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The Fishing Weatherman Report for Oct. 30, 2014
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Cousins Surf Fishing Round-Up

Perch action picking up
Bonito still splashing around Goleta Beach and off the pier according to Tiffany at Hook, Line and Sinker in Santa Barbara. Anglers throwing ¾ ounce Krocodiles in chrome blue or chrome green. The harbormouth still kicking out legal halibut with the occasional short to legal white seabass. Smelt pattern swimbaits and hard jerk baits working well. Perch action picking up for anglers throwing Carolina rigged Gulp! Sandworms and motor oil grubs. The better fish have been running from 1 to 2 pounds.

MALIBU — The perch bite continues to improve reported Ginny at Wiley’s. Saturday’s Uptown Derby posted lots of fish in the 1½- to 2-pound class. Dave Keely from Tustin won the derby with a 2-pound, 2-ounce perch taken off Ventura on a ghost shrimp. The halibut bite has also been picking up off the Chart House. Zef Salcedo from San Fernando scored a 5-pound ,1-ounce fish on an 1½-ounce chrome blue Krocodile. There’s also been a lots of corbina in the same area. Pier anglers reported lots of bonito. Best bets have been spoons and splashers fished under the birds.

REDONDO BEACH — Perch bite has very good on smaller models, according to Pete at Just Fishing tackle. Grubs, Gulp! Sandworms, and mussel all scoring fish. Some better quality corbina swimming along south Torrance Beach. Bring you’re A game to get a bite on these line shy fish. Low light has been best bet. Good leopard bite continues along El Segundo and Torrance beaches. Flylining a half mackerel on heavy leader has been the ticket for fish to 40 pounds.

SEAL BEACH — Big Fish reported a continued good bite on better corbina off 72nd place jetty, Bolsa Chica and Surfside beaches. Lots of fish in the 3 pound class with a few kickers in the 4 pound class. Ghost shrimp, fresh mussel and soft shells all producing. Croaker bite continues steady with more yellowfin than spotfin. The yellowfin have been running from 1 to 3 pounds and a few spotfin have been pushing 5 pounds. Lugworms and ghost shrimp have been working well. Bonito schools chasing bait from the Seal Beach to the Belmont piers. Spoons and splashers working best. Leopard shark fishing very good at San Gabriel River Channel.

COSTA MESA — The best bet has been the halibut bite off River Jetties, according to Jimmy’s Bait and Tackle. Using an umbrella net to make smelt in the sloughs has been the ticket. Plenty of shorts with some quality kicker fish in the mix. Bonito chasing bait off the Newport and Balboa piers. Splasher rigs and spoons working well. Still plenty of corbina around. Some better fish going on the bite as sandcrabs concentrations fade.

DANA POINT — Hogan’s reported improved perch bite off Strands and Salt Creek. Carolina rigged grubs and Gulp! Baits scoring fish to 1½ pounds. Halibut starting to show in and around the harbor. Drop-shotting small soft jerk baits along the jetties and in the channels has been taking fish to 8 pounds. The lugworm bite off Doheny continues good for a mix of perch, croaker, short seabass and the occasional sand bass. Corbina guys quietly scoring some quality late season fish along Capo Bay. Soft shells and fresh mussel getting bites as sandcrabs getting tougher to find.

OCEANSIDE — Corbina bite has been the best bet according to Pacific Coast. Finally conditions have straightened out and some late season corbina have been on the bite. With the sand crabs getting harder to find, exotic baits like ghost shrimp, razor clams, lugworms and mussels have been working well. Early morning incoming tide has been best. A few halibut starting to show in the lagoons along with good numbers of yellowfin and spotfin. Live smelt and cut anchovies have been working for the grits. Lugworms and mussel for the croaker.

SOLANA BEACH — Torrey Pines and Blacks continues to be the best bet for late season corbina. Lots of quality fish have been cruising the shallows. Mornings and evenings have been the best times. More bites coming on blind strikes in the trench or holes rather than sight casting to cruising fish. Halibut starting to show off Ponto on smelt colored hard jerk baits.

Jonathan Roldan's Blog

Reducing the doofus quotient
This is that time of year when fishing tournaments run rampant in Baja and other parts of Mexico. Why not? In many respects, this part of the season is the best time for the “glamour” fish like marlin, sailfish, tuna, wahoo and dorado. It’s a great time to be on the water.

In fact, by the time you’re reading this, we’ll just be about a week out from the start of the 16th Annual Western Outdoor News/ Yamaha Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament. Having been an editor and staff member for WON since 2006, we really look forward to the event all year and seeing so many familiar faces and having a great time.

Western Outdoor News Editor, event director and “master of ceremonies” Pat McDonell hosts an incredible show for everyone. More than 100 teams from all over the country pile into town for the fishing party.

