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Monday, March 22, 2010
Wednesday, May 19, 2010

HERE'S THE PAYOUT for the 2010 WON BASS Nitro/Mercury Lake Shasta Invitational

FINAL RESULTS 2010 WON BASS Nitro/Mercury Lake Shasta Invitational April 2-3, 45 boats, paid 10 places, entry fee $350

Nick Wood Yreka, 25.57     $3000
Greg Gutierrez, Red Bluff 23.54    $2500
Mark Crutcher, Lakeport, 22.84    $2000
Chris Laskowski, Redding, 21.37    $1500
Craig Kraft, Redding, 21.15    $1000
Jeff Michels, Lakehead, 21.00    $500
Richard Barr, Redding, 20.59    $500
Mike O'Shea, Danville, 19.05    $500
Robert Lee, Angel's Camp, 18.98    $500
Jimmy Riley, Shasta Lake City, 18.44    $500

AAA winner was Patrick Mateo, San Jose, with 23.44, $500

PHOTOS OF THE WINNERS and big fish winners are now up as the 2010 WON BASS Nitro/Mercury Lake Shasta Invitational is history. All the photos are from the outstanding Bill Mays, who provided all the info for these Web reports. Remember to check out the WON BASS Web site for the complete pro and AAA results. The winner was Nick Wood, whose 13.42 pounds the second day combined with 12.15 pounds the first day made him the most consistent pro and therefore the one to take home the check.

Back-to-back WON BASS Lake Shasta champ Nick Wood with some of his day two fish that got him there.

Greg Gutierrez made one hell of a charge from 10th place and almost claimed victory, but  he still ended up in second thanks to his 5 pounder and the biggest single day weight of the tournament, 14.21 pounds. He took first place in the big fish option (this is a correction from a previous report in this blog that he was not in the pot).

Greg Gutierrez with his 5.03 and another nice spot that gave him the biggest single day weight of the tournament.

Mark Crutcher moved from sixth up to third with a solid second day catch. He's definitely in the hunt in the points races after a solid Delta finish. He could have a shot at Angler of the Year if he decided to come down and fish "The River" a couple times. Remember, only the best five out of the six events are counted.

Mark Crutcher moved from sixth to third with his second 10-pound bag of the tourney.

Richard Barr jumped into the top 10 (seventh) with a 4-pound-plus spot that won him the second spot in the Big Fish Option for day two.

Here's the Top Ten direct from Bill Mays at the Shasta lakeside.

Top Ten Pros 2010 WON BASS Nitro/Mercury Lake Shast Invitational

Nick Wood Yreka, 25.57 
Greg Gutierrez, Red Bluff 23.54
Mark Crutcher, Lakeport, 22.84
Chris Laskowski, Redding, 21.37
Craig Kraft, Redding, 21.15
Jeff Michels, Lakehead, 21.00
Richard Barr, Redding, 20.59
Mike O'Shea, Danville, 19.05
Robert Lee, Angel's Camp, 18.98
Jimmy Riley, Shasta Lake City, 18.44

AAA winner was Patrick Mateo, San Jose, with 23.44

For complete Pro and AAA results, check back later this evening on A few photos from today's competition will be up on this site in just a few.

NICK WOODS REPEATS AS CHAMP! The scales are closed and the WON BASS 2010 Nitro/Mercury Lake Shasta Invitational is over. Nick Woods of Yreka was the only pro able to put together back to back limits over 12 pounds and earns his second WON BASS Shasta title in a row. Bill Mays is taking some more photos right now and we hope to have them up soon, along with more results. Unofficially, it looks like Gutierrez edged Crutcher for second, but both had over 23 pounds.

THE LAST OF THE TOP TEN  ARE IN AND MIKE O'SHEA JUST WEIGHED 9 POUNDS SO HE should be in the pay line. Dan Houser, in fifth to start the day, had only 7 pounds. Angler of the Year contenders Sean  Stafford and Dick Watson weighed small limits. "Watson said this is the only lake he can't cash a check on," noted Mays. "He had a 5 pounder in practice, but the river arm he was fishign dropped two degrees."

QUICK MATH SHOWS THAT last year's champ Nick Wood has the lead with more than 25 pounds and Gutierrez is probably second with just over 23 pounds, but that's unofficial. Waiting to hear more from the scales as the last anglers weigh in. This report was filed at 3:45 p.m. PDT.

JEFF MICHELS JUST WEIGHED. "Michels only had a 7-pound bag so he's going to drop down," reported Mays. "It's between Woods and Gutierrez at this point. We've got more people weighing right now."

GUTIERREZ JUST WEIGH A 5.03-POUND big bass that helped him put together a 14.21 limt, the big bag of the day. "Don't let him hang around  I told you he is always  a contender on this lake," said Bill May. "Here's Michels, I have to go." 

