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Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament

Cabo tiourney season cranking up!

Bisbee's first tourney draws 81 teams

80 teams signed up for Tuna Jackpot as of Oct. 16

The WON/Yamaha Tuna Jackpot Tournament is coming up Nov. 5-8 and there is still time to head down to Land’s end and take part of the fun, the camaraderie, the parties, and of course the great fishing that make the 16thannual Yamaha Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot Tournament the biggest tuna jackpot event in the world. 

People have been asking about our signups and the effects of Hurricane Odile.  Last week we hit 80 teams  and more are coming in, of course. We are in great shape and will be well over 100 teams, perhaps as high as 120 to 130 teams considering the timing of the flights and the hotels getting back in shape. 

See the roster at the end of this blog. As you can see below, the marina is great shape. Photos were taken Oct. 15, by Gary Graham who is covering the Bisbee's events, the first of which is the Baby Bisbee's, over two days, that  started today. They drew 81 teams. Fantastic. The Bisbee's Black and Blue will begin next Wednesday. The Baby Bisbee's issn indication that people are ready to party and play, like always. I predict Bisbee's will be well over 100 teams. Congrats to Wayne, Tricia and the family patriarch, Bob Bisbee.  


Cabo took a big hit, as did all of southern Baja last month, but is now in great shape after a massive cleanup. There will much to do in the coming months in the residential areas, but the airport is open, the marina is restored, the fishing is going off. The recent Marlin Magazine tourney's tourney had a tuna division, and a 181 pounder won it, and we are seeing Facebook shots of 60 to 90 to 100-plus pounders in recent days, plus some amazing catches of big dorado.

The fourth and final shipment of prizes and gifts was sent a few days ago from WON headquarters, and it’s a ton of stuff. Read about it in the preview, with the link below. All that swag is for you, doled out over four days either at the Check-in, the Welcome Party, three drawings, two weigh-ins, the Awards dinner and the Friday morning Show Us Your Costas Charity Charter on the beautiful official start boat the Cabo Escape. And there’s a bit of money, too, a projected $500,000. Last year SEVEN teams divided that up. Some years it’s as many as nine. Not bad odds!

We hope to see you down at Lands End. Here are some easy links to the tournament. Before we go, if you have any questions about signing up, make your life simple by contacting Denise at She will walk you through the easy process and provide wiring instructions and where to send the entry form. So e-mail her, or call Denise at (949) 366-0805. Contact Director Pat McDonell with questions concerning the tourney itself at


For those who are looking for a charter boat, good one, and this late date this a tough one. 

A helluva opportunity to be in solid contention to win the event has come up for any serious team who wants to ante up into some of the options. Renegage Mike's Charter on the Renegade Mike backed out yesterday after issues with the airline (really?). Mike is an American, has won serious money in the event and knows how to catch big tuna, wahoo and doado, of course. He has a website at and he can be reached at 
Renegademike SportfishingCabo San Lucas, MexicoNextel radio (Direct connect) 72*689361*1Cabo cell 624 129 9581Office & Fax 624 172 5523US Skype Number 619 591 8969 (calls into his CPU in cabo)


As for those you who having issues with airlines, rather than cancel an entire trip because they milk running you around, and charging stupid amounts. First use your airline tix as credits or reschedule or just cancel, if you can. Take Southwest or some AM cheap flight into San Diego, take a cab (or shuttle offered by and fly out of Tijuana. Flights are less than $300 and nicer than ANYTHING in the states, and the airport is beautiful, and easy to get through. I have booked online with them five times, and never a problem. You either park at one of the paid, secured lots and walk to the short bridge and over to the waiting cabs for the 2 mile drive. Exchange $ for pesos and then use those to pay the $25 visa fee at the immigration kiosk before you enter the ticketing area. (In the US, the airlines pay this fee). The rest is just like any U.S. airport. In my experience. most Volaris flights to Cabo are at 1:30 or so. 

On the way back, you show docs, walk out, get a can (there are tons of them), you are dropped off at the U.S. border office. U.S. folks with a credit card passport or Sentry pass are on the left, others on the right. Try to get on the left side if it's busy. That's it. Bathrooms are in the inside, so do that business before you leave the airport in case there is a longer line, say, on a Sunday. 