How can you go wrong with a tournament that has a motto, “Fish Hard Party Harder!” Check out all the details here. It’s Nov. 5th-8th:

Having worked this tournament as well as many others over the years and participated as a crew-member or angler in other events, I’ve got some observations about how to enhance your tournament experience and reduce your “doofus” factor a few notches.

It’s all about attitude. Yes, this is a competition. Everyone wants to get that big check, but it’s supposed to be fun. Remember, you left the office, traffic jams and meetings back home. The sun is out. The margaritas are cold. You’re among friends. Enjoy the time.

One overly-competitive high-strung-wound-up-underwear-twisted-person on the team can ruin it for everyone on the boat and on shore. Don’t be that person. Remember, you’re not alone and you’re not the only fisherman. And there’s a lot of GOOD fishermen out there.

Respect where respect is due. Your captain and crew have probably forgotten more than you will ever know about fishing these waters. They fish more in one year than you will your entire fishing career. Remember, they are part of your team. Work together. Listen to their advice. They want to win as badly as you do!

Work out bonus and tip money ahead of time. Will they get a percentage of winnings? Extra money is a nice motivation.

If the rod goes off, work out a fair rotation with your amigos about who gets to grab the rod. Rock…paper…scissor…

Be careful of what you say on the open radio! The whole world is listening…and probably in several different languages!

If you lose or break gear, offer to replace it or pay for it. It’s only fair.

No matter how much you plan, the unexpected happens. It might be bait, luggage, food, some other jerk…Hey, roll with it. “Spit” happens, right? Some things are just not controllable. How you deal with it is the difference between an “adventure/inconvenience” or a “crisis. “

Share! I’ve seen fishing team members roll out to the boat carrying everything from bottles of expensive wine to gourmet meats and cheeses and everything in between. And then they don’t offer a thing to the captain or crew who may or may not have anything more than a rolled up tortilla and a thermos jug of water.

If your “team” has hats and shirts whether it’s “ Team Joe’s Auto Parts” or “The Reel Screamers” or “Fred’s Flatulent Fishing Fanatics,” get gear for everyone! Everyone loves swag and your captain and crew will wear them proudly.

While you’re at it, don’t forget your “land crew” either. I highly recommend family, spouses and significant others at these events. Heck, consider them for fishing, but even if not, remember them, too! They’re your support team!

These events are a social event, in many cases. Even more so than a sporting event. Fishing is just the vehicle that gets everyone down to party! Chances are this event has evening soirees and banquets. Everyone plays. No one sits on the beach. So make sure you bring in your support team as well as your captain and crew. Great fun. Great bonding! It may cost you an extra fee for the wristband. It’s worth it.

Don’t make YOUR negligence someone else’s emergency. The tournament director and staff have their hands full. He does not know where you left your iPhone. The staff does not know the name of the bar you were at last night where you left your official tournament t-shirt. Likewise, it’s not THEIR fault you accepted a “double-dog-dare” and removed your shorts in the hotel Jacuzzi and got asked to leave.

Basically, don’t be a knucklehead or the guy everyone points at. Be on time. Read your materials. KNOW THE RULES. Play fair. Be a good sport.

Hope to see you in Cabo at the Tournament! You’ll see me working the scales with Pat and Big Mike. Come say hi and introduce yourself. Giant tuna are showing up so I hope to hoist one up for you in front of crowd!

Jim Niemiec's Blog

Kern opener delayed
 Due To Drought Conditions, Kern season delayed

 This is just in from Sacramento, as a press release: 

"Due to the severe drought conditions throughout California, waterfowl hunting on Kern National Wildlife Refuge will be delayed. The delay will be in effect until enough wetland acres are flooded to support a hunt program at the refuge. Drought conditions in the state have had a major effect on everyone that relies on water and has impacted the amount of habitat that Kern NWR can provide for migratory waterfowl."

“Although there has been a decrease in water allocation this year, it is our goal to flood acres to provide habitat on the refuge and hopefully provide recreational opportunities later this winter,” said Project Leader Nick Stanley."

"As waterfowl return to California, refuge management and staff will continue to plan for the optimal use of water for wildlife and habitat. Kern NWR will continue to update their website and the hunter hotline to provide the most current information about the hunt program."

SOCAL DUCK REPORT: No new ducks yet for waterfowl hunters


We need a storm to drive ‘em down!



WON Staff Writer

LAKEVIEW - Waterfowl hunters headed out with expectations of another weekend of good duck hunting at Southland refuges and duck clubs, but Mother Nature threw a curve ball finding most hunters striking out on Saturday  as counts from refuges and clubs were significantly down from last weekend's opener and many a shot gunner walked out of a blind with perhaps a single duck hanging on the game strap.

            No new birds have moved down this portion of the Pacific flyway and it's going to take a strong winter storm system (similar to last year) to get ducks and geese started on their winter migration along this route of the Pacific flyway. Scouting by this Western Outdoor News hunting editor showed little in the way of any new ducks being attracted to wetlands all along Hwy. 101, at least south of Point Conception to the Mexican border.

