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Bob Vanian's 976-Bite Hot Bite

Blue marlin, wahoo more prevalent in SoCal
Blue marlin, striped marlin, wahoo: Where are we?!



What a season! This past week of fall fishing in SoCal that looked a Baja week of big game fishing, saw some days of excellent offshore fishing with yellowfin tuna, dorado, yellowtail and striped marlin biting in areas ranging from Catalina and San Clemente Islands on down to some of the offshore banks outside of Ensenada. Some true exotics once again entered the picture with blue marlin, shortbill spearfish and wahoo biting and making their presence known.

The best area for the tuna fishing in more northern offshore waters is the region of the 277 Spot, the 289 Spot and the 209 Spot. The 200 fathom curve off Pyramid Head at San Clemente Island produced some good yellowfin tuna action as well. In the San Diego area, productive tuna bite zones have been the 224 Spot, 302 Spot, 182 Spot and 181 Spot.

Most of the yellowfin tuna have been in the 8- to 20-pound range with some bigger fish to 40 pounds in the mix.The dorado have varied in size and have been going between 7 and 35 pounds.Most of the yellowtail have been 3- to 6- pound fish with a slight increase in the numbers of larger yellowtail to 20 pounds showing in the mix.

The tuna action has been coming in a variety of ways with trolling strikes, kelp paddies, spots of puddling fish, meter marks, working tern birds, porpoise schools and spots of breaking fish all leading to action. Drifting and soaking baits around some of the banks and in the area off Pyramid Head has also been an effective technique. This drifting technique works best when you know you are in an area where fish are up and active.

Some individual reports start with a report from Captain Ron Bowers of the Salt Fever who fished a 2-day trip over the weekend that produced 53 yellowfin tuna. Bowers found most of his action while drifting in about 200 fathoms of water off Pyramid Head at San Clemente Island. Saturday provided much better action than Sunday as they caught 50 yellowfin on Saturday and saw the catch drop to 3 yellowfin on Sunday morning. The yellowfin were reported to be running from 12 to 20 pounds.

Jim Cook of the Ambusher fished on Sunday and reported catching 10 yellowfin tuna and several yellowtail. He had his best stop from an early morning kelp paddie he found between Oceanside and the 209 Spot at 39 miles 313 degrees from Point Loma. He said the yellowtail came from a kelp paddie he found 15 miles off Oceanside and reported that they were a better grade yellowtail than what has been around under most of the paddies in recent weeks.

Captain Bob James of the Lynn Marie fished on Sunday and reported catching 5 dorado and a bunch of small yellowtail that they released. Four of the dorado came from a kelp paddie found outside of the 302 Spot at 26 miles 228 degrees from Point Loma. A kelp paddie in this same area produced a marlin hookup. The marlin ate two sardines that were intended for yellowfin tuna or dorado. One of the outfits had 25 pound test on it and the other had 30 pound test. They had some fun fighting the marlin but it was ultimately lost. One of the outfits had the light fluorocarbon leader wear through and the other outfit had the hook break. Their day was topped off with a big 25 pound dorado which was caught while trolling past a kelp paddie outside of the middle part of the 9 Mile Bank.

Jim Covell of the Sea Bear reported fishing on Saturday and catching 12 yellowfin tuna and a bunch of small yellowtail. Covell ran up from San Diego to fish between the 289 Spot and the 277 Spot and had his best action from a kelp paddie found at 51 miles 289 degrees from Point Loma. He said their catch included some quality sized yellowfin and that half of their yellowfin were up over 25 pounds.

Captain Billy of the Efishnsea reported fishing out by the 182 Spot on Saturday and finding the tuna fishing scratchy in catching 2 yellowfin tuna, 1 skipjack and a lot of small yellowtail that they released. His only tuna stop of the day came from a spot of working tern birds found at 27 miles 265 degrees from Point Loma.

Wahoo have been in the local picture over the past few days with 2 being weighed in at Dana Point on Friday and with two being caught in the San Diego area at the 9 Mile Bank and the Hidden Bank on Sunday. Private boater John Ohanian of Wayne Moulden's boat GW reported about a wahoo they caught while fishing into the east of the Mackerel Bank on Friday. The angler was Paul Bunkers and with Wayne Moulden at the helm. The wahoo weighed 47.3 pounds when weighed in at the Dana Point Fuel Dock and bit a Zuker marlin jig.