Anyway, this is a great option, and very easy. It is VERY safe. 

See you in Cabo. See prior posts for the current roster as of Thursday, And photos of the marina last week by our Gary Graham who is covering the two Bisbee's tourneys. Baby Bisbee's has 81 teams and finished up today, The Black and Blue big $$$ one is Wednesday through Friday, awards Saturday. The entire area is in great shape.

Here are some easy links to the tournament.

The official 2014 website with stories, tips, entry form links to sponsors, full roster, preview, gallery of photos and archives over 16 years

Preview of 2014 tournament

The 2013 Official video, 17 minutes of fun

The current 2014 roster

What does it cost to enter, compete, stay in Cabo: Less than you think!

Facebook updates

See the 28-page flip-page Preview in full color

The entry form, a downloadable/printable PDF

2014 Rules of the WON/Yamaha Cabo Tuna Jackpot

About the host hotel, the Cabo San Lucas Wyndham

The current roster

Brief Registration ReportLos Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

1Minerva IIIUSA

Team CaptainTeam Anglers4 To Fish

Jerry GarciaMarty RobinsonTony PhillipsGary Hanson

2Attitude AdjustmentUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersAMZ

Joe ZuccolottoRobert EllenwoodChiara ZuccolottoAriana Zuccolotto


Team CaptainTeam AnglersTeam Buckeye Tuna

Jamie GreerLance GildnerDave DuntonMike Joseph

4Tuna Time, 31 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersClub 50

Jim ArreyRobert BalashChuck Mullins


Team CaptainTeam Anglers

Doris StephanTim ChristensenManuel Cesana Chong

6Tracy Ann, Bertram, 31 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersCasting Cousins

Robert DealRobert MarksJim JudyNancy Judy

7El NuevoUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersHillbilly Yacht Club

Randy MatzFred StevensBarbara MorrisTawnya Stevens

8Ruthless, Bertram, 31 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersTeam Wasabi

Lawrence MartinAnn ChilosGramm BakerCharlie Chilos

9Fish CaboUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersPurity Organics

Nick KoretoffChristine KoretoffSteven KoretoffDavid Koretoff


Team CaptainTeam Anglers

Michael Denton Jr.Brian LentScott SmithJamey Wright

11Redrum/Reel MedicineUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersTeam Stink Finger

Rick BradleyShelly BradleyMack EarlsKen Oxborrow

Thursday, October 16, 20141:11:17 PM1 of 8

Brief Registration ReportLos Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

12Pochos ChartersUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersAlmost Free

Brian ColteyCharles ChristiansenMark DengateDuane Rothstein

13El DiabloUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersPillage

Ron BauerAlan KleivenConnie BauerThomas Rux


Team CaptainTeam Anglers

Job DeHortaOtto ParedesJames Coiner

15The HurricaneCanada

Team CaptainTeam AnglersThe Big Ka Tunas

Jeff MangionBlair MangionMike DardenMikal Darden

16Mucho Loco 1USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersAOTB1

James StrumEdward S SmithEdward C SmithRandy Hall

17Pocket AcesUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersPocket Aces

Mark HinkleChris SmithSteve HayashiPete Razdobreev


Team CaptainTeam Anglers

Mark KeeneyRobert Huhn


Team CaptainTeam AnglersReel Destiny

Larry Haynes


Team CaptainTeam Anglers

Ruben VillasenorKelly VillasenorScott GoodnightCrystal Goodnight


Team CaptainTeam Anglers

Brian WalleyTawnie WalleyHorace Barge


Team CaptainTeam AnglersTuna Stalkers

Jimmy FustonDoug RiehleJim HaleJoe Gampper

Thursday, October 16, 20141:11:17 PM2 of 8

Brief Registration ReportLos Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

23Greys LightUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersTeam Texas

Richard MeyersDamon Faught

24Knot WorkinUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersOff The Hook

