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Friday, May 01, 2009

Low water levels force launch ramp closure at Lake Morena

CAMPO — If you’re an angler in Southern California or anywhere else in this great state for that matter, I’d pray to whatever higher power you happen to answer to or put faith in, the El Nino winter weather forecasters have been predicting does indeed come to fruition.

    Water levels at a number or lakes and reservoirs throughout the state are frighteningly low; so much so that some fisheries have been forced to restrict angling activities to shorelines or portable crafts such as float tubes, kayaks or car toppers.

    Diamond Valley’s launch ramp has been out of commission for what seems an eternity, however, a ramp extension plan is already being implemented to remedy the problem. Nevermind the astronomical cost associated with the “fix;” bassers will (hopefully soon) be able to once again trailer their rigs to a lake that has proven to truly be a “gem” of a bass fishery.

    Nacimiento is enduring some of the lowest water levels in its history, and other central and north coast lakes are hovering in the single digits in terms of capacity percentages.

    The latest fishery to be dealt a significant blow by the drought conditions was Lake Morena in San Diego County. As of today (Thursday, Oct. 1), Supervising Park Ranger Beryl Buchanan issued a statement which read: “Due to low water levels, boat launching has become unsafe at Lake Morena. We have closed the lake to all private boat launches. We deeply regret any inconvenience this causes. Boat rentals are available seven days a week. Kayaks and float tubes will still be allowed.”

    It’s not quite dire straits just yet, however; as hope may indeed prove to arrive in the form of highly-anticipated precipitation in the coming months. Forecasting the weather, or even weather patterns for that matter, can oftentimes prove to be as futile as attempting to predict when and where a hot bite may take place. When broken down to it’s most basic ideologies, it remains nothing more than a stab in the dark.

    With any luck, this time, the proverbial knife will pierce what will hopefully be clouds filled with the wet stuff we so desperately need.

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