John Van Dixhorn at the Dana Point Fuel Dock reported weighing in another wahoo on Friday in addition to the one weighed in by the GW. This fish was caught on the private boat Otter Pop and weighed 43.5 pounds. The angler was Rick Town and the fish bit on a Rapala. The fish was caught while fishing about 14 miles outside of Dana Point on a course to the 277 Spot.

On Sunday morning, private boater Captain Bob Woodard Jr. of the Dropback was out looking for marlin outside of the middle part of the 9 Mile Bank. He did not have any luck with the marlin but while trolling home across the middle part of the inside of the 9 Mile Bank he caught a 39.8 pound wahoo. The fish was weighed in at The Marlin Club and bit on a blue and orange color Maurader. There was another report of a wahoo being caught at the Upper Hidden Bank late Sunday afternoon.

Marlin have been biting at a variety of spots with some blue marlin in the mix with the striped marlin we are accustomed to having in our local offshore waters. Productive areas have been spots such as the Avalon Bank, the 14 Mile Bank, the West End of Catalina, the 152 Spot, the 277 Spot, the 209 Spot, the 182 Spot, the 9 Mile Bank, the 224 Spot, the 302 Spot and the 371 Bank.

The Marlin Club had its ILTT Tournament on Friday and Saturday and there were what I believe to have been 5 marlin caught and released during the 2 days of fishing. The top boat was the Osprey with 2 marlin released and Wayne Slahor was the high angler with his catch and release of a marlin while fishing aboard the Osprey. After looking at pictures, it is believed that one of the marlin released during the tournament was a blue marlin which was caught and released aboard the Lively One while fishing outside of the middle part of the 9 Mile Bank on Saturday. The Lively One was red hot on the exotic species on Saturday and caught and released a shortbill spearfish as well.

Blue marlin were in the picture for boats fishing off the San Diego area coast and at spots around and about the East End of Catalina. There were a few blue marlin hookup reports for boats fishing areas around the East End of Catalina over the weekend. In the San Diego region, in addition to the blue marlin released aboard the Lively One there was a blue marlin hookup lost aboard the Encounter after a 7 hour battle. The Marlin Club reports weighing in what they believe to be a 125.6 pound blue marlin on Sunday. The fish was caught aboard the Claudia while fishing at the Hidden Bank.

Ken Schilling had a hot day on the striped marlin fishing on Saturday while fishing out by the 302 Spot and reported 2 marlin releases. One of the marlin was caught on a mackerel and the other was caught on a jig. One of the marlin was caught by the high spot at the 302 Spot and the other was caught while fishing 4.5 miles 190 degrees from the 302 Spot.


Cabo, Baja updates after Odile
As of Monday:Mexico pushes back against Hurricane Odile devastation

Locals are reporting a massive repair and cleanup by all facets of the Mexican government; airport to reopen no earlier than the 26th; see hotel reopening projections (below)


WON Staff Writer

CABO SAN LUCAS-- The aftermath of Hurricane Odile on Cabo San Lucas Sept. 14 left massive destruction to the marinas and town as documented by the media and Facebook accounts as the horror unfolded.

But by the Friday and through the weekend the military and federal and local government and businesses combined efforts to restore order, repair roads, clean debris, and begin the task of rebuilding.

While Mexico is usually accused of being slow to repair or build, the full force of Mexico’s government was enlisted. Heavy equipment for roads, troops on every corner and patrolling neighborhoods day and night, ground crews and helicopters uprighting transfer line towers and hundreds of downed power poles, a massive evacuation at the airport while jet after jet and ferries from government and relief organizations brought in food and services.

It was all on a scale that no one in Baja had every seen before. Power was restored by Monday to most areas of Cabo, all roads to La Paz and the airport and the East Cape were open in some form in one or two lanes, and markets in Cabo that had been stripped bare in looting over two days were restocked, WON learned. Similar reports were received from the East Cape and La Paz.

In a late report, it appears the airport, which received structural damage, will not reopen until Sept. 26th at the earliest. There is also the question of personnel even when it does open, as many are displaced. So do not expect normal wait times in the coming weeks.

