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Friday, April 02, 2010
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The reason I headed up to June Lake over this past weekend was to visit my sister Patricia. The plan was to share the last weekend of the season on June Mountain on our snowboards. We had a great day of carveable spring conditions on Saturday and things were a lot firmer on Sunday as a big storm was on the way. By the time we left  the mountain Sunday afternoon it was already snowing. By morning close to three feet of snow had fallen. Luckily my nephews Jake and Nick worked on the mountain as instructors this winter so I got to be a guest at the employee party Monday that featured deep powder all the way down to Hwy 158 (dry and black) and face shots on every turn from top to bottom. I was just about done when Jim Mitchell, also a guest of an employee, found me catching my breath at the bottom of chair 7. He talked me into a couple more runs down Sunset that provided some of the best powder turns I can remember.

The next day I could barely move but dragged my butt down to the East Walker and  worked out the kinks casting a fly or two in absolutely perfect sunny, breezy weather. Had a bite and saw a couple caught in the short time I was there, but I have only a casual acquaintance with the water. Brother Bob, who rode with us Saturday, is the real fly fisherman in the family, even has friends who guide there, and he nailed a dozen or more beauties from the EW each time coming and going from his Truckee home.

Ice-free Bridgeport Reservoir April 13.

Took a shot of the wide open Bridgeport Reservoir with the Sawtooth Range of the Sierra in the background. I'm about to put on my Eastern Sierra reporter hat for the season that starts April 24th and I think all the water stocked up in "them hills" is pure gold for our fishing prospects this year.

On the way home I took this shot of Crowley Lake (April 14) with the ice all but gone. There's some thin stuff you can see from Pelican Point (Hilton
Bay) across to Sandy Point. What you can't see is the open water in McGee where the creeks come in. The wind also pushed ice up against the dam, so it was stacked up in that arm, but you can see the clear water extends up into the North Arm. I'll be covering Crowley opening day and I expect there will be some great fishing, what with most of the fish still in the lake and not up the creeks spawning.

While things move fast in the Sierra and change comes overnight,  including fish moving up to spawn, there's no doubt a lot of fish are going to be caught on opening day Saturday April 24. And I plan on catching a few of them myself.

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Rioh sounded like a great time. Hope to see you at Mohave. Take care and have a safe trip. Andy Manahl
Andy Manahl
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