Chip JohnstonBryan NewcomKimberlee JohnstonTeri Hefner

25Jen WrenUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersChick Sticks

Bob SoleeScott McKenzieArthur VolforskyVahan Takoushian

26Top Gun, 30 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersKings Men

David AndersonAdrain OcampoHenry King

27El Budster, 29 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersCAN-AM Tuna Bandits

Jordan LeSageDustin SmithTerry MaxwellJoseph Beaman

28El RegaloUSA

Team CaptainTeam Anglers

Scott DilleyJonathan BehrAlbert BehrTim Jennings


Team CaptainTeam AnglersGrumpy Old Men

Robert LeachRonald GillenDerek LanePeter Cavaretta

30Margarita TooUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersEl Borracho Gringos

Mike BrendelJeff PalmerDick ChoateJason Maxon

31Viviana IUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersTeam Tundra

Richard BerghoeferJames MerkDonn LairdRobert Fohey


Team CaptainTeam AnglersNorcal Chasers

Jason GonzalesJamal MilesArt Garcia

33Minerva VI, Tiara, 33 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersHook Line & Drinkers

Kevin DunnEd Ben Jr.Steven DodgeJoe Morgan

Thursday, October 16, 20141:11:17 PM3 of 8

Brief Registration ReportLos Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

34Carolina, California, 28 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersS.F. Bay Anglers

Greg WelchLauren FrancoManny SilvaHarry Mack


Team CaptainTeam Anglers

Peter MarquezVirginia KrippnerCarrie StreahleMark Streahle

36El CazadorUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersEl Cazador

Matthew ChancellorMyril HoagTroy AtchleyDavid Coker


Team CaptainTeam AnglersTeam Idaho

Scott MileyTed HiggenbothamChris LarsenJeff Fremonth

38Don Lino IVCanada

Team CaptainTeam AnglersEh Team!

George AgreyLorne WittsRick WittsJason Witts


Team CaptainTeam Anglers

Ricky Cruz

40Bad MedicineUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersOver The Limit

Travis GageKirsta GageAdam Chunn

41Viviana FleetUSA

Team CaptainTeam Anglers

Richard PooreIsabel PooreMarco TagleRoberto Villarino

42Solmar VI, Luhrs, 34 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersZiggy

Victor ZieglerDana TompsonChuy Diego

43Mucho Loco II, Bertram, 32 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersJoses Hookers

Brent JohnsonMike KingKeith DomkeJose Ruiz


Team CaptainTeam Anglers

William Jubb

Thursday, October 16, 20141:11:17 PM4 of 8

Brief Registration ReportLos Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

45Stimulator, Bertram, 54 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersStimulator

Tim BellJeff MurphyLynn RadabaughBruce Chubb


Team CaptainTeam AnglersB.C. Buds

Robert OliverMike MillerLarry GawneWayne Nadasde


Team CaptainTeam AnglersHa "Tuna" Matata

Randal WrenDenise WrenKyle Heppner

48Auriga, Viking, 60 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersTeam Stallion

Jim BoushkaGreg CrookerCarl FrenkelMike Wood


Team CaptainTeam AnglersJust Add Tuna

Wade SmithTodd RiceJoe McKinnonMichael Vise

50Ole Ole, Blackfin, 32 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersFour Reelz

Marcello MartinezPhilip MartinezCherie WilsonSky Allphin

51El Torito, Bertram, 31 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersEl Troyito

Kemp IpsenDave ClevelandTroy CorneliusDean Macluso

52Gaviota, 33 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersSooner Tuna

C. Scott SandersMike FloydLoyd Lyon

53Solmar IUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersSierra Gold & Coin

John EngelhardtWill KinyonArwin MclareArtie Leplattenier


Team CaptainTeam AnglersLone Stars

Keith GelfandShauni GelfandArthur Diestel

55Cheers IUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersWIN-TEAM

Pamela LorenzPatrick Smith

Thursday, October 16, 20141:11:17 PM5 of 8

Brief Registration ReportLos Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

56Bill Collector, Cabo Express, 32 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam Anglers

