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First wahoo caught, massive blue marlin sighted off Oside
Blue marlin, wahoo. Yes, indeed….


The fantastic exotics bite has a few new twists as we exit Labor Day and start heading to fall, and we all knew this kind of thing was going to happen, and now it has. First tuna, now wahoo have entered our locals waters, and apparently so have blue marlin, pushed up by the massive south swell and warm waters from Hurricane Marie and our current warm water condition.

The area yellowfin has spread and thickened in SoCal waters. The 209 was wide open today. Limits of 25 to 30 pounders at gray light. If you had bait, you were gonna slay ‘em. But now we have some real exotics.

The first wahoo of the season, after reports of cut-offs for a few weeks, was weighed in at 50.1 pounds by the Joker, a private boat with a great rep, and J.D. Doughty of J.D. Big Game Tackle on Balboa Island was in on the good info from the start via radio while this reporter was flying back from Alaska. I couldn’t tell the airlines to hurry and get me to OC any faster Saturday, so J.D. was there at the weigh-in with a camera and sent me the info and a few photos from the boat and the weigh-in on Saturday afternoon. Then J.D. said there was more big news of the warm water front. A blue marlin was spotted and videotaped Saturday,. That was yesterday, at the 312 spot, just off Oceanside.

“Let's throw more gasoline on the fire--- if it's hot now-- stand by not only will you have to start trolling Marauder wahoo lures-- better break out the bent butts,” said J.D. who is on the radio all day and posts what he hears and knows on the Mexico (Caboand up) and SoCal big game scene from his shop. “Positive I.D. on a 600- to 700-pound and maybe bigger blue marlin off the 312 Fathom spot just outside Oceanside.” Big Game angler Dave Elm of AFTCO was on the boat that took the video, so it’s legit. When I get more info, I’ll post it. The video is on J.D.'s site. I have the video but can't see to upload it. I can get the link, I will add it soon.

Now for the wahoo on the Joker. The first we have confirmed proof of, even if all those slashed lines weren’t enough evidence. That fish came yesterday. Here’s J.D.’s take, as he wrote it on the e-mail, on the catch”

“So Eric Kim hadn't put any of the yellowfin tuna they had hooked on the deck, lost three---- running between spots of fish up they trolled an X-Rap 20 ---goes off--- his friend says you take it-- it's yours thinking it's maybe a dorado-- --- he's on--- George at the wheel- see's the line take a heavy plunge-- it's a healthy fish-- take your time--- no idea for sure what it is--- Eric's an experienced angler and gets the fish to the boat--- #@%&*%$#@!@1#3 a few words are discussed-- don't lose it at the gaff! ---- it goes in and over the rail-- -- Unbelievable-- Wahoo 28 miles out of Newport below and inside the 276/ 279 fathom spot (outside Dana Pt.) water was blue and nice-- Calstar Rod GFGR 756XL 60lb mono and a Rapala XRap -20 sardine! Congrats. I don't recall anyone ever catching a wahoo here before! 50.1 pounds”

This is just the start. Start using wire, folks. And bring one setup of bigger stuff for the blue marlin.

Bob Vanian's 976-Bite Hot Bite

Tuna bite rallying sharply up toward the Catalina Channel
The excellent offshore fishing that was around last week, is now even better. As some big numbers of yellowfin tuna have moved back in and around some of the offshore banks,  up as far as the 267 Spot outside of Dana Point, are providing some very good fishing that is similar to the action that was going up this way a few weeks ago.

Very good fishing for yellowfin tuna along with a mix of bluefin tuna, dorado and yellowtail is once again spreading from the offshore banks in the Catalina Channel all the way down to the offshore banks outside of San Diego and below.

The best fishing up toward the Catalina area is currently being found in the region of 267 Spot and 209 Spot. Boats fishing around and between those two banks were reporting excellent yellowfin tuna fishing this morning (Thursday morning). There is also good yellowfin tuna fishing being found by boats fishing 12 to 16 miles outside of the stretch of the coast between Encinitas and La Jolla.