“As it stands now, things are improving by leaps and bounds,” e-mailed longtime Cabo resident Bryan Harris of Solomon’s Landing restaurant in Cabo. He and others have been Facebooking, one of the primary methods of communication after the storm. “All facets of the Mexican government have stepped up and sent help to us in Los Cabos (and beyond). The military is clearing away the debris and rebuilding the town, literally. CFE (Federal electricity company) has sent equipment and teams of workers to help restore power to 100 percent of all of Los Cabos, and for that, we are thankful.” The restaurant reopened Tuesday with a limited menu.

Mike Tumbiero, who owns the Renegade Mike charterboat and is a WON Field Reporter, Facebooked said he was shocked at how violent the storm was as he stayed inside his home in Cabo. His boat, stripped of all outriggers and canvas and outriggers as a precaution, was not damaged. Looting and home invasions by roving bands of gangs looking for anything to steal, were rampant. Then the military moved in. By Monday, Tumbiero said the port was open, power was restored, and markets were stocked with food.

The resurrection of Cabo had begun at warp speed, but many areas of Cabo were without power as crews worked.

”Our major grocery store is up and running,” said Tumbiero on Sunmday night. “Gas stations operational, normal. There’s plenty of drinking water. Just found an ATM open so got more cash. More military showed up. They are everywhere. Going home now but coming back to marina later to see football scores.”

The reports of damage from Odile were widespread and shocking. Several large boats in the marina broke free with docks attached and slammed into others. Smaller boats, water taxis and pangas, without bilge pumps, filled with water and sunk. Several yachts after the storm were taken to Mazatlan by crews, dealing with damaged homes and no food and fearful of looting which for the most part ended after two or three days when troops arrived. In most cases, boats survived the blows, some were damaged. Most charterboats, such as those owned by the Pisces fleet, were pulled and suffered no damage, said Tracy Ehrenberg reported to WON.

“According to our Capt. Marquez, it was the most severe damage he had ever seen in Cabo San Lucas in all his 50-plus years of living there. While we had our share of rain from Odile, it was the wind and inner-harbor surge that caused so much damage.”

Hurricane Polo, on the heels of Odile, tracked West over the weekend, bouncing off the colder upwelling caused by Odile, and brought minimal wind and rain to the area as rebuilding continued.

Relief effort organizations came to the rescue. Wayne Bisbee, tournament director of the Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament in Cabo San Lucas, announced a comprehensive aid plan to help.

“We’re creating a ‘call to action’ throughout the global sportfishing family to help those who have suffered so much in this natural disaster,” Bisbee said. “We’re donating $250,000 in seed money to the Bisbee’s Cabo Relief Fund and are asking our generous fellow anglers to help out by donating themselves. The money will be routed through the Rotary Club International’s Boulder City, NV Club to get where it’s needed the most.”

“The second prong of our plan is to help the sportfishing operators get back on the water, so they can again earn money and support their families,” Bisbee adds. “A portion of the donations will be ear-marked to help independently-owned charter boats, bait pangas and eco-tourism guides repair their boats and replace lost gear. We will be granting small business loans and gifts to help those individuals recover. Our goal is to help the independent sportfishing businesses resume operations as quickly as possible.”

To make a donation to help support the Bisbee’s Cabo Relief Fund, please visit and look for the Donate link on the home page.

In terms of events and tournaments, a wahoo tourney is San Jose Del Cabo in five weeks was cancelled by the Puerto Los Cabos Marina, but the Marlin Magazine tourney, the Baby Bisbee’s, the Bisbee’s Black & Blue Marlin Tournament and the WON Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament Nov. 5-8 will all go on as planned.

-- MULEGE: No report this past week. A mess. Flooding. As with most of those areas, updates will be on as we get them.

-- LORETO: Loreto got very lucky with Hurricane Odile. There was wind damage everywhere you looked but not a lot of serious problems.

“Many of the beach palapas north of the marina were destroyed,” Rick Hill of Loreto Sea and Land Eco Tours said. “People with palapa roofs and composite shingle roofs will be tearing what's left off and rebuilding. Electric service was back by midnight, with some off times the next day. The rain count was not as high as our previous storm. But four inches of rain at 100 miles per hours does get everything wet. Our local road damage was all repaired within 48 hours.”

“We had one trip on the water after the storm,” Hill said. “Some dorado crazy anglers wanted to circle the debris paddies. But a late start and no live bait produced none and they ended up with the Loreto assortment of bottomfish including pinto bass, reds and triggerfish.”