David BickJim BrownWayne SmithBilly Williams

57Rebecca, Bertram, 31 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersWicked Pissah

Thomas QuimbyEric SurettePatrick Perseille

58Playin HookyUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersPlayin Hooky

Carter ChristensenCathy HartleSteve HartleDana Reed

59Gaviota VIUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersWest Coast 707

Rick LaiwaChristeen LaiwaJohn Calkins

60Tail Chaser IIUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersTexas Tuna Ticklers

Greg SternerArlen KruegerBilly RieckDustin Friesenhahn


Team CaptainTeam AnglersTeam Smokin' Reels

Scott RandallCarlos Ramirez


Team CaptainTeam AnglersShocker

Timothy AtteberryRichard NagelRichard Krawiec

63Go DeeperUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersMile High Tuna Chasers

John WhitmarshSteven ConstableRod DeriesTerry Minniok


Team CaptainTeam Anglers

Igor IvanovAlex GolubevJulian KapchinskiyBrian Jones


Team CaptainTeam AnglersOverServed

Craig ChristophersonCody ChristophersonDavid Frausto

66Burro IIIUSA

Team CaptainTeam Anglers

Bradley Erickson

Thursday, October 16, 20141:11:17 PM6 of 8

Brief Registration ReportLos Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014

67Rising SunUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersMinnie Lou

Victor LocklinJason WriceManuel Gil

68Rum RunninUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersSpencer's Spirit Fishing Team

David Van WartRobert MontaltoThomas KayhartThomas Rindos


Team CaptainTeam AnglersDeep Blue Marine

Scott Golden

70Bob Marlin, California, 28 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersFat Farmers

Bart ScofieldJim Campbell

71Dona MecheUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersPeligro

Alex RomansWyatt DuncanPaul AnthonyJohn Romans


Team CaptainTeam AnglersSask Rough Riders

Mark HordeskiKen HemblingJesus ZentenoRoza Soano Liseth

7319's Toy - RedrumUSA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersTeam RedRum

Ryan DonovanJoe CataniaKent SommenSal Catania


Team CaptainTeam Anglers

Dale BraunMaura BraunGeorge StetanicGloria Stetanic

75Santi 1USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersTeam Truschke

John TruschkeJoann TruschkeBob DonofrioSusan Donofrio


Team CaptainTeam AnglersTeam "Cerrotos Beach"

Walter OrmerodHarold PospisilKen RumohrWayne Crosbie

77Angelina, California, 28 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersTeam Tuna Down

Stu WebberScottie RyderRussell BroussardRalph Pundt

Thursday, October 16, 20141:11:17 PM7 of 8

Brief Registration ReportLos Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2014


Team CaptainTeam AnglersMaarv

Attila SzamosszegiZoltan EmberIvan PallosTom Scilagyi


Team CaptainTeam AnglersReel Affair

Brian KaskJohnny KatonaShaun KarpHarley Smith

80Mucho Bueno, Mexican Cruiser, 28 Ft.USA

Team CaptainTeam AnglersPacing The Cage

Scott McPhearsonKansfew PetersonRay GardnerMike Brackin


Bob Vanian's 976-Bite Hot Bite

Wahoo and blue marlin still a possibility
The offshore fishing for a mix of yellowfin tuna, dorado, yellowtail and striped marlin continues to provide some good to very good action but the areas that are producing the good action have been diminishing. There are also some "super exotic" species that remain in the mix with wahoo and blue marlin still a realistic possibility.

Wahoo have been seen and have been biting in a variety of areas and their numbers seem to have increased during the past week. There was a report of wahoo being seen swimming around one of the oil platforms in the Catalina Channel and wahoo strikes and sightings around kelp paddies and while trolling for marlin have been reported by boats fishing from the Catalina Channel to the waters outside of Punta Colnett and below.