Wister Wildlife Refuge – Hunting was extremely slow for Wister hunters on Sat. with only a total of 170 ducks shot by 146 hunters that resulted in a 1.2 per hunter average. Pintails were the number one duck on the comp list with 37 harvested to go along with 34 shovelers, 32 greenwing and a single Aleutian goose. Sunday was even slower for the few hunters that stuck it out with the average dropping below one bird per shooter. This popular refuge shoots on Wednesday, Saturday and Sunday. For more details on hunting Wister call the DFG on site office at (760) 359-0577.

Sonny Bono Salton Sea National Wildlife Refuge – No report prior to press time. For more information on hunting this national refuge call (760) 359-0577.

Finney-Ramer Unit – No report for this past week. Finney-Ramer is part of the Imperial Wildlife Area, located on the south end of the Salton Sea, is open to hunters 7 days a week under a self-registration and self-reporting system. For more details on this refuge managed by the Wister Unit call (760) 359-0577.

San Jacinto Wildlife RefugeDuck hunting fell way off for both the Wed. and Sat. shoots at this refuge. On Wed. there were132 hunters in blinds who combined to harvest just 205 ducks for a 1.55 per gun average. Top duck on the comp count was the green winged teal with 57 bagged. On Sat. 178 hunters headed out to blinds but they only harvested 156 ducks for a lowly .88 per gun average. GWT and shovelers topped the chart of birds killed. No refill hunters will be allowed to go into the field after 2 pm. Shoot days are Wednesday and Saturday and the draw on shoot days is 3 am. For more information contact the wildlife office at (951) 928-0580.

Lake Perris - No word on when this lake will begin shooting ducks again. Awaiting details on a "hunt plan" for the future. The San Jacinto Wildlife Area also manages this hunting area.

Prado Basin – Reports from the three clubs that operate over ponded water behind Prado Dam were not very good for the shoot this past Saturday, which produced very few ducks for all three clubs shooting in the basin. Kevin Kollock, manager of Raahauge's Duck Club reported rather poor shooting on Sat. with a mix of gadwall, mallards, teal and some wigeon bagged by hunters. The other two clubs shooting behind the dam also had a very dismal Sat. shoot as most of the birds are jumping around from the Santa Ana River, to nearby parks and golf courses according to Kollock.

            Raahauge's Duck Club has open blinds for hunters through the entire duck season for those who make advance reservations. For additional information call (951) 735-7981.

San Diego City Reservoirs – No report filed for from Lake Barrett, but they should be on-line by next week.

Kern National Wildlife Refuge  The refuge was forced to delay its opening due to lack of water. For additional information on hunting Kern call (661) 725-2767 or for the hunter information hotline call (661) 725-6504, which is updated after each shoot day. A web site is available to access hunt results and other information about this popular San Joaquin Valley hunting refuge.

Cibola/Lower Colorado River - Nothing new from the Arizona side of the river, as hunting remains slow for those hunting the river and there are only a few geese in the valley.



Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament

Field is up to 104 teams

Also, see details on a free entry into the event.  (See below) We are at 104 teams as of Wednesday afternoon. 


Donate articles of new clothing and get a free drink at Solomons Landing courtesy of Brian Solomon and Dave Bulthuis of Costa sunglasses

CABO SAN LUCAS — For the first time ever, a silent auction will be used for fundraising at the 16th annual Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament. The silent auction will be set up at the awards dinners Saturday night, Nov. 8, and will consist of a limited number of items donated by sponsors and others.

“While charity has always been a part of the Tuna Tourney and raises between $15 to $20,000 a year, it has not been the focus of the tourney. This year, after Hurricane Odile, it’s a different situation. It appears that people will be in a mood for charity and raising money, and I’ve learned over the years that usually they want me to live-auction prizes they want to donate,” said director and tourney emcee Pat McDonell.

He added, “The silent auction is the best way to keep the festivities flowing and it gives a wider range of people a chance to donate prizes and bid for them. I estimate we will have about 10 to 15 items, from tackle packages, hotel stays and trips to Alaska. We are not out soliciting them. Many are coming in, or will come in, and this is the best way to handle the efforts at generosity without turning the tournament into a four-day charity event.”

The money generated will be funneled into a fund that will go to providing assistance for local fishermen to rebuild their homes. While the hotels have the staff and insurance to rebuild quickly, that is the NOT the case for thousands of local residents who had their homes partially or completely destroyed.

McDonell said there will be the $10,000 Grand Prize Drawing like we do every year, the Costa Cabo Escape Charity Charter on Friday, and people can also donate by buying Costa clothing or gear or event Minerva shirts at check-in. All proceeds go to the charity fund. Yes, there will be one live auction item, a gold Tuna Pendant again donated by Jon Pettey Goldsmith.