NICK WOOD SEIZED THE EARLY LEAD when he came in with a 13-pound bag.  Jeff Michels has had trouble with his motor all day but is limping in. Mark  Crutcher has 10 pounds to stay positioned for a check. Starting out the day in second place, Craig  Kraft weighed a small limit, about 8 pounds, but still should be in the money, according to Bill Mays, who provided this info. He had to hang up because Greg Gutierrez has two bags, meaning he's going to weigh a kicker fish and could make a big move from his 10th place spot.

getting going on a wintry spring day before Easter. Before we get down to what should be one of the most interesting weigh-ins of the entire season, a big shout out to all the AAAs who have competed in the first three events of the season. Many of the same names and faces have made the effort to take part in all three tournaments as the AAAs are also vying for an Angler of the Year title and a top 30 position in each region so they can fish the Western Classic. Here's some breaking news -- the Western Classic will be held the first weekend in November.

Regional Director Steve Moduno presents the colors at the Day Two launch.
on a cold Lake Shasta morning with snow covering the surrounding mountains. We expect there will be a lot of fish brought to the scales today as the top pros from north and south are all bunched together in a six-pound spread of weights, topped by Jeff Michels with just over 13 pounds. While it is a smallish field of 45 boats, it is a measure of the quality of the anglers that every single boat weighed a limit of fish on Friday in just about the nastiest weather Shasta could come up with, and that says a lot.

Craig Kraft, in second to start the day, leans back into an early hookup. The weather was much improved, but note the fresh snow.

Bill Mays was at the launch and got on the water for a little bit. It looks like the bite has not been affected by the weather, as he was able to get a shot of Craig Kraft, who had the big fish Saturday and was close behind Michels in second, hooked up right off the bat. The weigh-in starts at 3 p.m. Meanwhile, if you haven't done so already, there's a full rundown of yesterday's action and the prospects for a great angling struggle today from Mays' perspective, along with photos,  that you can read just by scrolling down.

The first day of the WON BASS Nitro/Mercury Lake Shasta Invitational is over and it looks the weather will be improved for the second and final day tomorrow (Sat. April 2). The complete standings are up on the WONBASS website at

BILL MAYS GIVES HIS TAKE on the first day of the WON BASS Nitro/Mercury Lake Shasta Invitational:

“We’ve got some hammers in this tournament, it’s anybody’s ballgame,” said Mays. “With four past WON BASS Shasta Champions in the Top 10, the rest locals and a couple of them top touring pros, it will be a slugfest tomorrow.”

Leading the way is past WON BASS Shasta champ Jeff Michels with 13.19 pounds. Mays noted Michels lives on Shasta and told Bill that out of 365 days in the year, he fishes 300 on Shasta.

Jeff Michels said he fished the first day of the Shasta Invitational "the way I always do on this lake."

"I fished the way I always do on this lake, swimbaits, Senkos and Mother’s Finest Worms,” said the leader. "I farmed more fish than I care to talk about today, but that comes with the bigger bite on this lake."


Craig Kraft is close behind in second thanks to the biggest fish of the day, this 4.45-pound spotted bass.

Mays noted the top three is made up of entirely Shasta locals, with Craig Kraft in second only .46 of a pound off the pace, and Chris Laskowski sitting in third with 12.62 pounds, only .57 from the lead.

Last year's WON BASS Lake Shasta winner Nick Wood got the last slice of the first day big fish money with the 3.44-pound spot on the right and is currently in fourth.

In fourth is last year’s WON BASS Shasta champ, Nick Wood of Yreka, who got the third and final money fish, a 3.44 that put him at 12.15 for the first day.

Then it’s another local, Dan Houser of Redding with 10.32 and yet another former WON BASS Shasta champ, Mark Crutcher of Lakeport, with 10.21. “Crutcher fished teams here with local Bill Townsend,” noted Mays. “Every since then he’s been a threat to win every time here.”

Mike O’Shea started off with WON BASS back in the 80s when he lived in Southern California, hit the national circuit and now lives in Danville. He’s in good shape in sixth with 10.05

Jim Riley of Shasta Lake City has 9.93 first day pounds to his credit and Mays notes he’s another WON BASS Shasta tournament title holder.

Steve Dent of Bakersfield made his mark on the WON BASS field with a Delta championship in 2008 and he’s ninth at 9.91. And then there’s possibly the most dangerous angler in the field in Mays’ opinion, Greg Gutierrez of Red Bluff.

“Gutierrez cut his teeth on this lake and he’s won more championships, the big ones, on this lake than all of the guys above him put together,” said Mays. “At 9.33 he’s right there.