Captain Scott Meisel, of the Condor out of Fisherman's Landing, reported being out on a 1.5 day trip on Thursday and catching 4 wahoo, limits of large dorado and 12 yellowfin tuna while fishing the region between the Lower Hidden Bank and the 1010 Trench. Meisel reported that they had 10 wahoo hookups for their 4 boated wahoo. The wahoo action can be fast and wild, as Meisel reported hooking a wahoo on a Hopkins spoon while fishing at a kelp paddie only to have the strong and frenzied fish straighten out the size 9/0 Siwash hook.

Most of the wahoo being caught have been in the 40-pound class and Meisel reported that the dorado they were catching were mostly big dorado that included fish to 30 pounds. Meisel called it "world class" dorado fishing and said that they caught and released a lot of dorado in addition to catching their limits.

Productive areas for the dorado along with a chance at tuna or wahoo have been the 14 Mile Bank, the 267 Spot, the 209 Spot, the area 5 to 12 miles off the stretch of coast between San Onofre and Oceanside, the 9 Mile Bank, the 182 Spot, the 224 Spot, the 302 Spot, the 371 Bank, the San Salvador Knoll, the Lower Hidden Bank, the 1010 Trench, the 238 Spot, the 450 Spot and the waters outside of Punta Colnett. The areas where tuna have been biting in good numbers have been declining and the best chances for finding biting tuna from the spots listed above have been at the 302 Spot, the San Salvador Knoll, the 390 Bank, the Lower Hidden Bank, the 1010 Trench and the area outside of Punta Colnett.

Most of the action has been coming from kelp paddies with porpoise schools providing a few yellowfin tuna and with an occasional trolling strike or sonar mark producing action as well. The yellowfin tuna are mostly the 6 to 12 pound fish with some bigger yellowfin to around 25 pounds also in the mix. The dorado have been running from 8 to 35 pounds with most being in the 10 to 18 pound range. The yellowtail under the kelp paddies have been mostly the small 3 to 5 pound fish but there have been some larger size yellows to 20 pounds occasionally reported.

On Thursday, private boater Mike Mason of the Lindsay Ann reported leaving Mission Bay at noon and running on out to the San Salvador Knoll. There was a red hot kelp paddie dorado bite going on out that way and it provided limit fishing for several boats. Mason said the dorado were quality sized fish and that it was a huge school of dorado. He said they could drift 500 yards away from the kelp paddie and still be catching dorado with boats up closer to the paddie also catching fish. They easily limited out on dorado and caught and released a bunch of additional dorado. Mason said their catch included several large bull dorado that were up in the 25 to 30 pound range. This hot kelp paddie bite was found out at 38 miles 223 degrees from Point Loma. What a nice way to spend the afternoon!

Marlin fishing continues to provide some action with both blue marlin and striped marlin remaining as possibilities. There have been several long battles with 400- to 600-pound blue marlin this season and all the stories were of fish that got away up until Monday morning when the Bad Company caught a large blue marlin that weighed 462 pounds. The fish was caught on an Elkins "Bonzoid" jig in 18 minutes while fishing near the 289 Spot by San Clemente Island.

At the helm of Bad Company was Captain Steve Lassley and the angler was Anthony Hsieh. The legendary tournament winning combo of Captain Steve Lassley and Captain Pete Groesbeck were reunited and fishing together on this trip, and Groesbeck did the gaffing. Groesbeck reported that everything went smoothly in getting the fish as they had experienced blue marlin fishermen at every position that were working together as a team. Groesbeck reported that the fish jumped around a lot on the initial hookup, and said that the key to getting it in 18 minutes was that they were able to get the fish while it was tired after jumping around so much after hookup. They knew from experience that this was the best time to get the fish before it had a chance to regroup and regain it's strength.

The striped marlin are still biting well and productive areas during the past week in the Catalina region have been Church Rock, the 152 Spot, the Rock Quarry, the Can Dump and 1 to 3 miles outside of Avalon. The 152 Spot has been the best of those areas in recent days with a boat posting a 2 fish caught and released day at mid-week. Most of the action has been coming from blind trolling strikes with an occasional sleeper or jumper reported seen as well.

Another productive striped marlin zone has been for boats fishing from 5 to 12 miles off the coast between San Onofre and Oceanside. There have been some early morning sleepers seen in this zone and blind jig strikes have also been leading to action.

