Brandon Hayward's Bio

WONews Column by Brandon Hayward

Brandon Hayward is the saltwater editor for Western Outdoor News. He is on his second issuance of a 100-ton Master’s License from the United States Coast Guard; Hayward spent over 1,000 days working on San Diego sportboats like the Excel, Pacific Queen, First String and Producer before starting his career as an outdoor writer/editor.

“It’s great to share information with anglers that helps them catch more fish and enjoy their time on the water more,” notes Hayward, who ranks cow-sized yellowfin and big white seabass as his favorite targets.  

Hayward is the author of The Southern California Angler. The book is a how-to guide on Southern California sportfishing. It had three printings before selling out in the fall of 2010. Hayward's new book is Getting Bit, a follow up to The Southern California Angler.  It can be ordered under the store tab. 

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