“In fact, all the way down the line, all it will take is one big kicker fish to put someone up there,” Mays added. “Like (Dave) Gliebe, he can always go out there and lay a big fish on you. He came in at 1 – he was literally freezing to death – andweighed 7.97 pounds. With the weather better tomorrow, I’m sure he’ll be back out there.”

Mays noted other serious threats lurked just outside the top 10, including Robert Lee of Angel’s Camp, in 12th with 9.23 pounds. Dick Watson, fourth in the Angler of the Year standings going into Shasta, is contending again with 9.04 pounds in 14th.Another Shasta champ and longtime WON BASS pro, Howard Hughes, who lives in Redding now, sits 15th with 8.72.

As for the other top Angler of the Year contenders, Paul Bailey has 8.31in the 23rd position, Mike Folkestad has 7.49 and Sean Stafford has 7.07 pounds.

“Folkestad and Stafford have a habit of coming in with big fish,” concluded Mays. “It’s going to be something tomorrow.”

Here’s Day One’s top five finishers as relayed by Bill Mays.

Jeff Michels 13.194.42

Craig Kraft 12.73 4.45

Chris Laskowski 12.63

Nick Wood 12.15

Dan Houser, 10.32

"Beside Michels, the later the flight, the bigger the fish," reported Mays. "Michels was throwing the swimbaits again and his AAA said the pro farmed some nice fish. Kent Brown said he farmed some fish on the big reaction baits, too. He said they just weren't really eating it.

"Robert Lee,he’s down in the middle with about 9 pounds, said he caught fish on soft and hard baits," said Mays. "You can’t count Robert out, he’s hanging around and I'm sure he'll cash a check. That's what he does. I should have some more photos over in an hour.

"Like I said the sun came out right when the scales closed and we’re expecting good weather tomorrow."

We hope to have the full day one results up on this evening and there will be more photos, quotes and observations here right through until tomorrow's weigh-in, which will again be tracked with a live blog.

Always a threat at Shasta, Jeff Michels grabbed the lead with spots like this.

4 p.m. “As soon as soon as the scales closed the sun came out, the rain stopped and the wind stoppedblowing,” said our intrepid reporter Bill Mays. “Craig Craft edged out Michels for the big fish with a 4.45 and he’s close behind with 12.73 pounds. I’ll get you more in a minute.”

"A typical kick your ass Shasta tournament" continues to be the word from the weigh-in, although Mark Crutcher did weigh 10 pounds in the second flight. Paul Bailey checked in with about 7 pounds and Folkestad had about 8 pounds.

"Almost everybody in the field but the leaders has 7 and 8 pounds, it's going to take hundredths to separate them," said Mays during his call. "They all said the last hour it was so freezing you couldn't even tie a bait on. Hold on, there's a new big fish coming in."

3:17 p.m. Jeff Michels is in the lead after the first flight just finished weighing. He's got 13.19 pounds topped by a 4.42 spot. "The guys are just coming in destroyed," said Bill Mays when he phoned in the report. "It's freezing cold. I heard Gliebe left after one o'clock soaked to death. The guys who fished up the McCloud Arm said it was snowing on the mountain. Anyway, Michels is going to be hard to beat. He's got a 3-pound lead right now. I'll call you with an update after the next flight weighs in."

Paul Bailey and Mike Folkestad, 1 and 2 in the AOY race, are in that second flight. It sounds like just surviving is a win today.

Bill Mays ran into town to get a card reader for his waterproof camera and on the way back just missed being part of a big pileup on I-5. At first it looked so bad to enforcement folks they said he would be stuck for hours -- as in missing the weigh-in. But he's back at Bridge Bay safe and sound and sent this shot of Nitro pro staffer Greg Gutierrez going out this morning. Our prayers go out to those in the accident and for safe travels for everyone out on the highway this holiday weekend. Meanwhile we're down to less than a couple hours to the weigh-in. Check out flight sheet just below and if you scroll down farther you can find the pro points totals after the first two Pro Circuit events. Even farther there's a feature on current leader Paul Bailey, one of the competitors today.
Greg Gutierrez and AAA Paul Juarez all bundled up and set to blast off in Greg's Nitro.

shows just how many hot sticks are out there on Shasta right now getting soaked and catching spots. Like Mike Folkestad says, "They bite in the rain at Shasta." We'll see. Here's the flight sheet so you can follow along at home or office. The first flight is due in at 3 p.m.