If you would like to donate something for the silent auction, something that does not have to be shipped (that truck is already gone, headed down Mex. 1!) but which can be given away in certificate form or which is already in Cabo, contact director Pat McDonell at

If you would like to bring down clothing when you fly or drive down for the tourney, you can bring NEW articles of clothing to Solomon’s Landing restaurant, and Dave Bulthuis of Costa and Brian Solomon will buy you a drink. We’ll call it the Cabo Cocktail. We will have storage for the clothing, and they will be put to good use as many families lost everything in the storm.

WON CaboTuna Jackpot and the Cabo Charter Boat Hook-up Program

Fish for free with your entry paid for in a unique one-time only program to use Cabos’s charter boats in the Bisbee’s Black and Blue and the Cabo Tuna jackpot tournaments after Hurricane Odile.

CABO SAN LUCAS – Want to fish the Cabo Tuna Jackpot and don’t have a charter boat? Or funds are a little low? Well, there is a unique, one-time program in place for the Bisbee’s Black and Blue Marlin and the WON Cabo Tuna Jackpot Tournaments.

The Cabo Charter Hookup program is designed to simultaneously help the Cabo San Lucas charter boat industry bounce back from Hurricane Odile and offer opportunities for people to fulfill their dreams of fishing the Cabo Tuna Jackpot slated Nov. 5-8.

This year the first 10 teams who agree to hire a local Cabo charter crew will have their $800 tournament entry fee paid by the Cabo Charter Boat Hook-up program. Participants in the tournament traditionally include fishing crews who own their own vessels as well as teams who hire local charter boats.

“Cabo San Lucas has been so good to us throughout the years, we are grateful to have this opportunity to give back,” said a Cabo Charter Hookup spokesperson based in Cabo San Lucas. The program is being funded by the ‘Cabo Charter Boat Hook-up’ program whose goal is to have every reputable charter boat in Los Cabos to be in the Bisbee’sBlack and Blue and is now extending the same program to the 2014 Won Tuna Tournament. “The city is already well underway to being 100 percent ready. It’s now mostly a matter of polishing it up.”

Here's how it works:

This year, the first 10 teams who agree to hire a local Los Cabos charter crew will have their $800 tournament entry fee paid by the Cabo Charter Boat Hook-up program.

In an effort to level the playing field for everyone, a few stipulations have been set:

1.Each charter captain will have to agree to a standard same-across-the-board fee of $800/day.

2.All anglers taking part will agree to be assigned their charter crews randomly at a pre-tournament drawing ceremony. The Tuna Jackpot drawing will take place the day before check-in on Tuesday at 5 p.m., Nov. 4 at the marlin sculpture on the Cabo male con.

3.Each team must register and at that time pay the charter boat fee of $800/day plus applicable taxes in advance to save their spot as one of the first 10 teams.

Team Details:

1.The offer is only good for the first 10 teams that register and pay the charter boat fee of $800/day plus applicable taxes.

2.The offer is good for the base entry fee only and does not include jackpot entries or other side events. Teams may enter additional jackpot categories; however, these categories are not part of the offer and must be paid in full by the team prior to the start of the tournament.

3.This offer is open to any team that would like to participate, as long as they agree to hire a local charter that is randomly assigned to him or her at a pre-tournament drawing ceremony.

4.The team must register and pay for the charter boat fee ($800 day plus applicable taxes) in order to save their spot as one of the first 10 teams. If the fee is not paid, the team has not earned the free entry.

Charter Boat Details:

1.Must be registered as a tourist vessel with all relevant safety certifications

2.Between 30 feet LOA and 40 feet LOA.

3.Available for the full two days of the tournament

4.Agree to terms and conditions (no extra fees, no mileage limit, etc.)

Any charter boat operator who wants to register should contact the Cabo Charter Boat Hook-up Relief Fund Representatives: David Loaiza on his cellular at 624.191.0259 or email him at or Michelle Nataros at 624.129.8961 or email her at

 To sign up, please contact Denise at or call (949) 366-0030, ext 25. The basics of payment are below. 

How to Register: Register your team by filling out an entry form at first faxing it along with confirmation of your proof of payment for the Charter Boat fee in the amount of $1,856 (the $1,600 charter fee plus 16% IVA tax), along with the funds for any optionals that you would like to enter to fax number (949) 366-0804 . Funds are being accepted by wire transfer only.  For wire instructions please contact Denise at or call (949) 366-0030, ext 25.  Upon sending the wire please fax your registration form along with your proof of having completed the wire transfer to Denise's attention.


When your charter  boat funds have been confirmed received and on deposit by the WON Tuna Tournament organizers your $800 base entry fee will be paid by the Cabo Charter Boat Hook Up program.  Form of payment is wire transfer.   No credit cards, please.