In the San Diego region the striped marlin bite has been good during the week for boats fishing the 178 Spot, the upper end of the 9 Mile Bank, the area inside of the 224 Spot and the area around the 302 Spot. Today is Friday, Oct. 17, 2014 and Ken Schilling of the Reel Busy reported catching and releasing 2 marlin today while fishing the area inside of the 224 Spot. Both fish were from single jig strikes on a black and green color jig being fished far behind the boat. This morning's fishing also saw a marlin catch and release reported by Doug Kern of Fisherman's Landing Tackle Shop and the boat Doug-out. This marlin was caught and released from a blind jig strike that was found while fishing out by the 302 Spot.

The late part of the season can provide some epic bites. I hope you have not yet put your tackle away as there is still some very good fishing going on.

* * *

It is my goal to provide you timely and accurate information in these reports containing news from right off the water. If you require more details that include the specific location of where catches have been made, I refer you to the daily Member’s Reports at . Those Member’s Reports contain additional specifics that include latitude and longitude coordinates and other descriptive references about where and how fish are being caught. Make the most efficient use of your precious time on the water with the use of timely and accurate information.

Steve Comus' Blog

Long range scoping
New Bushnell scope is made for long range

Bushnell has come out with an interesting new riflescope – the Elite Tactical Hunter 3-12x44mm Long Range Hunting Scope with G2H first focal plane reticle, This is a serious riflescope for hunting, both long and short range.

BUSHNELL LRHS SCOPE is a piece of high performance equipment. Features make it great for both long and short-range shots on game.

To give the new scope a ride, I attached it to a Weatherby Mark V rifle in .300 Weatherby Magnum. This rifle is very accurate and a lot of fun to shoot.

Scope adjustments were both positive and repeatable. Very nice. However, both the slick reticle and the click horizontal and vertical adjustments are in mils rather than quarter or eighth-inch at 100 yards.

This caused no problem for me, but a lot of folks have trouble translating mils. The explanation is enough to put Einstein to sleep, but the bottom line is that if you figure a mil is 3.6 inches at 100 yards or 7.2 inches at 200 yards, etc., you’ll hit what you aim at.

The click vertical and horizontal adjustments move the point of impact 0.1-mil (.36-inch at 100 yards). It was easy to “walk” the bullet holes to zero.

The reticle has hash marks up and down, left and right, in 0.5-mil increments (1.8 inches at 100 yards). The reticle also has in interrupted circle around the cross of the “crosshairs.” This is great for fast, close shots. It subtends four inches at 25 yards, or basically is a lightening-fast “kill zone” aiming feature. Very nice.

Since the reticle is in the first focal plane, it means that it appears to get bigger as the magnification is increased. European scopes are famous for this, and I always have really liked it. Many American shooters do not like it, but frankly it is really nice in the field. The reticle stands out better for my eyes.

THE AUTHOR CHECKS the Bushnell 3-12x44mm LRHS scope atop a .300 Weatherby rifle. The scope offers hunting high performance.

Speaking of my eyes, details on the target were uncommonly clear and crisp at all ranges (really impressive). A quick focus ring on the ocular lens made it easy to fine-tune the scope. Everything about this scope is at least a cut above. Visual clarity is outstanding.

The main tube is 30mm, and there is enough room between the front and back bells and the turret to allow forward and rearward adjustment when the scope is mounted in the rings – even on a long action like the Mark V. Again, very nice.

The scope weighs a substantial 24.4 ounces (lot of good glass in this model), is a handy 13.4 inches long with 3.74 inches of eye relief (enough to work well with 190-grain full-house loads in the .300 Weatherby Magnum).

A third knob on the turret adjusts for parallax, which is necessary for any significant long-range shooting, and 12x is plenty for precision bullet placement at maximum hunting distances.

With a retail price of somewhere in the one grand arena, this is not a cheapo. But, in my humble opinion, it is truly a serious piece of precision equipment that delivers the goods. Did I say that I like it?