Boats fishing areas outside of and below San Diego continue to report excellent fishing for yellowfin tuna along with a mix of bluefin tuna, dorado and yellowtail, while fishing around and about spots such as the 302 Spot, the 224 Spot, the Corner and the 43 Fathom Spot. Anglers fishing in Mexican waters need to be aware that the fishing for bluefin tuna is still closed and that any bluefin caught in Mexican waters must be released.

Most of the yellowfin tuna have been falling within the 12- to 25-pound range with a few larger fish to 35 pounds also in the mix. Most of the yellowtail have been falling within the 5- to 10-pound range with some bigger fish to around 20 pounds occasionally in the mix. The dorado have been nice sized fish that have been running from 10 to 20 pounds.

Most of the action has been found on live bait while fishing around kelp paddies or spots of fish found under working tern birds. Fishing with live bait around hammerhead sharks has also been leading to tuna action. There have been some trolling strikes in the mix, but most of the tuna stops come from spotting something to stop on and fishing with live bait. Porpoise schools have also led to yellowfin tuna action via trolling strikes or stopping the boat over a meter mark or around some working birds and using live bait.

It often pays to be patient in waiting for the tuna to come up and bite when fishing the tern bird schools or kelp paddies, as sometimes it takes a while for the tuna to come up and bite. Keeping an eye on the fathometer to see if tuna are starting to gather under the boat, is a good way to tell if you should keep drifting to give the tuna some more time to come up and bite.

Some recent individual catch reports start with a report from Captain Mike Hadfield of the 6 pack charter yacht Josie Lynn with Point Loma Sportfishing who fished an overnight trip to the Corner on Wednesday and had limits of yellowfin tuna at 7 a.m. He reported that he stopped on a sonar mark that he found in the dark out at the Corner and that the fish stayed with the boat while they were drifting in the dark. Once daylight came, the yellowfin started biting wide open and provided easy limit fishing. The Corner has you out at 31 miles 255 degrees from Point Loma.

Private boater Bill Parker of the Cabo reported about fishing the Corner and the 302 Spot on Wednesday. He said it was frustrating for them out at the Corner, as they would see spots of breaking fish that they could not get to bite on their live sardines or on the troll. Parker reported catching 4 yellowfin tuna on the day and all of their yellowfin came from a kelp paddie found on the outside edge of the Kidney Bank while fishing to the west of the 302 Spot at 25 miles 231 degrees from Point Loma.

Private boater Louie Zimm of the Shearwater fished on Tuesday with friends Mark Beddoes and Dave Beddoes aboard and reported catching 12 yellowfin tuna. All that was available for bait in San Diego Bay when they baited up on Tuesday morning, were greenback mackerel and Zimm reported that the yellowfin bit well for them on their live mackerel. Their best stop of the day came from a kelp paddie and produced 10 yellowfin tuna. The hot kelp paddie stop was found while fishing inside of the lower end of the Ridge at 20 miles 250 degrees from Point Loma.

Captain Kevin Cibulka of the 6 pack charter yacht Prime Time with Prime Time Sportfishing, fished an overnight trip on Tuesday and reported limits of yellowfin tuna while fishing below and outside of the Corner. He reported limiting out from one stop that started from stopping near a spot of working tern birds. They found the hot bait stop while fishing out about 33 miles 253 degrees from Point Loma.

Marlin fishing has been up and down with some good fishing over the weekend for boats fishing the Osborn Bank and the 125 and 172 Spots off the West End of Catalina. There were sleepers, tailers, feeders and jumpers seen and there were a good number of blind jig strikes for boats fishing these areas. My estimate is that there were about a dozen marlin caught and released by boats fishing these areas over the weekend. Other areas where marlin action has been reported in the Catalina region have been the Avalon Bank and the 14 Mile Bank.

There have been some marlin around and biting in the San Diego region but overall, the marlin fishing at the offshore banks outside of San Diego has been on the scratchy side of things. Boats fishing the region of the 43 Fathom Spot and the 302 Spot report occasional marlin sightings and get an occasional hookup incidental to fishing for tuna. I would estimate that 3 or 4 marlin were caught and released by boats fishing these areas over the weekend.