THE MARINA LOOKS to be in great shape in this photo taken just before the start of the Baby Bisbee’s that ran Oct. 18-19. PHOTOS BY GARY GRAH

Here are some aspects of the tournament to remind you about as there is still time to enter, and charterboats are available.

CHARITY CHARTER: There is the third annual Costa Charity Charter on Friday morning for non-entrants on the beautiful party boat the Cabo Escape that is the official start boat both days. All proceeds from the $20 Costa-sponsored charter go to Baja children’s charities. It’s a blast! It’s beautifully catered by Pisces and Tony’s with breakfast food and drink (mimosas too!), and the $20 we charge is not enough, so if you want to donate more, great. There are a lot of charity efforts going on. We will be out to break the $20,000 mark.

This tourney website at is chock full of links to sponsors, information on the tourney, features, links to the official tourney (can be seen on a PC only, sorry) and its Facebook page.

The strength of a tournament is not how many teams it hosts. It doesn’t hurt, but the true indicator is the sponsorships; and I am not kidding, but we have everyone back, more coming down to party with us, and there are some new companies, too. We’re very excited that this year we have Reactor watches, Simrad electronics, and Mudhole rod components are joining the fold of sponsors.

TV SHOW! Reactor and its beautiful watches stepped away last year but they are stronger than ever and fired up to come down and be a participating and attending sponsor. Reactor sponsors the Bill Boyce’s Baja fishing show ( on the World Fishing Network (WFN) and the filming this year on Boyce’s team will be on the show.

SIMRAD RADIO CONTROL: There’s so much to get excited about this year. Simrad is coming down for the first time, and their marine electronics line-up is cutting edge. They are providing a GPS/Fishfinder unit, two mounted marine radios and providing two high-end hand-held radios as the official Simrad Radio Control. This year we plan to work with teams far more during the fishing days, with Mike Packard answering questions about rules and the schedule. New this year is that we are requiring any significant hook-ups to be radioed between 3 and 4 p.m. before lines out (4 p.m.).

WELCOME BAGS: Okay, the bags we gave out last year were BIG. This year at the welcome party, as the music plays by Tres Huevos on the stage, you’ll be walking through the check-in line and getting so many free items it may take a while. An event hat (choice of pink, rust and plaid), an official cooler tote bag, Mustad hook packs, Simrad face buffs/sun protectors, beer coolies by Mudhole and also Deep Blue Marine/Simrad, Toggs cooler wraps, Eat Me Lure official boat flags (1 per team), Costa event long-sleeve t-shirts, American Fishing Wire/HiSeas wire packs, Seaguar fluoro coils for each team, free Terrafin maps of Cabo, and much more.

At all events, every day, Cabo Cigar Company will be wrapping custom cigars, and will have plenty of ready-to go, freshly wrapped cigars with the Cabo logo. Minerva’s will again be offering a new short-sleeve t-shirt with custom artwork, and these shirts at the check-in are the only shirts for sale for the event, and every dollar goes to the kids charity fund.

DRAWINGS: We can’t list all the stuff for drawings, but the Grand Raffle will have four of every item we have for the drawings. That means four of the dozen Avet reels, four of the 22 big game Cousins rods (They are beefy, super high quality, and are made for BIG tuna), four Reactor watches, four hotel stays at the Wyndham, Seaguar fluoro packs, Mustad hooks, Plano tackle boxes. It’s $10,000 worth of stuff. Oh yes, one of the Simrad marine mounted VHF radios is in the mix. All the tickets to the drawings over four days are as usual, at $5 each or five for $20, go to the charity fund. This is your way to contribute to local families.

EVENTS: Speaking of events, the site areas for the tourney will remain the same, thanks to the Cabo San Lucas officials, many of whom will be on the Costa-sponsored start boat Cabo Escape the first day. The mayor of Cabo has the most fun of anyone as she signals the official start of fishing and teams go roaring off into the distance. If you have not experienced something like the Cabo start, it is worth coming to the tourney as an entrant. Hang on, it’s a wild ride. And of course, the Show Us Your Costas Contest will be back by popular demand as will be the Yamaha Guess The Biggest Fish’s Weight Contest.

BEST DRESSED CONTEST: Yes, its back. Good for a free entry into next year's event.

FRIENDS/FAMILY: Many people ask about bringing family or wives, or friends. The Tuna Tourney is a great event to frame a vacation around. There are two sit-down dinners, three parties with drawings and video shows, friends and guests are welcome on each boat (2 allowed if room), the Friday Cabo Escape Charter from 6 to 8 a.m., and the exciting four-day event culminates after four days with a gala sitdown dinner for 650 people catered by Ruth’s Cris at the beautiful Puerto Paraiso Mall next to the marina as the sun sets. It is Cabo at its most relaxing and elegant as the town celebrates it’s sportfishing legacy.

