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Bill Varney – SURF LINES

WON’s Surf fishing Editor Bill Varney, really knows the California surf. His family has lived and fished in Los Angeles since the 1850s. Besides the four generations of surf knowledge that have been passed down to Bill he also grew up in the South Bay where he worked for TC Tackle, as a hand on Redondo’s 3/4-day Dina Lee and for the surf master Fred Oakley collecting bait for every tackle shop from Santa Barbara to San Diego.

Over the years tackle has changed as anglers downsize from the long heavily weighted rods and rigs of the past to much lighter surf gear. It is the fast-growing sector of the fishing industry and Bill’s book “Surf Fishing, The Light-Line Revolution” covers all aspects of West Coast surffishing with information on rigging, baits and dozens of techniques on how to find and catch more fish at the beach.

Bill’s monthly articles in Western Outdoor News cover how-to techniques that help readers find, bait and catch fish in the surf. While his weekly tips, keep surf fishermen up-to-date on new and exciting ways to target local surf fish.

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