The offshore fishing continues to be very good and there is plenty of action available for those fishing offshore banks ranging from the Catalina region on down to the waters below and outside of San Diego. This continues to be a stellar fishing season.

* * *

It is my goal to provide you timely and accurate information in these reports containing news from right off the water. If you require more details that include the specific location of where catches have been made, I refer you to the daily Member’s Reports at . Those Member’s Reports contain additional specifics that include latitude and longitude coordinates and other descriptive references about where and how fish are being caught. Make the most efficient use of your precious time on the water with the use of timely and accurate information.

Jim Niemiec's Blog

Some water concerns for refuges and duck clubs
The talk among waterfowl hunters seems to center on the drought and whether there will be enough water available to flood ponds and attract migrating ducks as the season progresses. State and federal refuges will likely be affected due to less water being available, many of the high-end duck clubs should weather this severe drought successfully at a substantial cost to club members for pumping extra water, while some smaller clubs, dependent on run off or small creeks to fill and maintain ponds could feel the full brunt of the shortage of available water.

With liberal seasons and bag limits on ducks and snow geese set by the Department of Fish and Wildlife, hopefully hunters are looking forward to some good gunning this fall with Ducks Unlimited and Fish and Wildlife comp counts looking strong for most portions of the Pacific flyway.


MIXED BAG OF PUDDLE DUCKS — Orange County resident Doug Money enjoyed a good shoot last season at Raahauge's Duck Club located in Prado Basin. Prospects for opening day behind Prado Dam are good with a good local hatch reported. Also expected to produce good duck gunning on opening day are Wister and San Jacinto Wildlife Refuges. WON PHOTO BY JIM NIEMIEC

Western Outdoor News checked in with Rick Francis, Wildlife Supervisor I, who manages day to day field operations at Wister Wildlife Refuge, one of the most popular public shooting areas in all of the southern portion of the state.

“T he refuge is on track to have at least 75 shooting sites ready for opening day Oct. 18, but we could have as many as 100 sites ready for hunters. The Imperial Irrigation District laterals (that feed water to Wister) have been unplugged...after severe monsoonal rains hammered the low desert and specifically the Chocolate Mountains...and repaired everything with no damage except a little bit of water in ponds on site 312," said Francis.

Francis went on to add, "We have been working on disking fields and prepping them for rye grass and wheat for the winter arrival of snow geese. We have been prepping U10, T 10, W 11, 312A, 312B 2-4, and also CWA is currently working on 114A for us and will move over to 413- A-B and our newly rebuilt hunting area called 413 East. 413 East was the old fishing hatchery from which miles of asbestos pipe has been completely removed along with a couple hundred truck loads of base. The refuge will now offer more hunt sites, but I am not sure if it will be done for this year, but CWA is working on it. This new area will also feature a new fishing pond. The rest of the Wister Wildlife Area is in great shape and the swamp Timothy and bull rush should make for a great food source through the season. The Wister part of the refuge also kept 700 acres of water on many units this year and boasted huge hatches of mallards, redheads, green winged teal and gadwalls. The ducks that were hatched around Imperial Valley are now showing up on the WLA (Wister) because of our resource of fresh (sweet) water."

On another note Francis added, "The Wildlife Area is in as good of shape as it has ever been and my entire crew are really excited to get going with the upcoming waterfowl season."

WON also got the following report from Nick Stanley, Project Leader Kern National Wildlife Refuge Complex.

"The Kern National Wildlife Refuge, along with every other federal refuge and state wildlife areas, is dealing with one of the most severe droughts in California history. To date, Kern NWR is expected to receive a decrease of its Level 2 water allocation for the 2014/15 water year. This decrease is yet another indicator of the impact the severe drought is having on California and many of this state's natural resources. Although these are very challenging times our refuge staff is working diligently to ensure that all the water we've been allocated, will be utilized specifically to benefit the wintering waterfowl expected to use the refuge this water year."