“It will take a week for all the tiny particles to settle out before the dorado will be back in town,” Hill said. “Loreto was very lucky with this past storm, more so than any other part of Baja Sur except the East Cape.”

-- MAGDALENA BAY: Bob Hoyt from Mag Bay Outfitters said as of Saturday they still had no power or water. “We just got cell service back,” he said. “There are a few trees down. But the gas station tank blew over so there’s no gas in town. Otherwise, everything is pretty good. The road to Lopez is always passable accept for the usual pot holes.”

-- LA PAZ: From Jonathan Roldan of Tailhunters in a last-minute report: “We have had pangas fishing the last few days, but catching has been tougher as the waters are all turned up. But we're fully operational and taking walk-in reservations daily. The city took a bad hit, but cleanup was quick once the troops moved in and the evacuation from Cabo was completed. Photos of the bay and hotels and malecon took as though little had happened. An amazing effort.

--EAST CAPE: Like the rest of Baja Sur, there is a lot of cleaning up to do, but things are much better here than they are in Cabo. As of Monday, there was still no power or internet but generators were providing interim power. Markets were restocked and hotels were cleaned up and awaiting visitors. The airport flights were the primary issue.

“We had four boats go out on Wednesday and Thursday and they landed some 40-pound tuna, a few dorado and some sailfish,” Eddie Dalmau from Palmas de Cortez said.

“The hotels are both in good shape,” Dalmau said. “We lost the palapa at Playa Del Sol, which was the small palapa covering the bar. Palmas had five broken windows and minor palapa damage. We are running generators at both hotels so we have internet and the land lines are working but there is no federal power, water or cell service yet.”

“It is sad what has happened down south of us at Buenavista Beach Resort, and our hearts and prayers go out to everyone,” Felipe Valdez said. “But here at the resort the only problems we had were a few downed trees and branches, much of which has been cleaned up already. To look at our place you wouldn’t know anything had happened except we are running our generator.”

- SAN JOSE DEL CABO (LOS CABOS): No power so no report but the marina is said to be 85 percent in order, although it sustained a lot of broken windows. The stackable boat storage sustained little or no damage, WON learned. The panga fleet marina was hit hard, and there was some damage to the rip-rap from storm surge and huge swells.

Club Vagabundos sent these road reports:

-Roads throughout Baja California Sur are flooded and impassable. We highly recommend not traveling south of San Quintin at this time. Below are specific updates are we are hearing them:

-Highway 1 at Cataviña (km 193) is flooded and damaged

-There is no passage through Vizcaino. San Pablo arroyo has 2 meters of water. And one of the bridges near Palo Verde collapsed.

-L.A. Bay is inaccessible with the main arroyo flooded.

-The road from Los Barriles to the San Jose del Cabo airport is not passable as the bridge at Caduaño is down.It was expected to be repaired or passable by the end of the weekend.

-In Mulege the first arroyo south of Coyote on the highway has been washed out

-The road between Loreto and Tripui is open

-The road to La Paz from Cabo is passable, but it’s down to one lane

-In Santa Rosalía, the road is open north to Vizcaíno and south to La Paz but it is rough

-Some bits of road near Todos Santos are damaged, but not completely, so that they can be used with care and order

-Las Cuevas bridge is open, Caduaño bridge is not. Road is open from La Ribera to Los Barriles

-Roads between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas are clear and safe to travel

-The road between Loreto and La Paz is open.

-Fuel is another issue for anyone considering driving


Alphabetical Listing of Hotel Damage & Reopening Update as of Sept 20, 2014

Bahia Hotel - Only minimal damage. Oct 30 "or sooner".

Barcelo Grand Faro - Still Assessing. Tentatively Sept 22

Cabo Azul - December

Cabo Pulmo Resort - Minimal damage. Operational.
Cabo Villas - Minimal damage. Sept 27

Capella Pedral - Oct 1
Casa Dorada - Oct 9

Club Cascadas - Oct 15

Club Regina - Oct 31

Dreams - Cosmetic damage and debris - No structural damages. Oct 15.

East Cape Resorts - Minor damage - fully operational.

East Cape RV – Three trees down - no major damage to trailers or palapas - no damage to boats.