1-1 Doug Hill Thomas Bono
1-2 Mike O’Shea Dink Mendes
1-3 Gene Gray Lyle Johnson
1-4 Jeff Michels Kevin Bloyd
1-5 Shawn Lewis Otho Middleton
1-6 Ken Phillips Geoff Peterson
1-7 Shawn Lee Pat Young
1-8 Rodney Reed Chris Ricci
1-9 David Gliebe Ken Whalen
1-10 Ken Stevens Ryan Ferris
1-11 Kent Brown Rich Halliwill
1-12 Dick Watson Gary Griffith
1-13 Neil Franklin Mikel Turner
1-14 Don Gage Thomas Elliot
1-15 Gerald “Jeep” Shaver Joe Karlowsky
1-16 Bill Townsend Terry Stark

2-1 Huey Burnett John Sharp
2-2 Paul Bailey Pete Nicolay
2-3 Ryan Cool Bill Talley
2-4 Neil Campbell Ken Taylor
2-5 Don Finwall Joe Crawford
2-6 Mike Folkestad Joey Davis
2-7 Jim Davis Jr. Dan Cranston
2-8 Oscar Delgadillo Andy Manahl
2-9 Duane Dunstone Fred Fullerton
2-10 Keith Tanoos Russell Turner
2-11 Dan Houser Alan Todd
2-12 Richard Barr Brian Pyle
2-13 Greg Gutierrez Robert Juarez
2-14 Robert Lee Patrick Mateo

3-1 David Erwin Greg Claiborne
3-2 Steve Dent Jon Bitting
3-3 Gordon Gienapp Tami Curtis
3-4 George Galetti Sr. Scott Farley
3-5 Mark Crutcher Brad Everett
3-6 Izz Byrd Bob Barter
3-7 Nick Wood Clay Gates
3-8 Bradley Yang Steve Frick
3-9 Sean Stafford Gary Robbins
3-10 Chris Carpenter Dave Huntze
3-11 Rudy Rowlett Billy Waters
3-12 Howard Hughes Jason Foster
3-13 Jim Riley Tom DiGiulio
3-14 Craig Kraft Jay Riggs
3-15 Chris Laskowski James Day

I guess we can't have a tournament at Shasta without the rain," said Tournament Director Rick Stone this morning after he sent out 45 boats. The bad weather all week and a tournament just before Easter Sunday could be why the field is low -- but it's not low on talent.

"Kent Brown said to me, 'Did you get a look at this field?'" said Bill Mays, our WON BASS reporter on the spot (he took the photo above at this morning's launch) for the WON BASS Nitro/Mercury Lake Shasta Invitational. "I'm telling you, we have all the best guys from the north and some of the best fishermen from the south, too. It's too bad the weather is like this -- it's going to be an endurance test. But the story is really going to be about all this talent going head to head."

Kent Brown is really laying it all out, since he's going to be broadcasting his Ultimate Bass Radio show live on 1140 AM (Sacramento and surrounding area) at 5 a.m. Saturday from the Bridge Bay Resort. Look for more live reports and photos right here as the day progresses.

start and it looks like just over 50 pros, including familiar names like Jim Davis, will be heading out of Bridge Bay tomorrow morning for the first day of the WON BASS Nitro/Mercury Lake Havasu Invitational. Bill Mays is on site to report for WON BASS and, speaking of familiar names, Bill Rice has come down from Oregon to help shoot photos. Mays will be giving us live updates from the weigh-in Friday and said there's a factor no one expected months ago.

"I'm looking at the lake right now and it's fat and gorgeous," said Mays. "I haven't seen Shasta this high in years -- it's 100 yards from the top. That could make the fishing a little tougher, but this group of pros will have no trouble.

like Jeff Michels and Don Finwall will square off against 2010 WON BASS points leaders Paul Bailey, Sean Stafford, Mike Folkestad, Robert Lee and Dave Gliebe when the Nitro/Mercury Lake Shasta Invitational gets underway tomorrow morning. Word from Harvey Naslund is that the northern pros are signing up at a steady pace because the fishing is good and the weather, well it's Shasta.

for breaking the WON BASS Lake Shasta record for a Pro/Am event. This is in response to an e-mail Tuesday (March 30) night:

"I wanted to clarify if the $10k payout for the WON BASS record big bass was paid out to the Ams if they happen to break this record also? Is it paid to the team or to the participant like the big bass payout? Thanks for you time."

— Joe Karlowsky


The ten grand goes to the angler, pro or AAA, who catches the biggest fish exceeding by one tenth of a pound or more the existing WON BASS record. So that means, yes, a AAA can win the money. It also means that only one angler gets the money if more than one fish over the record is caught -- that is, the person who catches the biggest bass. As Harvey says, the other angler who breaks the record but doesn't have the biggest fish will get "our sincere condolences."