* * *

Steve Comus is a nationally recognized hunting editor with Safari Club International and a former WON Guns and Hunting Editor. His column appears every other week in WON and he can be reached at

Chris Dunn - The Fishing Weatherman

The Fishing Weatherman Report for Oct. 16, 2014
Here's this week's coastal weather video forecast...

Carrie Wilson's Blog

Moving wing decoys
Question: With waterfowl season approaching, I was wondering if you could clarify Regulation 507 regarding duck decoys that move? That regulation specifies moving wings or blades are prohibited until after Nov. 30, but I cannot find a prohibition regarding motor powered decoys that simulate swimming (clamp on propeller), or water movement to simulate feeding (magnate type), or battery powered jerk string. In short, are ONLY moving wing decoys prohibited during the first six weeks of the season? (James Scott, Oakley)


Answer: The prohibition is only for electronically powered spinning wing, or spinning wing simulated devices. There are no prohibitions to any other electronic devices which flap wings, allow the decoy to swim, feed, or cause movement other than the spinning of a wing or wing simulated device.

How to pay an old ticket?

Question: One of my friends received a ticket about five years ago for abalone taken from the Fort Ross area. Afterwards he moved out of state. He recently moved back to California though and would now like to pay his ticket but he does not have any information. How should he go about paying it? How can he find out the amount owed and where should he send payment? Thanks for any help. (James Y.)

Answer: If your friend left the state without paying the fine for the ticket he received, then the court probably issued an arrest warrant for him. Fort Ross is in Sonoma County, so he should contact Sonoma County Superior Court as soon as possible. If contacted by law enforcement prior to doing this and it is determined there is an active warrant, your friend will be cited or arrested for not taking care of his ticket.

Game wardens also lead-free in Condor Zone?

Question: Does a Fish and Wildlife officer’s pistol that he carries in the field contain lead-free ammunition? I ask because if I'm in the woods in the lead-free zone under a carry concealed weapon permit (CCW) and just camping, I must run lead-free, correct? The law should be consistent for everyone. (Dale G.)

Answer: No, the lead ban pertains to hunters. It is illegal to use, or possess with a firearm capable of firing, any projectile containing more than one percent lead by weight while taking or attempting to take big game or nongame within the condor range. This includes centerfire as well as black powder/muzzleloader and rimfire projectiles. Since wildlife officers are not hunting while on duty, their firearms may contain lead ammunition in the condor range. Any people who are not taking or attempting to take wildlife, including CCW holders, may use or possess lead ammunition.

Woodpeckers are driving me crazy!

Question: I’ve got a bunch of woodpeckers that keep pecking at my house and they are driving me crazy! Can I use a pellet gun to haze them and chase them off? Thanks. (Alan H., Ukiah)

Answer: No, woodpeckers are a nongame species so you will have to find a non-lethal method to haze them away from your house. You could try hanging shiny mylar tape like they use in orchards to scare the birds away from the fruit or try posting an owl decoy. You might also try covering the wood with metal mesh hardware cloth.

This is a USFWS question and they do have a permit process for a number of species under federal depredation provisions unless designated a fully protected bird.

For additional tips and information, please check with the University of California Integrated Pest Management Program online at

Deployed gear through MPAs

Question: Is it legal to travel through a State Marine Reserve (SMR) on a kayak with fish and non-deployed fishing gear on board? Does "fishing gear deployed" mean having a hook and line in the water? Or does it go so far as to require fishing hooks be removed from any fishing line on board a kayak? The term "deployed" is not defined in the regulations and I am wondering how it is enforced by the officers. (Brian M.)

Answer: Yes, you may travel through a state marine reserve with catch on board as long as no fishing gear is deployed in the water (per Section 632(a)(8) on pg. 52 of the current Ocean Sport Fishing regulations booklet). Deployed means that the gear (hook and line) is in the water. If you wish to remove all doubt, you could remove the hooks, but that is not required by law. Just make sure your gear is out of the water and secured before transiting a state marine reserve, and you will be abiding by the law.

* * *

Carrie Wilson is a marine environmental scientist with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife. While she cannot personally answer everyone’s questions, she will select a few to answer each week in this column. Please contact her at

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