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Wednesday, January 13, 2010
‘New’ record not the same
Monday, January 25, 2010
Rains bode well for spring

Assessing the weather

I think I’ve learned my lesson, but maybe not.

Back in December we got a nice spot of rain, some snow on the tops, and feelings of a promising winter for run-off. Of course, then we waited. Locally, high pressure dominated, helicopters sucked water out of the lake to douse a January brush fire and forecasters couched their bets on the long-range possibilities.

But one prediction I do recall: That a set of hemispheric conditions as were developing might not produce a satisfactory snowpack in the Sierra, however, there would likely be more rain that normal. If this week of predicted heavy rain does fully materialize (and snow was mostly expected above 6000 feet) it would seem that, at least, a few weathermen can light up a cigar.

While snowpack is the bigger issue long term, in the lower half of the state there are a number of reservoirs (and one natural lake across the street as a matter of fact) that are dependent on rainfall and run-off and the implications of that are better distribution of anglers around all the reservoirs.

While there is great clamor for the guys to get out on Diamond Valley, not everyone enjoys always fishing one or two boat lengths from their “neighbors,” especially those who make small talk while punching in your spot on their GPS. Personally, if I don’t cross paths with another boat for a hundred yards or so, or get to run an entire bank alone before 9 a.m., I really don’t care what’s going on in Hemet.

Spreading angling pressure around half a dozen lakes has got to be better for everyone.

Still, a week of wet weather, even one said to contain the most intense storms in five years (and remember we had all-time record precipitation just three years ago), that really won’t get the job done completely.

So unlike the euphoria of December, I’m looking at January rain as sort of like the half-time score. We’re not going to have a winner until the final tally. If we could get a strong February and a little in March, we’d all feel a lot more comfortable.

PAT MARLEY PASSES—It’s been pretty much announced and talked about on the Internet, but for those who may have not heard, bass fishing and environmental attorney Patrick (Pat) Marley succumbed to pancreatic cancer on Dec. 12.

Pat had served as the chief counsel for the Southern California Bass Council and in that capacity often proudly added, “representing 15,000 members of the avid bass fishing community.” He also represented the interests of a number of western professional anglers and fishing-related businesses, sometimes with little remuneration.

Marley was 70. There will be no memorial services held.

Bass columnist George Kramer, who has taken time during this dreary weather to work on his own eulogy, can be reached by email at kramersez1@aol.com.

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