— Rich Holland, WON BASS Editor,


than it did a few days ago and once the current storm blows out Wednesday the weather folks are calling for a great day of pre-fishing on Thursday and only showers and some wind on Friday into Saturday. Of course showers and wind can be a polite way to describe Shasta weather and it looks like we might dodge the worst of it just like we did at the Delta. Harvey Naslund and the WON BASSTournament crew are on the way to Lake Shasta and the Bridge Bay Resort and for all you fence-sitting weather watchers, there is still plenty of time to sign up to fish this Friday and Saturday. In fact, the sooner you do it the quicker we can tell all those AAAs who have been waiting around they have someone to fish with. Harvey will be at the Bridge Bay by Wednesday night and he'll start checking pros and AAAs in at noon on Thursday. If you want to sign up, you can call the office here in San Clemente and talk to Sally at 949 366-0030. She can run your card and get the info up to Harvey. Don't forget that besides the tournament purse and options, $10,000 is on the line for the angler who catches a 7.62-pound bass or bigger during the tournament. What are you waiting for?

Meanwhile, if you have any other questions, you can reach me at — Rich Holland, WON BASS Editor

GET $150 OFF SHASTA ENTRY! In that we have an over abundance of Triple A Division applicants for the upcoming WON BASS Lake Shasta Invitational, I am offering an incentive for those who elect to move up to the PRO Division. All WON BASS Triple A and WON BASS TEAMS fishermen (who have NEVER fished as a WON BASS Pro) will receive a $150 discount on their Pro Entry fee at the April 2-3 LAKE SHASTA INVITATIONAL. As noted, this offer only to those who have NEVER participated in a regular WON BASS PRO/AM event in the Pro Division. Pro entry fee is set at $350, thus you would pay $200 for a Pro Division entry fee at Lake Shasta this weekend. If this is something you want to take advantage of call WON BASS @ 949 360 0030 Ext. # 38

Harvey Naslund, Director HARVEYWONBASS@AOL.COM


The WON BASS Mercury Marine/Nitro Boats Pro Circuit Lake Shasta Invitational will begin check-in at noon Thursday at the Bridge Bay Resort. There is still plenty of time to sign up and if you need more information about the tournament, call Harvey Naslund at (619) 838-3175. The tournament will establish the favorites to make the top 30 qualifying spots for the Western Classic this fall (the winner of that event takes home a fully rigged Nitro/Mercury bass boat combo) and the overall Angler of the Year title. Remember, those who have fished every event have one tournament they can "toss," since only their top five events will be scored. On the other hand, anyone who missed either Havasu or the Delta is on even footing with the other Pros and AAAs since they will still be able to count five events if they fish the rest of the circuit, which after Shasta heads to Lake Mohave May 21-22 before taking a summer break highlight by the U.S. Open in Las Vegas July 17-21.

Listed below are the current overall points standings after the Delta and Havasu events. As you can see, it's anybody's ballgame at this point. See you at Shasta!

YEAR TO DATE POINTS (Through Havasu)

