, and how to use it most effectively once you’re there. It doesn’t get any better than that.

Steve Comus is a nationally recognized hunting editor with Safari Club International and a former WON Guns and Hunting Editor. His column appears every other week in WON and he can be reached at

Ruger handguns include the 50th Anniversary .44 Mag., top right, and 50th Anniversary .357 Mag, top left, as well as the SR9 9mm, center, and SP 101 .357 Mag., bottom left, and LCR .38 Special, bottom right

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