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Thursday, October 29, 2009
Tuesday, December 15, 2009
Scope it out: Weaver goes tactical

Shooting goodies

Ever go all the way to range, only to discover that something essential was left back home? It is getting harder and harder to find places to shoot, and often they are farther and farther from home. Don’t jeopardize the fun factor for want of essential gear.

Most of the time when I go to the range to workout different arms and ammo, it is to a public range, so I get to see the entire spectrum of shooters, ranging from rank beginners to mossbacks. It is fascinating to behold the myriad of ways they bring their equipment to the bench.

Some folks, like me, are pathologically unorganized. But given enough time, even we get our stuff together. Not only is it awkward to fumble with an assortment of boxes and plastic bags of stuff, but usually it also means that something important was left at home.

If there is one thing about the emergence of the “tactical” ethic within Gundom, it is the importance of a modular mindset that results in “grab and go” gear ensembles. It simply works and works well, because all essential items are assembled and included when logic is not clouded by last-minute rush and confusion.

Shooters Ridge®, maker of shooting supports and accessories, has introduced a new range bag filled with products from its family of brands. The new Ultimate Range Bag (MSRP: $109.95) features eye and ear protection, targets and cleaning kit, all contained in a Shooters Ridge Compact Field and Range Bag.

The Ultimate Range Bag draws upon Shooters Ridge’s sister brands to fully outfit the bag with range-appropriate shooting accessories. It comes with:

• Passive earmuffs and shooting glasses from Champion™ Eyes & Ears for protection on the range
• ShotKeeper™ targets from Champion® Traps & Targets deliver high visibility results of a shooter’s accuracy
• Shooters Ridge® front sand bag steadies the gun and lets shooters dial in their shots
• Outers® Universal Brass Cleaning Kit cleans rifles, handguns and shotguns
• Shooters Ridge® Compact Field & Range Bag carries all the gear in a rugged bag specifically designed for active shooters

This is a turnkey approach to shooting. The modern shooter requires the appropriate gear to safely enjoy our passion.

“We felt that Shooters Ridge was uniquely positioned to create a range bag filled with all the necessary elements for a fun day of shooting,” said Jack Christnovick, product line manager. “With sister brands like Champion and Outers, we are able to put together a one-stop buy for quality shooting gear. In today’s hectic world, where time is very valuable, being able to pick up one item that contains such all your shooting accessories is an attractive idea to many people.”

Shooters Ridge offers a full line of shooting benches, rests, bi-pods and shooting bags. The company takes pride in manufacturing shooting accessories that increase accuracy, performance and comfort. For more information or to view the complete line of Shooters Ridge products, please visit www.shootersridge.com.

Steve Comus is a nationally recognized hunting editor with Safari Club International and a former WON Guns and Hunting Editor. His column appears every other week in WON and he can be reached at scomus@cox.net.

THE ULTIMATE SHOOTING Bag from Shooters Ridge comes with essential range gear for safety and fun.
THE ULTIMATE SHOOTING Bag from Shooters Ridge comes with essential range gear for safety and fun.

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