So, you have a team, and how do you enter?

You can pay the team entry online by credit card at (go to WON events on the home page and scroll down to the Cabo logo). You can sign up by credit card as a team, but not for any of the six tuna optionals or the wahoo/dorado optional. You must mail in optional entry money by personal or bank check with an entry form, or add those jackpots by wire transfer, with an entry form e-mailed or faxed or mailed.

For any information regarding your method of payment, wiring instructions, contact Denise at Don’t worry, she’ll walk you through the easy process and provide wiring instructions. We do not publish those instructions, so call Denise. For details on the tourney, call (949) 366-0030, ext. 33 for Pat McDonell, director of the event. This website will provide a lot of answers about the tourney with a great video, features, sponsors links, the link to the Facebook page if you are looking for a team, plus a gallery of photos and more.

Remember, the website (see WON Events) is the only site in which you can enter online as a team, by credit card for $800.

Pat McDonell is editor of WON, and directs the Western Outdoor News saltwater tournaments in Cabo, Catalina and Dana Landing.

GETTING IN ON the fun and gifts is part of the tourney scene.

    Brief Registration Report Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

1 Minerva III USA

Team Captain Team Anglers 4 To Fish

Jerry Garcia Marty Robinson Tony Phillips Gary Hanson

2 Attitude Adjustment USA

Team Captain Team Anglers AMZ

Joe Zuccolotto Robert Ellenwood Chiara Zuccolotto Ariana Zuccolotto

3 Karma III USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Team Buckeye Tuna

Jamie Greer Lance Gildner Dave Dunton Mike Joseph

4 Tuna Time, 31 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Club 50

Jim Arrey Robert Balash Chuck Mullins

5 El Pargo II USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Tim Christensen Doris Stephan Mark Thomas Manuel Cesana Chong

6 Tracy Ann, Bertram, 31 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Casting Cousins

Robert Deal Robert Marks Jim Judy Nancy Judy

7 El Nuevo USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Hillbilly Yacht Club

Randy Matz Fred Stevens Barbara Morris Tawnya Stevens

8 Ruthless, Bertram, 31 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Team Wasabi

Lawrence Martin Ann Chilos Gramm Baker Charlie Chilos

9 Fish Cabo USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Purity Organics

Nick Koretoff Christine Koretoff Steven Koretoff David Koretoff

10 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Michael Denton Jr. Brian Lent Scott Smith Jamey Wright

11 Redrum/Reel Medicine USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Team Stink Finger

Rick Bradley Shelly Bradley Mack Earls Ken Oxborrow

Thursday, October 30, 2014 3:02:59 PM 1 of 10

Brief Registration Report Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

12 Pochos Charters USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Almost Free

Brian Coltey Charles Christiansen Mark Dengate Duane Rothstein

13 El Diablo USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Pillage

Ron Bauer Alan Kleiven Connie Bauer Thomas Rux

14 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Job DeHorta Otto Paredes James Coiner

15 The Hurricane Canada

Team Captain Team Anglers The Big Ka Tunas

Jeff Mangion Blair Mangion Mike Darden Mikal Darden

16 Mucho Loco 1 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers AOTB1

James Strum Edward S Smith Edward C Smith Randy Hall

17 Pocket Aces USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Pocket Aces

Mark Hinkle Chris Smith Steve Hayashi Pete Razdobreev

18 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Mark Keeney Robert Huhn

19 Valerie, Bertram, 35 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Reel Destiny

Larry Haynes Ron Haynes Jasmine Haynes Tristan Carrillo

20 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Ruben Villasenor Kelly Villasenor Scott Goodnight Crystal Goodnight