Esperanza - October 13

Fiesta Americana - Nov 15 for big corporate group - Nov 23 for individual reservations.

Finisterra (Sandos) - Tentative date of October 1.

Grand Mayan - Significant damage. Closed for approx 2 months.

Grand Solmar - Oct 22

Hacienda Beach Club - Oct 15

Hacienda del Mar - Oct 31
Hacienda Encantada - Oct 15

Hilton Los Cabos - Still Assessing.

Holiday Inn – Nov 1st

Hotel Los Pescadores - Closed for a week or so.

Hyatt Place - Oct17

Hyatt Ziva – Oct 17

Las Ventanas - Assessing damage. Update to be released Sept 22.

Los Barriles - Minor damage. Fully operational.

Los Cabos Golf Resort - Closed for 2 weeks for clean-up.

Marina Fiesta - Oct 15

ME Cabo - Oct 16

Melia Real - Oct 15

One & Only Palmilla - Oct 15

Playa Grande - Oct 22

Pueblo Bonito Blanco (Los Cabos) - No structural damage - . Oct 1

Pueblo Bonito Montecristo - No structural damage. Oct 1

Pueblo Bonito Rose - No structural damage. Oct 1

Pueblo Bonito Pacifica - No structural damage. Oct 1

Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach - No structural damage. Oct 1

Quinta del Sol - Oct 22

Rancho Leonero - Minimal damage. Fully operational.

Riu Palace - No official word at the time of this writing.

Riu Santa Fe - Significant damage. No official info at the time of this writing.

Royal Decameron - Oct 17

Royal Solaris - Oct 10

Secrets Marquis - Cosmetic damage – No serious structural damages. Oct 15.

Secrets Puerto Los Cabos - Cosmetic damage - No structural damage. Oct 15.

Sheraton - Significant damage. Closed until "at least" October 31.

Solmar - Oct 22

Villa del Arco - Oct 1

Villa del Palmar -. Oct 1

Villa La Estancia -.Oct 1

Westin - Oct 31.

Worldmark Coral Baja - Jan 31

Wyndham - Oct 1.

Zoetry - Oct 15.

Bob Vanian's 976-Bite Hot Bite

Marlin action still going strong
The fishing for a mix of yellowfin tuna, dorado, skipjack and yellowtail remains very good and at times the bite has been outstanding. The action has become more hit or miss in being able to get a wide open stop going but there are some stops to be found that produce wide open yellowfin tuna action. Much of the recent hot fishing has been found in United States waters and some of the wide open yellowfin stops have allowed anglers to achieve their California daily limit of 10 yellowfin tuna.

The best current hot tuna bite areas are for boats fishing the region of the 209 Spot, the 277 Spot and the area inside of the 289 Spot. Boats from harbors ranging from Point Loma on up to the Long Beach/San Pedro area and beyond have been converging around these banks to sample the fishing. Other productive tuna areas have been the 267 Spot, the 181 Spot, the 224 Spot and the 302 Spot.

The yellowfin tuna have been going from 8 to 30 pounds with most in the 12- to 20-pound class. Most of the yellowtail have been 3- to 4-pound fish with some bigger yellows to 20 pounds sometimes found in the mix. The dorado have been mostly nice sized fish that are over 10 pounds and they have been running from 7 to 35 pounds.

Most of the offshore action has been found from kelp paddies but spots of working birds, porpoise schools, meter marks and blind trolling strikes sometimes lead to action as well.

Captain Tony Souza of the private boat Green Bee fished on Tuesday and then fished again for a few hours on Wednesday morning and he reported about their 2 days on the water. Souza reported picking up 10 dorado, 6 yellowfin tuna and 22 yellowtail on Tuesday and then caught 5 yellowfin tuna and 3 yellowtail in their short amount of fishing time on Wednesday morning.

Souza found action while working the areas of the 224 Spot and the 302 Spot at the Kidney Bank and reported that kelp paddies produced most of their action. Wednesday's action came from a kelp paddie found inside of the 302 Spot at 18 miles 214 degrees from Point Loma. Souza's report was that their 10 dorado from Tuesday's fishing were good sized fish that went to 32 pounds.

Captain Scott Meisel of the Condor out of Fisherman's Landing fished a 1.5 day trip on Thursday and reported excellent fishing as his 20 anglers posted a catch that included 150 yellowfin tuna. He said they were mixed sized fish that went from 8 to 22 pounds. Meisel reported getting most of their fish from one hot kelp paddie that they drifted by 7 times.