Stanley went on add, "Unfortunately, the decrease in water supplies also means a decrease in habitat available for waterfowl. This means there will be a decrease in all visitor activities on the refuge, which will include our waterfowl hunt program. At this point, the refuge will not have enough habitat flooded to support a hunt program until mid-November at the earliest! We hope Western Outdoor News readers will understand that we are doing the best we can with what we have."

For additional information on Kern National Wildlife and the work being accomplished and additional refuge updates log on to the refuge's web site at

Western Outdoor News visited Prado Basin this past week and to this hunting editor's surprise, along with other duck hunters checking out the basin behind Prado Dam, there wasn't any water backed up at all. The only evidence of strong monsoonal rains that hit the Inland Empire two weeks ago was a seemingly higher level of the Santa Ana River that meanders across the valley floor and a little flooding of the ponds on Ralph's Duck Hunting Club.

Checking in with Kevin Kollock, manager of Raahauge's Duck Club, one of the few clubs in the southern part of the state offering day shooting with advance reservations after the first weekend of November, and he was confident that ponds would be huntable come opening day.

"The Orange County Water District has been working on opening up ponds and mowing cattails and they appear to be on schedule. We had a good hatch of mallards and a few other puddle ducks to go along with a fair number of successful wood duck hens having an average number of chicks. I think the club should shoot good this coming season as long as the birds make their way south with hopefully a little assistance from Mother Nature and some strong winter storms," was Kollock's take on hunting in Prado Basin.

The Riverside County Flyway Association is also working on habitat projects behind Prado Dam and expects to offer migrating waterfowl good loafing ponds along with a good food sources of mixed crops.

Dana Landing San Diego Open

Dana Landing Mission Bay Sept. 5-6
 Field is growing, sign up by phone, e-mail or onsite in SD or Mission Bay Sept. 5 or 6


The deadline for the early bird entry for the drawing of the Furuno unit  that was Friday the 29th at 4 p.m. has passed, and just over 30 teams signed in. You can still sign in, by calling, e-mailing, or coming to the check-ins on Friday and Saturday. Pay attention to the times of check-in, which is also when you can start fishing from SD Bay or Mission Bay. Miss the check-in periods Friday and Saturday  at Dana Landing and Shelter Island, and you cannot enter. Sign in now to get a spot and you can add team members and pay optionals when you check-in. 

 There's no problem in signing up between now and the end of the signg-in and check-in periods.  You can..

--mail in or FAX the entry form below (number is on the form) and any fee. See the San Clemente address
-- Call Denise at 949-366-0030 ext 25 and give her your information, and then pay by credit card on this website under WON Events (Home Page and scroll down to the Dana link/logo. You do NOT have to do this if you are a Yamaha team with two people. You do have to pay if you are not on a Yamaha powered boat or you have more than two anglers on a Yamaha powered boat. It's pretty simple really, guys. Bottom line,  Denise needs your info, and any money. All new entries or add-ons and $100 optional jackpots for tuna and yellowtail are paid in cash, on site, at the two check-in sites (see below).  Her email is While we will take info on an e-mail or a phone call, due to the volume of calls for this another WON events, we prefer a faxed entry. (again, the number is on the entry form).  
-- If you are not paying an entry fee because you have a Yamaha powered boat and have just two anglers (the first two are free of Yami teams) you can call in the information or fax it it to the phone number on the form, and you are in. If you want to add someone, it's $50 a person, payable by cash at check-in or by credit card (see above) just let Denise know. She is creating the roster that will be in play at checkin and the  event. 

CHECK-IN: On site check-in at S.D. Bay at Shelter Island launch ramp dock (one hour on Friday and one hour on Saturday openly, see schedule) and at Dana Landing at the tent at the front of the market for those who have entered is simple. Bring cash for any entry of anglers or the optionals. No credit cards or checks accepted on site. You MUST sign in.

S.D. BAY OR MISSION BAY: Please know this. The S.D. Bay check-in part of the event is just a courtesy.  The check-in at the north Shelter Island dock (a guy with a clipboard) is shorter both Friday evening and Saturday morning. YOU CAN drive your rig to Dana Landing in Mission Bay, check-in or signing or add optionals etc and get goodie bags  and then proceed to S.D. Bay. All weigh-ins are at Dana, and all weigh-in at Dana MUST BE BY FLOATING BOAT. You cannot trailer your fish to Dana from S.D. Bay. 