1 Paul Bailey 239
2 Mike Folkestad 235
3 David Gliebe 231
4 Dick Watson 227
5 Sean Stafford 225
6 Ken Phillips 191
7 D. Dunstone 183
8 Dave Nollar 182
9 Ricky Shabazz 175
10 Oscar Delgadillo 166
11 Bradley Yang 165
12 Ron Hammett 163
13 MitchSouthern 147
14 Neil Campbell 143
15 Shawn Lee 129
16 Billy Skinner 124
16 Robert Lee 124
18 Jim LaRosa 123
19 John Morrow 121
19 Phil Burgess 121
19 Trent Stewart 121
22 J.J. Gibbs 120
23 Danny Locatis 119
24 Mark Crutcher 118
24 Terrence Rath 118
26 Ed Schneider, Jr. 117
26 Justin Hanold 117
28 Aaron Heath 116
29 Scott Adkins 115
29 Scott Brownlie 115
31 Bob Porter 114
31 Guyle Sternat 114
33 Mike Frederick 113
33 Mike Goodwin 113
35 Todd Woods 112
36 Jeffery Klicka 111
36 Phillip Dutra 111
38 Michael Caruso 110
39 Brent Becker 109
40 Greg Halliman 108
40 John Perkins 108
40 Mike O'Shea 108
43 Bobby Barrack 107
43 John Turner 107
45 Paul Tassie 106
45 Wayne Hinrichs 106
47 Mark Daniels 104
47 Michael Knight 104
49 Kevin Caruso 103
49 Travis Huckaby 103
51 Bill O'Shinn 102
51 Shaun Bailey 102
53 Brian Nollar 101
53 Phil Tilbury 101
55 James Smiley 100
55 Jim Davis,Jr. 100
57 Al Robinson 99
58 Richard Smith 98
58 Tom Pryor 98
60 Keith Tanoos 97
60 Ronald Berg 97
62 Taylor Thompson 96
62 Wayne Carey 96
64 Klayton Belden 94
64 Tim Higbee 94 94
66 Tony Capparelli 93
66 Travis Moran 93
68 Chris Zaldain 92
68 Mark Dotterer 92
70 Howard Hughes 91
70 Tim Blanchard 91
72 Brandon Burruss 90
72 Mike Iloski 90
74 Chris Kinley 89
74 James Scott 89
76 Jimmy Walker 88
76 Ray Hashimoto 88
78 Gary Pinholster 87
78 Kevin Stewart 87
80 Rick Mason 86
81 Cameron Karber 85
81 Steve Dent 85
82 Jim Savoini 84
83 Rufuss Banks 84
85 Mitch Wasley 83
85 Shad Berweger 83
87 Adam McAndrews 82
87 Fred Ward 82
89 Jim Waits 81
90 David Erwin 80
91 Todd Harris 79
92 Norman Santos 78
93 Dale Merry 77
93 Rodney Reed 77
95 Izz Byrd 76
95 Stan Boyd 76
97 William Naugle 75
98 Ed Shaver 74
98 Joel Marshall 74
100 Gary Martlage 73
100 Kyle Baker 73
102 Clint L. Goodwin 71
103 Andy Manahl 69
103 Gene Gray 69
105 Charlie Christy 68
105 Marvin Carter 68
107 Chris Bond 67
108 Richard Lester 65
109 Delaney Dwyer 63
110 Gary Boyd 62
111 Michael D. Sisco 61
112 Bill Lanier 60
112 Roy J. Jones 60
114 Bobby Gonzalez 59
115 Stan Culling 57
116 David Kemper 56
117 Jumpei Kato 54
118 Randy Ernst 53
119 George Diller 52
120 Wes Carey 51
121 Kelly Leigh 50
122 Kevin Luby 49
123 Rusty Brown 47
124 Jim Hallauer 46
125 John Weisfuss 45
126 Gerald Loughran 44
127 Tim Wilsterman 43
128 Trevor Young 41
129 Gary W. Williams 40
130 L. Kent Bitsko 39
131 Darius Arberry 38
132 Mike Moffitt 37
133 Don McBride 34
134 Morgan Proescher 25
134 Quinton Roark 25
134 Tom Shimaeukuro 25 25

YEAR TO DATE POINTS (Through Havasu)
1 Gary Robbins 231
2 Geoff Peterson 227
3 Joe Crawford 223
4 Steven Keys 216
5 Chris Ricci 213
6 Greg Claiborne 173
6 Tami Curtis 173
8 Ernie Stumpf 170
9 Terry Stark 166
10 Chad May 137
11 Tom DiGiulio 126
12 Frank Harris 125
12 Victoria Taber 125
14 Andy Manahl 124
14 Dave Kiesgen 124
16 Jay Riggs 123 123
16 Joseph Rehm 123
18 Ron Smith 122
19 David Martin 121
19 Greg Rozycki 121
21 Benjamin Ray Broom 120
21 Toua Yang 120
23 Joseph Stroschein 119
24 Gary Garren 118
25 Brad Everett 117
25 Dick Wells 117
27 Darin Dohi 116
27 John Bitting 116
29 Spencer Moran 115
30 Gasper Busalacchi 114
30 Kevin J. Dunkin 114
32 Corey Vasquez 113
32 Stephen Watte 113
34 Chad Hurst 112
35 Damon Gomez 111
35 Mikel Turner 111
37 Lonnie Woodlief 110
38 Alan Blackman 109
39 Mark Chuckran 108
40 Rick Burruss 107
40 Tom Phegley 107
42 Rob Webb 106
43 Paul A. Williams 105
43 Tony Byrd 105
45 Ken Whalen 104
45 Randy Sherrick 104
47 Bill Talley 103
47 Rich Halliwill 103
49 Bill Travelstead 102
49 Russell Turner 102
51 Jeff Czapla 101
51 Mike G. Powell 101
53 Otho Middleton 100
54 Jesse Ochoa 99
54 Ralph Wells 99
56 Tim Rath 98
57 Keith Reed 97
57 Ted Hook 97
59 Jon Rodgers 96
60 Allen Todd 95
60 Jason LaMoure 95
62 John Sharp 94
63 Darrell Allen 93
63 Mike Gioia 93
65 Brian Pyle 92
65 Robert C. Preble 92
67 Fred Fullerton 91
67 Howard Thaler 91
69 Dan Daniel 90
69 E. Jay Christiansen 90
71 Austin Ziemann 89
71 Dink Mendez 89
73 Mel Williams 88
73 Ronald Vanairsdale 88
73 Thomas Elliott 88
76 Bob Greneveld 87
76 Phil Risnes 87
78 Andy Becker 86
78 Ken Allerton 86
80 Charlie Christy 85
81 Alan Zamora 84
81 Max Bauer 84
83 Changwon Park 83
83 Stan Boyd 83
85 Shane Ray 82
86 Dan Cranston 81
86 Ron Smart 81
88 John Thompson 80
88 Mark Somyak 80
90 Dennis Pachucki 79
90 Scott Owens 79
92 Chris Arndt 78
92 Matthew Diaz 78
94 Jeff Schmitt 77
95 Josh Kaneko 76
95 Tony DeMaio 76
97 Tai Nguyen 75
98 Bryan Klem 74
98 Clay Gates 74
100 Edward Campbell 73
101 David Coy 72
101 Randy Bruno 72
103 Jesse Dean Forthun 71
103 Ron Armstrong 71
105 Chris Mendoza 70
105 Patrick A. Mateo 70
107 Clark Poulsen 69
107 George Thiel 69
109 John Campbell 68
110 Cody Nugent 67
111 Trent Bacon 66
112 Jason Hackerd 65
112 Tom Ochoa 65
114 Tracy Smart 64
115 Bill Snyder 61
116 Jason Akins 60
117 Mike Smith 59
118 Ryan A Lamprecht 58
119 Aaron Mansfield 57
120 Vic Mattise 56
121 Jeff VanNimwegen 55
122 Justin Simpson 54
123 Rick Cofield 53
124 Jesse Pinkerton 50
125 Michael Nugent 49
126 Dave Crunden 47
127 George Fedor 46
128 Jeff Renck 45
129 Paul Aznarez 44
130 Bill Ward 42
131 Mark Sheldahl 41
132 Anthony M. Copeland 39
133 Roger Frei 38
134 Biff Burge 37
135 Jesse Parks 36
136 Brent Zieska 25
136 Jim Paullo 25
136 Robert A. Juarez 25
136 Ron Stallcup 25