It is often overlooked with all the good fishing going on offshore, but there has been good yellowtail and bonito fishing for boats fishing the Coronado Islands. Productive areas have been the weather side of North Island, the Middle Grounds, the north end of South Island, the Ribbon Kelp and the South Kelp Ridge.

Seals remain a big problem at the Coronados and skippers tend to want to remain mobile by trolling and then fishing with bait and lures while they drift after getting a trolling strike. The seals are still a problem, but they are a much more difficult problem if you anchor and are stationary. Trolling action has been coming on slow trolled live sardines as well as on tuna feathers and Rapalas. The yellowtail have been mixed size fish that have ranged from 5 to 30 pounds.

Private boater John Carroll of the Huachinango reported fishing a recent trip to the Coronado Islands and reported catching 15 yellowtail, 4 calico bass and a lot of bonito that were released. Carroll reported that the Ribbon Kelp area produced their best action. They got their action by slow trolling sardines and then drifting and fishing with live sardines and fishing iron after getting a trolling strike.

Carroll said that they kept their 6 larger sized yellowtail and released the rest. The yellows they kept ranged in size from 12 to 23.5 pounds. The bonito were reported to be mixed size fish that went to 10.3 pounds. Their calico bass were also impressive fish that were in the 4 to 6 pound class.

Marlin fishing continues to provide action with recent catches being reported by boats fishing spots around the eastern part of Catalina. On Thursday, there were 3 or 4 marlin released in the Catalina area with action coming from the Avalon Bank, the area out in front of Avalon, the Slide and the 152 Spot.

In the San Diego region this morning's fishing (Friday morning) has seen some marlin biting out in the area of the 224 Spot for boats fishing the first day of The Marlin Club's ILTT Tournament. There have been 4 hookups reported in the tournament this morning with 2 fish jig fish coming unbuttoned, one being lost at the boat and the fourth being tagged and released by angler Jim Konzal while fishing aboard the boat Osprey.

Last Sunday, the boat Reel Nice and Easy hooked an estimated 500- to 600-pound blue marlin while fishing between the Slide and the 152 Spot off the East End of Catalina. I had a chance to talk with Captain Clayton Dobbs of the Reel Nice and Easy who filled in some details about their thrilling blue marlin encounter. Dobbs said they would have qualified for a clean release of the fish had they intended to release it as they had the leader in hand when it was lost it due to the gaff hitting the leader. They also had the wind on leader onto the reel 4 times during the course of the battle before the fish was lost.

What a battle it was! They fought the fish for 5.5 hours and traveled 8.6 miles in reverse during the long battle. Dobbs commended angler Brent Tholones on his skill and endurance in fighting the fish during the 5.5 hour standup fight. Dobbs said there were some puddling skipjack in the area when they got bit and interestingly enough, the fish bit a skipjack color (black, purple and silver) KK Pono jig.

They fought the big blue marlin on a Penn Torque reel and an 8-foot Seeker marlin caster rod that they were trolling because one of their trolling outfits needed repair. The Penn Torque reel had 55 pound test spectra backing, a 50 pound monofilament top shot and a 125 pound test leader with a bird ahead of the jig. Dobbs said he originally estimated the fish to be about 400 pounds but said that a Captain who has caught a lot of blue marlin saw the fish jumping from a nearby boat and said it appeared to be a 500 to 600 pound blue marlin.

The fall fishing season can often provide some of the best action of the year. It is hard to imagine something that could top what we have seen so far during this offshore fishing season with blue marlin and wahoo in the picture but who knows, something even more extra special could happen to put the frosting on what has already been an incredible season of offshore fishing.

* * *

It is my goal to provide you timely and accurate information in these reports containing news from right off the water. If you require more details that include the specific location of where catches have been made, I refer you to the daily Member’s Reports at . Those Member’s Reports contain additional specifics that include latitude and longitude coordinates and other descriptive references about where and how fish are being caught. Make the most efficient use of your precious time on the water with the use of timely and accurate information.

Chris Dunn - The Fishing Weatherman

The Fishing Weatherman Report for Sept. 19, 2014
Here's this week's video weather forecast...