Some options and info on that….Check-in at  Shelter Island launch basin in S.D. Bay runs ONE HOUR,. 8 to 9 p.m. Friday, or ONE HOUR on Saturday 5 to 6 a.m., Checkin at  tourney headquarters at Mission Bay’s Dana Landing is much longer, six hours, this Friday from 4 to 10 p.m. or ONE HOUR Saturday morning 5 to 6 a.m. NO EXCEPTIONS. 

Check-in Options: That said, you can drive your rig to MB and sign in as a team, add anglers and pay optionals and/or check-in and then launch at SD Bay. (You can obviously run to Dana Landing by boat, as well, to sign in and check-in). But all weigh-ins are by BOAT at Dana. Do NOT drive your boat/trailer rig with fish from SD BAY over to Mission Bay to weigh them. You must bring fish tot he weigh-in by boat only.  
Option 2: You can drop off someone at the S.D. ramp and have them bring the trailer over to Dana to pickup the boat after you weigh-in. A good option to consider  as Dana Landing slips and side-ties even for a few hours are first come/first serves and are very limited. 

Any questions, email Pat McDonell at 

To signup on line CLICK HERE

Mission Bay yellowtail, tuna jackpot tourney Sept. 5-6

THE DANA LANDING Fuel Dock, Launch ramp, Market, deli and tackle shop — parking is convenient just off I-5, near Sea World and the Dana Inn next door.

EVERY ANGLER GETS a Yamaha hat, a chicken BBQ, a high quality Dana Landing shirt (that fits!), a drawing prize and a chance to win $2,500, plus more money if they enter the big tuna yellowtail $100 optionals.

The weekend after Labor Day, Sept. 5 and 6, is when the Yamaha Dana Landing Jackpot is slated with a special bonus for all Yamaha-powered teams: a free entry for two; also, you have a choice of launching at Shelter Island or Mission Bay with weigh-in and awards at Dana Landing.

MISSION BAY – Back for a second year, the Dana Landing Jackpot sponsored by Yamaha Outboards has some pretty enticing reasons to enter, so save the date.

“The tourney comes at a fantastic time of year, the week after Labor Day, and smack dab in in the middle of the best fishing season for yellows and tuna in years,” said director Pat McDonell. “Last year the opinion was that to win you had go far. Real far, to get that one big fish. This year the rules are changed. You weigh in THREE fish, any three yellows or tuna – not a single biggest fish, to place in the first three spots for $2,500 in prize money and sponsor’s prizes.

He added, “Best of all, Mexico is not needed this year for the event with all the FMM business. The fish are CLOSE. So, there’s less fuel, and great fishing just a few miles off the coast. This year, every team has a shot at winning.”

There’s another thing to consider. Big boats and teams are on a level playing field. Those big bluefin under the pens last year? Forget it. That fishery is off-limits, even though people are still fishing for them. But we will enforce that bluefin fishery closure if it it still in effect. We are still awaiting written confirmation as of Aug. 22. If we have confirmation from the Mexican government through our Sportfishing Association of California (SAC) that bluefin can be fished we will let team,s know asap or at least at check-in, but as of now, you cannot fish for bluefin in Mexican waters and weigh those fish for the tourney. Be prepared to show us your electronics and your nav tracks for the trip." 

So let’s look at the tourney, and some reasons why you should fish it out of Dana Landing in Mission Bay/San Diego on  Sept. 5-6.

— No. 1, it’s very inexpensive to enter, just $50 a person, and that’s fully half of what it costs for the white seabass event in Catalina, and even better for Yamaha owners. Why, if you fish on a Yamaha powered boat, the first two individual entries are free. It costs nothing for a two-person to enter.”

—Why enter it? Aside from the great tuna and yellowtail fishing just outside Mission Bay, why should a bunch of people enter the event? Well, if you are going to fish anyway, this a helluva tourney to participate in for a number of reasons. Keep in mind, we are not penalizing anglers who do not have a Yamaha powered boat. We are just rewarding those who do.

