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Wednesday, January 31, 2018
SHOT SHOW 2018 – Part 1: Firearms and Ammo

Part 2 – SHOT Show hunting and shooting accessories and optics
It was like walking in a candy store for hunters and shooting enthusiasts at SHOT Show 2018 in Las Vegas, Nevada. There were over 400 new products showcased by manufactures of sporting, target and tactical equipment. Even spending three days trying to cover the show and walk past all the booths was hardly enough to do this giant gun industry show justice. The following are a few new products for 2018 that would be worth checking out at your local sports store or favorite gun shop.

TRIJICON SHOW CASED a booth full of high end optics at shot show.

This WON hunting editor learned something while talking with Carter Miller, master gunsmith for Benelli. I was having some trouble with my Benelli M2 not cycling perfectly, which allowed a number of ducks to fly off safely. It was an intermittent problem, but one that caused some concern and little lack of reliability when this Benelli was shouldered, the safety was put off and the trigger pulled. Miller asked what kind of solvent and cleaning products I use on a regular basis. He was fine with the bore cleaner and wipe-down cloth, but when I mentioned I sprayed WD-40 on the many moving parts of my Benelli, his eyes perked up with a questioning look.

“Jim, I never will use WD-40 in any moving parts in a shotgun, or for that matter, any firearm. There is a protective residue film of WD-40 that remains on moving metal parts of the bolt and other actions that over time can build up and cause the action to malfunction. You really don’t realize this issue of film building when you wipe parts down, but it’s not a lubricant, and for that reason it is not my recommendation of a gun oil to be used on the bolt assembly,” stated Miller.

Miller went on to add, “While WD-40 is fine for wiping down firearms after exposure to the elements, my choice for a super gun oil that allows the action to function smoothly would be a new product from Lucas Oil Products called, ‘Extreme Duty Gun Oil.’ This gun oil is a fine lubricant, does not build up in the action of a firearm and it also can function as a safe gun cleaner and works well at extreme temperatures.”

Another gun oil combination that was introduced at SHOT Show last week was a new weapon lubricant named NFused. This product is a synthetic lubricant which bonds to heated gunmetal, making it self-lubricating under the toughest environmental conditions. Unlike traditional gun oils, NFused protects the metal surface by a super tough bonding process. According to NFused, this gun oil offers constant lubrication, minimal material build-up, helps prevent jamming and is long lasting. This product is available in a field kit where the gun oil (Weapons Lubricant) is packaged with a cleaner that is water based.

Also, there was a new shooting product introduced at Industry Day at the Range and it was a new shotgun bore cleaner called CLEANSHOT, which is a shoot-thru gun bore cleaner. According to HUNTEGO President Curt Whitworth, this company’s newest product is fast, effective and ultra-convenient compared to traditional bore cleaning methods. The bore cleaner is all packaged in a active shotgun shell that includes a load of size #20 shot, a 360-degree wad column, a series of squeegees wipe the bore clean, a highly-oxidized propellant, a special material for superior gas seal and increased compression along with a high-performance primer and all this is in a standard appearing 12 ga. shotgun shell. At the range, this product cleaned about 90 percent of the shotshell residue when fired through the barrel. Cleanshot is currently available in 12 gauge only at most Wal-Mart stores and the product line will increase to include 20, 28 and 410 shells and popular handguns and rifle ballistics. This bore cleaner comes in a box of 4 with a suggested retail price of $7.95.

Realtree EDGE was unveiled at SHOT Show by company owner Bill Jordan. This newly designed camo for 2018 is ideally suited for a wide variety of terrains for big game, small game and waterfowl hunting. According to Jordan, this new camouflage offers hunters seamless concealment in every conceivable situation. This pattern is now available in a wide selection of clothing, hunting related products and accessories.

VETERAN DUCK CALLERS were on hand at the beretta booth to answer questions. PHOTOS BY JIM NIEMIEC

WON had an opportunity to goose hunt at the Cibola Sportsman’s Club South Ranch this past season and ended up borrowing a Beretta shotgun for a couple of days gunning. This shotgun was fitted with a newly introduced Carlson Xtreme Density modified choke tube that performed well out of a goose pit at decoying Canada geese. A stop by the Carlson Choke Tube company booth was quite impressive. Their catalog consists of 36 pages filled with hundreds of models of choke tubes for just about every shotgun on the market, with even more extra choke tubes available for sporting clays and waterfowl hunting.

A visit to the Sure-Shot Game Calls booth introduced this hunting editor to the newest Yentzen line of fine duck calls. James Fernandez first designed this call back in the early 1950s. The new call Yentzen 2 has an improved and re-designed screw lock that makes access to tuning smooth, the chamber has been re-engineered to provide twice the output, this call has a new reed system that allows for loud and fast calling when needed, but a soft and raspy call when you want to decoy birds. This call comes in a presentation box and I am sure will be hanging on my waterfowler’s lanyard come next duck season.

Mojo introduced the MOJO Next Generation Spinning Wing Decoys at SHOT Show for 2018. New to the line of active decoys is the mini-mallard drake and hen, blue-wing teal, green-winged teal, pintail drake and KING mallard. While mechanical decoys are not allowed for duck hunting in California until after the first week of December of each season, these decoys should really bring any kind of puddle duck decoy spread to life.

Designed by Trijicon for long-distance rifle shooting, comes the model AccuPoint 4-16X50 scope. This scope features advanced fiber optics and tritium aiming-point illumination, which enables this scope to be hunted during difficult lighting conditions. This new scope also has generous eye relief for use with high caliber rifles and side parallax adjuster for enhanced accuracy at long range. This scope would be an ideal choice for long-range distance shooting while on elk, deer or sheep and goat hunts. Holosun Technologies Inc. introduced 9 new high-end scopes for both tactical and sporting firearms. Leica showed off two new products at the show, with the Trinovid Binocular in a new edition after the success of the past 60 years with the original Trinovid model and is available in three models: 7x35, 8x40 and 10x40. Also new from Leica this year is the Rangemaster CRF 2700-B, which is a very compact rangefinder delivering absolute accuracy at an amazing range of 2,700 yards. Rounding out the latest in optics put on display at SHOT Show were Kahles Riflescopes from Swarovski Optik North America Ltd. Swarovski has been a pioneer in the production of rifle scopes since 1898 and their production facilities remain in Austria. New for 2018 are the following scopes: K16i, 1-6x24,K624i, 6-24-56 and K1050 models.

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