Big Bear TroutfesT, Oct. 4-5, 2014
It’ll be here sooner than you think

If this summer is akin to most others, the time will be flying by over the next couple of months, and the tenth annual Big Bear Lake TroutfesT will be upon us in what is seemingly no time at all. And what better way to transition from summer to fall than with perhaps what is the most fun-filled, family-oriented fishing tournament of the year in Southern California?

CLICK HERE to sign up for the 2014 Big Bear Lake Troutfest


THE GRAND RAFFLE PRIZE, to be raffled off to one lucky angler, will be a Klamath 16 EXW. Boat package, which includes trailer and 40 hp Mercury FourStroke, is valued at $19,500.

Western Outdoor News’ annual Big Bear TroutfesT turns 10 years old this year, marking a terrific run of a decade’s worth of fun and successful trout tournaments that have provided countless smiles and good times for anglers of all ages in the scenic San Bernadino Mountains. The beauty of the TroutfesT is that it simply isn’t your typical true fishing “tournament,” but rather, an opportunity for a few days of family fun, light-hearted competition and a chance to enjoy the many unique things Big Bear has to offer.

Now is the time to ensure you and your friends and family jump on board for this year’s Troutfest by signing up early and locking up your spot in the tourney – and making sure that you’re among the first 600 anglers to sign up in order to secure your free goodie bag stuffed with some great giveaways from many of the event’s sponsors. The maximum number of anglers for the tournament is 1,000, and the event has sold out in the past, so be sure to get in early.

Keeping in tradition with every previous TroutfesT, this year’s event is loaded with droves of great divisional prizes, raffle prizes and blind bogey awards that regular participants of the annual tournament have come to expect. From great divisional prizes, blind bogey prizes and tagged and big fish awards, on up to the always-coveted grand raffle prize of the Klamath boat/Mercury motor package valued at $19,500, there are quite a few ways to end the weekend as a winner at the 2014 Big Bear TroutfesT.


PANTHER MARTIN AND SEA EAGLE is raffling off a new 285 Frameless Pontoon Boat with MinnKota trolling motor!

As always with the event, Troutfest has proved to be a fantastic event for families and kids. Year after year, countless youngsters have an absolute blast catching trout and being a legitimate part of the friendly competition.

Last year, two elated young anglers emerged victorious in their respective Junior Male and Junior Female divisions. Isaiah Wersky, 6, was impressively able to crack the double-digit mark with his two-day total weight of 10.05 pounds to take first place for the males, while 8-year-old Taylor Donahue of Norco amassed a 7.12-pound bag of six fish over the two days to take top Junior Female honors.

On the adult side, it was Chris Henke taking the male division with a 15.3-pound total weight, while Maureen Treacy’s two full limits of trout added up to 14.5 pounds, conquering her fellow female competitors by a margin of nearly 5 pounds!

Tons of trout are on tap to be stocked in Big Bear Lake prior to the TroutfesT to ensure there will be plenty of heavy-hitting action, whether you choose to soak bait, troll or toss lures. And another great aspect of the event is that you don’t even need a boat to score both plenty of fish and swag at TroutfesT. Anglers fishing the event can fish from shore or nearly any other type of floating vessel – so long as it’s legally permissible according the official TroutfesT rules.

So scrap any tentative plans you may have for the first weekend of October, get the family or friends together, and get in on the loads of fun sure to be had at the 10th annual Big Bear TroutfesT.

Aside from the free goodies, great chances to win big and a good ol’ fashioned trout fishing weekend, the 2014 TroutfesT is sure provide great moments and memories that will last a lifetime.

Destination Big Bear Cabins - Special TroutfesT 2014 Offer

One (1) FREE entry fee, a $75 value, if you book your cabin for Big Bear Troutfest 2014 with Destination Big Bear for the tournament, plus the chance to win a free stay for next year's Big Bear TroutfesT. One free entry per cabin rental. Click HERE for more details or call (909) 752-0234

For more information or to register for this year’s event, contact Tournament Director Bill Egan at (949) 366-0030, ext. 40, enter online CLICK HERE, or fill out and submit the entry form in the pages of this week’s edition of WON.


SPORT CHALET WILL be giving away up to $4,250 in gift cards at the TroutfesT! Every angler (up to 1,000) will get a $5 Sport Chalet gift card just for entering the event!

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