21 Viviana USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Team Baja

Alberto Sotelo Tacuba Jose Alberto Curiel Perez Greg Wood

22 Listo USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Tuna Stalkers

Jimmy Fuston Doug Riehle Jim Hale Joe Gampper

Thursday, October 30, 2014 3:02:59 PM 2 of 10

Brief Registration Report Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

23 Greys Light USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Team Texas

Richard Meyers Damon Faught

24 Knot Workin USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Off The Hook

Chip Johnston Bryan Newcom Kimberlee Johnston Teri Hefner

25 Jen Wren USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Chick Sticks

Bob Solee Scott McKenzie Arthur Volforsky Vahan Takoushian

26 Top Gun, 30 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Kings Men

David Anderson Adrain Ocampo Henry King

27 El Budster, 29 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers CAN-AM Tuna Bandits

Jordan LeSage Dustin Smith Terry Maxwell Joseph Beaman

28 El Regalo USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Scott Dilley Jonathan Behr Albert Behr Tim Jennings

29 Canada

Team Captain Team Anglers Grumpy Old Men

Robert Leach Ronald Gillen Derek Lane Peter Cavaretta

30 Margarita Too USA

Team Captain Team Anglers El Borracho Gringos

Mike Brendel Jeff Palmer Dick Choate Jason Maxon

31 Viviana I USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Team Tundra

Richard Berghoefer James Merk Donn Laird Robert Fohey

32 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Norcal Chasers

Jason Gonzales Jamal Miles Art Garcia

33 Minerva VI, Tiara, 33 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Hook Line & Drinkers

Kevin Dunn Ed Ben Jr. Steven Dodge Joe Morgan

Thursday, October 30, 2014 3:02:59 PM 3 of 10

Brief Registration Report Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

34 Carolina, California, 28 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers S.F. Bay Anglers

Greg Welch Lauren Franco Manny Silva Harry Mack

35 Gaviota X, Crystaliner, 33 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Peter Marquez Virginia Krippner Carrie Streahle Mark Streahle

36 El Cazador USA

Team Captain Team Anglers El Cazador

Matthew Chancellor Myril Hoag Troy Atchley David Coker

37 Alejandra USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Team Idaho

Scott Miley Ted Higgenbotham Chris Larsen Jeff Fremonth

38 Don Lino IV Canada

Team Captain Team Anglers Eh Team!

George Agrey Lorne Witts Rick Witts Jason Witts

39 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Ricky Cruz

40 Bad Medicine USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Over The Limit

Travis Gage Kirsta Gage Adam Chunn

41 Viviana Fleet USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Richard Poore Isabel Poore Marco Tagle Roberto Villarino

42 Solmar VI, Luhrs, 34 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Ziggy

Victor Ziegler Dana Tompson Chuy Diego 

43 Mucho Loco II, Bertram, 32 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Joses Hookers

Brent Johnson Mike King Keith Domke Jose Ruiz

44 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

William Jubb

Thursday, October 30, 2014 3:02:59 PM 4 of 10

Brief Registration Report Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

45 Stimulator, Bertram, 54 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Stimulator

Tim Bell Jeff Murphy Lynn Radabaugh Bruce Chubb

46 Canada

Team Captain Team Anglers B.C. Buds

Robert Oliver Mike Miller Oscar Cosio Wayne Nadasde

47 Redrum USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Ha "Tuna" Matata

Randal Wren Denise Wren Kyle Heppner

48 Auriga, Viking, 60 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Team Stallion

Jim Boushka Greg Crooker Carl Frenkel Mike Wood

49 Caliente USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Just Add Tuna

Wade Smith Todd Rice Joe McKinnon Michael Vise

50 Ole Ole, Blackfin, 32 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Four Reelz

Marcello Martinez Philip Martinez Cherie Wilson Sky Allphin

51 El Torito, Bertram, 31 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers El Troyito

Kemp Ipsen Dave Cleveland Troy Cornelius Dean Macluso

52 Gaviota, 33 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Sooner Tuna

C. Scott Sanders Mike Floyd Loyd Lyon

53 Solmar I USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Sierra Gold & Coin

John Engelhardt Will Kinyon Arwin Mclare Artie Leplattenier

54 Andrea USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Lone Stars

Keith Gelfand Shauni Gelfand Arthur Diestel

55 Cheers I USA

Team Captain Team Anglers WIN-TEAM

Pamela Lorenz Patrick Smith Sierra Maxwell Jeff Solis

Thursday, October 30, 2014 3:02:59 PM 5 of 10

Brief Registration Report Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

56 Bill Collector, Cabo Express, 32 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

David Bick Jim Brown Wayne Smith Billy Williams

57 Rebecca, Bertram, 31 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Wicked Pissah

Thomas Quimby Eric Surette Patrick Perseille

58 Playin Hooky USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Playin Hooky

Carter Christensen Cathy Hartle Steve Hartle Dana Reed

59 Gaviota VI USA

Team Captain Team Anglers West Coast 707

Rick Laiwa Christeen Laiwa John Calkins

60 Tail Chaser II USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Texas Tuna Ticklers

Greg Sterner Arlen Krueger Billy Rieck Dustin Friesenhahn

61 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Team Smokin' Reels

Scott Randall Carlos Ramirez

62 La Brisa, Bertram, 31 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Shocker

Timothy Atteberry Richard Nagel Richard Krawiec

63 Go Deeper USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Mile High Tuna Chasers

John Whitmarsh Steven Constable Rod Deries Terry Minniok

64 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Igor Ivanov Alex Golubev Julian Kapchinskiy Brian Jones

