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Charles Daly slams doors shut

HARRISBURG, PA - Phones were not being answered, mail boxes were full and this led to a search of the Charles Daly web site. The web site opened with a single page stating in fact that rumors of the demise of Charles Daly were true and that KBI was going out of business, closing its doors and that the last day of business was Jan. 29, 2010.

    This writer purchased a Charles Daly 12 ga. auto-loader in the Realtree Wetlands camo pattern at Turner's Outdoorsman in Orange back a decade ago. When the gun functioned it was a great waterfowl, turkey and chukar shotgun (or should I say it shot “well”). Unfortunately the shotgun didn't really hold up to the heavy recoil and pounding of 3-inch goose shells or high-velocity chukar loads and so it was sent back to the factory under a lifetime warranty and returned in good working condition on three separate occasions of the decade of use.

    Just prior to Christmas the trigger mechanism jammed and the auto-loader would not cock or cycle a second round from the magazine into the chamber. I made a call to the Charles Daly service department back east and the rep said the department was being re-organized over the holidays and that I should call back after the first of the year.

    A call made on Jan. 4 reached the same service writer and he advised me that they were still working on federal paperwork and the issuing of their Federal Firearms License to operate. He said I was on file and would be contacted to make arrangements to have the shotgun shipped back east via UPS for repairs soon. (I thought this was kind of odd, in as much as SHOT Show was only a couple of weeks away and not having paperwork in order and how long it takes any government agency to react was something that did not appear to be going well. I mentioned my concern on closing day of duck season to fellow waterfowlers.)

    This brings us to Feb. 1 when my phone calls led to surfing their web page site that told of the shut down.

    According to the President of K.B.I. Inc., Michael B. Kassnar, he didn't want to go into each and every detail as to why the closure occurred, except to state that there have been a multitude of events over the past five years that have contributed to the current situation.

    So where does that leave the thousands of hunters and shooters who own Charles Daly firearms?

    Kassnar stated in his release, "For those of you with ongoing service requirements please be advised that we are currently negotiating with several companies that will be performing after-sale service of Charles Daly, CD Defense and Jericho firearms. As soon as we have finalized a contract with one of these companies we will post the name, address and contact details of that company on, so you will know who to contact to obtain service on your KBI firearm."

    Okay, but when or will it ever happen and what options do we Charles Daly firearms owners have.

     WON  called Bolsa Gunsmithing and talked with master gunsmith Jason Nash.
    "Jim, we just had a shipment of 10 Charles Daly shotguns returned to our shop here in Westminster and we'll try and work through the problems these guns have for our customers. I honestly don't know where or if a Charles Daly repair facility will become a reality soon. I would suggest that you bring your Charles Daly into our shop and let our gunsmiths take a look at it to see if we can get it back into a safe shooting mode for you," stated Nash.

    For readers of WON who might have a problem with their Charles Daly or for that matter with any firearm, you might want to give Bolsa Gunsmithing a call (714) 894-9100 or just stop by their shop to get a gun repaired.

    Western Outdoor News readers can rely on this hunting editor to keep Charles Daly firearms owners updated on new developments with KB  as they become available to the media.

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