— That $50 fee per person is cheap, if you have to pay it because you are not fishing on a Yamaha powered boat, yet there is a guaranteed first place payout of $2,000. Second place pays $300, third $200, but those amounts are bulked up by some great sponsors prizes for second and third.

— As mentioned, if you are fishing on a Yamaha powered boat, the entry is free for up to two anglers on the team. Any additional team members pay the usual $50.

— There is no limit on the number of anglers on a boat, but all people on the boat must enter at $50, even if it is a chartered boat. Last year three charterboats competed at the last minute. A fun added value for the passengers on the charter. We don’t care. The tourney can be fished on a cattle boat, but everyone must be entered, including crew. No exceptions.

— Tourney add-ons: If you are fishing another tourney, any tourney, you can fish this tournament concurrently. "I don't know of any, however," said McDonell. 

— S.D. Bay or Mission Bay. Your choice. Teams can check in at Dana Landing Market and fuel dock in Mission Bay, or Shelter Island in San Diego Bay at the launch ramp the night before so they don’t have to backtrack to Mission Bay,” said tourney director McDonell. “I would caution the window to check-in at Shelter Island basin at the launch ramp is much shorter than Mission Bay, 8-9 p.m. on Friday and 5 to 6 a.m. on Saturday. “Of course, the weigh-in and awards are both at Dana Landing Fuel Dock and Market. Figure out which is best for you to start from. If you fishing on a trailerboat, I would leave from Dana Landing in Mission Bay. If your boat is in a slip in S.D. Bay, it depends on where you are fishing. Come north, check in, get supplies and head offshore to La Jolla.

By far, Dana Landing Market and Fuel Dock is the best one-stop trailerboat facility on the coast,” said McDonell. “Fuel, food, free launching and parking, all right next to a great bayfront hotel. You just can’t beat it. Teams from S.D. Bay who weigh-in on Saturday afternoon and stay for the awards will have some dock room, but it’s first come-first served basis. Unless we have a ton of boats from S.D. Bay looking for a slip or tie-up, I see no big issues. The weigh-in and awards will be quick, a few hours.”

— Optional Money: At this time, there are $100 tuna and $100 yellowtail optionals for biggest individual fish. 80 percent payback. 

— The weigh-in held over two hours at Dana Landing in late afternoon. is for yellowtail or tuna, in a three fish aggregate, so you can weigh all 3 tuna, all 3 yellows or a combination of two yellows and a tuna or two tuna and a yellowtail. If you are in the optional for tuna or yellowtail or both, that biggest fish is your entry. Simple.

— Exciting weigh-in: This year, instead of using the dock, teams will bring fish up the ramp in carts to where the crowd awaits in front of the Dana Landing Market. “What a great venue for the weigh-in. I am building a temporary weigh scale and people can watch the whole weigh-in unfold, and hear the teams being interviewed on a microphone, just like at the Cabo Tuna Jackpot. We expect a fun crowd as the fish are brought up. The market is right there, with food, beer, seating and more, so kick back and wait for the winners to weigh in.”

— Prizes: The $50 entry fee includes a goodie bag of hooks, a Yamaha hat, a Dana Landing shirt, a BBQ dinner after weigh-in and a ticket for drawings for prizes that include 11 Avet reels, Seaguar fluoro coils, four Cousins rods, six pairs of Costas, Terrafin memberships, Plano tackle boxes and Plano travel tubes, and more.

— Be a part of the radio broadcast: Phil Friedman of will be there again to do a live radio web show ( at weigh-in and that guy makes everything exciting.

— Early Bird Prize: Teams that sign up a week before by Aug. 29 are eligible for the drawing for the $900 value Furuno 1870 video GPS/Fishfinder with C-Map card for the SoCal coast. That deadline has passed, and just over 30 teams are eligible. The individual anglers are pre- entered. Each pre-entered angler has an index ticket with their name on it. The unit goes to ONE angler. Winner MUST BE PRESENT, or we draw again.