Paul Bailey says we’ll pay $10,000
when big bass fever burns at Shasta April 2-3.

The WON BASS Mercury Marine/Nitro Boats Pro Circuit rolls into Lake Shasta and the Bridge Bay Resort Thursday, April 1 and while it might be April Fool’s Day it won’t be fool’s gold the field will be chasing during the two days of competition to follow. Not only will there be cash purses for both the Pro and AAA divisions, but once again Harvey Naslund has staked $10,000 for the angler who breaks the existing WON BASS pro/am big fish record.

The Shasta record stands at 7.52 pounds and the rules state it has to be beaten by a full tenth of a pound, so it will take a 7.62-pound bass (or better) to take home the 10 Gs. No problem, say Paul Bailey, the current leader in the WON BASS Pro Circuit Angler of the Year race.

“That’s doable, you could catch a big spot or even a big largemouth this time of year especially with guys throwing the swimbaits,” notes Bailey. “I have friends up at Shasta who have caught 8 or 9 pounders in the last couple weeks.”

But haven’t Shasta big fish been fed such a steady diet of swimbaits that they won’t look at one anymore?

“They’ll still eat a swimbait at Shasta, you just have to put it in front of the right pack of fish,” says Bailey.

Paul Bailey at the Havasu scales with the digital readout telling the story of his first day catch of 19.74 pounds.

Bailey, now based out of Willits, has been putting swimbaits in front of packs of fish since his fishing days as a youngster in Southern California. His favorite fishing partner is a familiar name in Western bass fishing circles, brother Shaun Bailey.

“I grew up fishing calico bass with my dad and my brother on my dad’s 52-foot Roughwater,” said Paul. “When I was 15 my dad lost his job and the boat went away, so my brother and I started bass fishing local lakes. About 10 years ago I started fishing team tournaments with him and said I’ve got to go for it.

“Shaun was always a little more into competitive bass fishing than I was, I was racing BMX professionally,” adds Bailey. “The I had some injuries and I couldn’t just sit around an office. So I started fishing pro.”

While they’re now chasing the same top spot in tournaments, Paul said there was no sibling rivalry when they fished bass together.

“Shaun would always let me catch fish, he would set the boat up for two to cast,” says Bailey. “He still naturally sets the boat up for others to fish and it’s hurt him since (in tournament circuits that don’t have shared weight). He’s had a couple 14s and 15s taken out of the back of his boat.”

The 2010 Angler of the Year wins a fully rigged Nitro Z-7 with a Mercury outboard and Paul Bailey grabbed the early lead with two top 10 finishes in the first two WON BASS Pro Circuit events — a 10th place finish at the Delta in February and a third place finish at the recently completed Havasu event.

One reason he finished so high is Havasu is he switched from his usual ride, a Nitro Z-7, to a Bass Tracker equipped with a jet drive.