65 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers OverServed

Craig Christopherson Cody Christopherson David Frausto

66 Burro III USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Bradley Erickson

Thursday, October 30, 2014 3:02:59 PM 6 of 10

Brief Registration Report Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

67 Rising Sun USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Minnie Lou

Victor Locklin Jason Wrice Manuel Gil

68 Rum Runnin USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Spencer's Spirit Fishing Team

David Van Wart Robert Montalto Thomas Kayhart Thomas Rindos

69 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Deep Blue Marine

Scott Golden Scott Walton

70 Bob Marlin, California, 28 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Fat Farmers

Bart Scofield Jim Campbell

71 Dona Meche USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Peligro

Alex Romans Wyatt Duncan Paul Anthony John Romans

72 Moracha Canada

Team Captain Team Anglers Sask Rough Riders

Mark Hordeski Ken Hembling Jesus Zenteno Roza Soano Liseth

73 19's Toy - Redrum USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Team RedRum

Ryan Donovan Joe Catania Kent Sommen Sal Catania

74 Cisco USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Dale Braun Maura Braun George Stetanic Gloria Stetanic

75 Santi 1 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Team Truschke

John Truschke Joann Truschke Bob Donofrio Susan Donofrio

76 Cabolero Canada

Team Captain Team Anglers Team "Cerrotos Beach"

Walter Ormerod Harold Pospisil Ken Rumohr Wayne Crosbie

77 Angelina, California, 28 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Team Tuna Down

Stu Webber Scottie Ryder Russell Broussard Ralph Pundt

Thursday, October 30, 2014 3:02:59 PM 7 of 10

Brief Registration Report Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

78 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Maarv

Attila Szamosszegi Zoltan Ember Ivan Pallos Tom Scilagyi

79 Dragon Canada

Team Captain Team Anglers Reel Affair

Brian Kask Johnny Katona Shaun Karp Harley Smith

80 Mucho Bueno, Mexican Cruiser, 28 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Pacing The Cage

Scott McPhearson Kansfew Peterson Ray Gardner Mike Brackin

81 Minerva II, Bertram, 33 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers The Looney Tunas

Greg Patton Bill Patton Mark Karpenko

82 Reel & Deal Mexico

Team Captain Team Anglers Reel & Deal

John Pentz Ignacio Iberra Pino Miguel Angel Castro Castillo

83 Chivato USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Don Julio

Gary Bisgrove Eduardo Leiva

84 Jen Wren III USA

Team Captain Team Anglers El Grande Atun

Todd Rogers David Waskiewicz Jeffrey Martin Robert Jones

85 Make My Day USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Make My Day

Theodore Dake Edgar Amador Omar Quin'ones Miriam Dake

86 Hot Rod, Cabo Sportfisher, 40 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Hot Rod

John Peelman John Horton Gerald Roberts

87 Colleens Magic USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Redrum II

Tom Brindley Dan Hoffman John Camp Jr John Camp Sr

88 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Dennis Demontigny Mike Dowling Jim Mansbridge Billy Kirkbride

Thursday, October 30, 2014 3:02:59 PM 8 of 10

Brief Registration Report Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

89 Go Deep, Blackfin, 32 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers MT Pockets

Vincent Pettola Jim Ryan Jud Smith

90 Maybe Manana USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Maybe Manana

Brad Stevenson William Lewis Bob Stevenson Jesus Francisco Bojorquez

91 Estrella De Norte USA

Team Captain Team Anglers North Star

James Rosenwald Carlos Beltram Donald Whittier Gonzalo Castillo

92 Golden Girl Canada

Team Captain Team Anglers The Boys

Peter Coi Darrell Anderson Jeff Karset

93 Cazadora USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Jerry Schneider John Maryanski

94 Baja Breeze USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Pickers, Parkers and Growers

Kenny Rogers Derek Knoble Victor Contreras Mark Dellow

95 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Hook Up

Carl Johnson Andrew Lessar Melody Lessar Sara Lessar

96 Reel Quest USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Team ReelQuest

Dick Landfield Henry Arras Bob Smith Bill Savage

97 Sea Chaser, Carolina Skiff, 24 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Access Yachts

Alan Obrien Tim O'Brien Mark Hull Alan Pino

98 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Jeffrey Van Abel Kelly Nichols Orlando Zuniga Ken Stack

99 Senor Patron, Seaswirl Striper, 30 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers VPI

Jeff Visger Chris Morrissey Andrew Marsh Barry Martinez

Thursday, October 30, 2014 3:02:59 PM 9 of 10

Brief Registration Report Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

100 Tiger Spirit, Viking, 57 Ft. Mexico

Team Captain Team Anglers Tiger Spirit

Sergio Cota Castro Luis Liera Jesse Smith

101 Gaviota VIII, Glasspar, 33 Ft. USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Dos Scorpions Barracho

John Silva Travis White Jeff Jackson

102 Rock N Fish USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Team Rock N Fish

Rick Kiper Manuel Marques Joe Garaventa Dave Sanson

103 USA

Team Captain Team Anglers Murph's Marauders

Robert Murray III Edward Pedersen

104 Killer II USA

Team Captain Team Anglers

Miguel Angeles Jaime Pino

Thursday, October 30, 2014 3:02:59 PM 10 of 10

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