To signup on line CLICK HERE or call tourney director Pat McDonell for details at (949) 366-0030 ext. 33 or

THE ANGLER MANAGEMENT team that won the inaugural event last year. This year yellowtail and tuna are eligible species for the overall payday, with a three-fish aggregate, and two Big Fish optionals of $100 for yellowtail and tuna. Got a Yami to fish with, the two entries are free for your team!

Schedule for Yamaha Dana Landing Jackpot

When: WON/Yamaha Dana Landing Jackpot is Friday, Sept. 5-6.

Where: Dana Landing Market, Tackle and Fuel Dock , Mission Bay.

Check-in: Shelter Island launch basin in S.D. Bay 8 to 9 p.m. Friday, or Saturday 5 to 6 a.m., or at tourney headquarters at Mission Bay’s Dana Landing Friday 4 to 10 p.m. or Saturday morning 5 to 6 a.m. NO EXCEPTIONS.  You can drive your rig to MB and sign in and/or check-in and then launch at SD Bay. But all weigh-ins are by BOAT at Dana. Do NOT drive your fish from SD BAY to Mission Bay to weigh them. By boat only. NOTE!!!!!You can drop off someone at the S.D. ramp and have them bring the trailer over to Dana to pickup the boat after you weigh-in. A good option as Dana Landing slips and side-ties even for a few hours are first come/first serves and are limited. 

Fishing: From check-in (Friday or Saturday, SD or MB) to weigh-in at Dana Landing Market 4 to 6 p.m. Saturday.

Weigh-in: The exciting weigh-in at the Dana Landing Market on Saturday is from 4 to 6 p.m.

Awards and Drawings: Barbecue begins: 6 p.m. Yamaha awards to follow at 6:30.

Here is a direct link for the Yamaha-Dana Landing supplement on our server:

Want to enter the Dana Landing Jackpot?

If you run a Yamaha powered boat, it might cost you nothing to enter;

If we told you could fish in a inshore/offshore yellowtail and tuna tournament, get free goodie bag gifts, have a chance to win $2,000, $300 or $200, get a hats, t-shirt , win a drawing prize, have a BBQ dinner by Mission Bay and it would cost you nothing, would you enter?

You likely couldn’t pass it up. could you? It’s like going fishing with extra benefits. Why not? The second annual WON/Yamaha Dana Landing Jackpot is Sept. 5-6. and to make it even more convenient, you can leave from Shelter Island in S.D. Bay or at tourney headquarters at Mission Bay’s Dana Landing Friday 4 to 10 p.m. or Saturday morning 5 to 6 a.m.. The exciting weigh-in at the Dana Landing Market on Saturday will be for up to three fish, an 3 tuna or yellowtail determines the winner. Awards and drawings and BBQ to follow. There’s also $100 single big fish optionals for tuna and yellowtail if you choose to enter on site. You can pay those optional by cash only on site. No cards, please.

DON’T MISS THE Aug, 29 deadline to be eligible for the drawing for the Furuno unit!

If you want to sign up, you can go to and go to WON events and sign up with a credit card (if you have to pay any money, as some teams with Yamaha outboards do not) , The easiest way is to pay by mailed personal check and include the entry form that is part of this special preview supplement, and make the check made out to Western Outdoors,. Mail it to WON/Dana Landing Tourney, 901 Calle Amanacer, Suite 300, San Clemente CA 92673.

If you sign up with a credit card, remember two things: You must send in by fax or mail an entry form with team members names whether you pay any money or not. The fax number is (949) 366-0804. Attention Denise C. If you have questions about your entry, call Denise at (949) 366-0256, ext 25. For tourney or schedule questions, call tourney director Pat McDonell at that same number, ext 33. Leave a message and he will call you back right away.

If you have two anglers and fish with Yamaha main power source, all we need is basic angler info. It’s free for the first two teammates, $50 for any more than that. If you are not on a Yamaha boat, it’s $50 an angler. All people on a boat must be a team member and be registered. No exceptions, which includes charterboats.