“When my brother first moved to Havasu, I was going out a lot and since he already had a bass boat out there I bought a jet,” notes Bailey. “You can fish a lot of places you couldn’t otherwise and we’ve done well in a lot of events at Havasu.”

Bailey might have finished higher but his chances literally got short-circuited when his livewell stopped working.

“My brother got it fixed right away, it was just a short in the switch,” said Bailey. “There are five wires that go into the switch and I couldn’t figure it out. I kind of panicked. I had a good limit already and I actually thought I had more weight than I did. Otherwise I might have taken my chances and tried to get one more bed fish. But those fish I had were nice and healthy and I didn’t want to kill any of them, so I went in.”

Bailey has fished Shasta several times in tournaments and has two top 15 finishes. He’s looking forward to the upcoming WON BASS event — and not just for the chance to protect his points race lead.

“I looked at the points and said, there’s no way I’m not fishing all the WON BASS events,” said Bailey. “I do know the water pretty good. I can’t wait, I’m leaving early Monday morning to go up to Shasta. Mostly I can’t wait to go pull on 40 spots a day.”

Headquarters will be the Bridge Bay Resort on Lake Shasta and check-in begins at noon on April 1. Call Sally Urena at 949-366-0030 ext. 38 to sign up.

Bridge Bay Resort (photo Bill Mays)

The Bridge Bay Resort Hotel is offering a special $69 room rate to WON BASS anglers that will include free parking passes ($10 per day) and free boat launch passes ($15 per day). Bridge Bay Resort says boat rigs are welcome in the hotel parking lot, but requested that boats not be parked in the restaurant parking lot.

To book a room at the Bridge Bay Resort Hotel, located at 10300 Bridge Bay Road in Redding, CA 96003, phone 1 800-752-9669 and ask for the WON BASS group rate.


Lake Shasta first big points race test

The upcoming WON BASS Mercury/Nitro Lake Shasta Invitational April 2-3 will have a big impact on both the North Region qualifying for the Western Classic and the overall WON BASS Angler of the Year points race.

A solid turnout and payback, as well as great fishing for spotted bass, is expected for the Shasta event and both Delta Champ Sean Stafford (who scored solid points with a 26th place finish at Havasu) and Havasu Champ Mike Folkestad (16th at the Delta) will be on hand. Who is going to step up and challenge the first two winners of 2010? Stockton's Dave Gliebe, a longtime icon in the bass tournament world, is certainly in the hunt as he finished 15th at the Delta Invitational in early February and copped a tie for 4th place at Lake Havasu. Lot’s of other contenders for the WON BASS Angler-of-the-Year title have accumulated important tournament points in the first two events, including the likes of Dick Watson, Paul Bailey, Ricky Shabazz, Duane Dunstone , Ron Hammett, Dave Nollar, and Wayne Carey to name a few.

When they arrive at Lake Shasta's Bridge Bay Resort they will face the “toughest of the tough” as they take on top rated Northern California pros such as Dave Rush, Robert Lee, Bobby Barrack, etc. In short, this will be no easy win for anyone considering the size and quality of the field.

Sean Stafford, pictured with some of his first day Havasu catch, won the Delta tournament and will be looking to maintain his lead in the North Region points race and improve his Angler of the Year prospects at Lake Shasta April 2-3.

Headquarters will be the Bridge Bay Resort on Lake Shasta and check-in begins at noon on April 1. You can find an entry form online at or call Sally Urena at 949-366-0030 ext. 38 to sign up.


12:00 noon - 5:00 pm — Tournament Check-in & Registration, Bridge Bay Hotel
2:00 pm — All boats off the water
5:30 pm — Tournament meeting -partner pairing and no-host cocktails Bridge Bay Resort Hotel meeting room.

6:15 am — Presentation of Colors
6:30 am — First flight departs
3:00 pm — First flight returns
5:00 pm — Posting of results @ Bridge Bay Resort Meeting Room

6:30 am — First flight departs
3:00 pm — First flight returns
5:00 pm — Awards Ceremony @ Phils Props, Lake Shasta featuring a barbeque (weather permitting) courtesy Phil Mitsueda (owner) and drawing for prizes/tournament winners awards to follow.


Bridge Bay Resort Hotel is the Lake Shasta Headquarters and is offering a special $69 room rate to WON BASS anglers that will include free parking passes ($10 per day) and free boat launch passes ($15 per day). Bridge Bay Resort says boat rigs are welcome in the hotel parking lot, but requested that boats not be parked in the restaurant parking lot.

To book a room at the Bridge Bay Resort Hotel, located at 10300 Bridge Bay Road in Redding, CA 96003. Phone 1 800-752-9669 to book your room and ask for the WON BASS group rate.


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