So, as an example, if you have a Yami on the back of your boat, and you have three people on your team, you pay $50 plus any optional money. If you are on a diesel powered boat, or a six-pack, or any non-Yamaha boat, and you have four anglers, you pay $200. If you are on a charterboat with two crew and six anglers, the fee is $400. Plus optionals.

See you there!

Rules of the Yamaha Dana Landing Jackpot

It is the sole responsibility of the participating anglers, captains and crews to know and abide by the tournament's rules. By entering the 2014 Dana Landing Jackpot they acknowledge such and agree to all rules.

There is no limit to the number of anglers, but there is a minimum, two anglers. All anglers on any competing boat must be signed in, and paid for as an entry.

All participants must possess a valid U.S. and Mexican fishing license. If you do not plan to fish Mexican waters, you do not, obviously, need a Mexican license or FMM.

There is no limit or restriction on bait.

The official channel is 72. There is no obligation to report catches.

No bluefin may be taken in Mexican waters unless we get the go-ahead. We will post that info if we get it. There is no such recreational restriction in U.S waters.

Any boat deemed operating in an unsafe manner will be disqualified.

Teams must weigh in between 4 and 6 p.m. at Dana landing.You must reach the Dana Landing area and be in line at the ramp with your fish by 6 p.m. to be eligible to weigh-in. We will weigh all fish that are in line by 6 p.m.

The overall winners are determined by a composite of any three tuna or yellowtail. Teams must decide which three fish to bring to the scale. If a team is in a big fish optional, the largest of that species brought to the scale and weighed will be chosen. (As such, if a team is in the yellowtail optional, they could bring in three tuna for the overall, and bring a yellowtail for that $100 Big Fish optional.

It is the responsibility of the team to decide which fish to weigh prior to docking at the weigh area. Under the current weigh rules, the maximum number of fish that can be brought up the ramp to the scale area is four fish, and only if a team is in the optionals. If you are not in the optionals, only three fish can be brought to the scales.

Up to two anglers on a main-Yamaha powered boat do not have to pay the $50 individual entry fee. All others, on boats with Yamahas or not, must pay $50. Six pack and charter captains must pay the entry fee. No exceptions. No fish will be weighed in unless all anglers are registered as team members and have paid their fee.

Any team that has a non-entrant on board and weighs in fish, and is discovered, will be DQ’d.

All teams must check in with tourney staff at S.D. Bay or Mission Bay. They can then begin fishing at any time.

First place overall (3 fish max aggregate) pays $2,000, second $300 and third place $200. Optionals paid in are paid out at 80 percent.

If no one catches a yellowtail or tuna in those optionals, the money, minus 20 percent, is refunded to the teams by check.

In the event of a tie in any overall or optional pool, a coin toss by the tournament director will determine the winner if there are only two teams tied. More than two teams tying will result in a drawing among those eams.

Mutilated fish will not be weighed in. The tournament director will make the final decision, with no protests allowed since it is a visual judgment call.

Any team or individual receiving monetary winnings is required to provide to Western Outdoors Publications a social security number and a current address. A signature will additionally be required for receipt and acknowledgment of winnings. Team captains of teams that win money will be required to meet WON staff at to apply for their winnings which will be sent by check via mail within a week after the event.

All decisions by the tournament directors and advisory board are final.

All monetary winners
will be subject to a lie detector test at the discretion of the tournament directors. If any angler declines to be tested, his team is automatically disqualified from receiving any monetary awards. The lie detector test will be used as one of, but not the sole, determining factor in any decision by the tournament directors and the advisory board.

The tournament director reserves the right to alter starting and finishing times to coincide with weather, tides and probability of better fishing conditions.

All verbal protests and supporting evidence must be presented to the tournament director immediately upon returning to Mission Bay, followed by a written protest no more than 30 minutes after the verbal protest.

Any verbal or physical abuse or threats from entrants toward Jackpot staff is cause for a team's disqualification.

WON reserves the right to deny any teams' or individual's entry. Also note that the above rules are subject to change prior to the event.

Teams which weigh in fish cannot continue to fish that day. All boats that weigh in fish the first day are subject to a thorough boat inspection at the dock by a tournament staffer.


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