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Finally got a break in the weather on my Monday off day and took full advantage of it. Hooked the boat up around 9pm and was at Davies around 9; 45pm. I made a call to the Long Beach Carnage and they where tanked up and would be hanging out in front of Avalon. Sweet, no bait making would be needed. Made the crossing in no time. Weather was nice. 5 to 10kts of wind and a 2 to 4' swell. About 4 miles from Avalon that changed and wind gust felt like they where up to 20+ sometimes.

Finally made it to the LBC and they tanked me up good. Thanked them and went on my way. Ran for a while to get to the zone that had been producing and while underway had some very, very strong wind gust happen around midnight. Wind was crackin'!!! ...and blowing the boat all over. Thought to myself, what are you doing, but toughed it out and finally it started to settle down for the night thru the morning. Set the hook and waited it out until 9am and didn't see anything caught around me but did here of two fish taken by one boat.

Decided to make a move and get away from the crowed. Ran for a while just looking for conditions and finally found the right conditions around mid morning. Dropped the hook in about 36' of water and had a nice go around and managed a 30 to 35# pounder for my efforts. Fish was caught on a Phenix PSW808 with a TLD5 loaded with 65lb green spectra and a 3' 40# fluro leader with a 3/8 slider above a 8/0 Aki twist hook. Got to run but here are a couple pics of the fish and a pic of the return crossing mid channel.

To view  pictures go to "Fish Report"

Catalina turns up some WSB for the camera

It's almost a virtual certainty that a presence of a writer or videographer can be the kiss of death for a trip but we cheated fate and wound up with a pretty good one. The actual plan was to get to an island to shoot some video for both the up coming April Won and some shots of the boat for a DVD to run in the store. Well.we got both.

We started at Catalina            above the Isthmus and looked around for awhile after dark. We did make a few pieces of bait but given that we had already tanked-up at the receiver I didn't feel a lot of pressure to find the mother load of squid. Given the day before had quite a lot of wind and swell I opted out of going around the back and instead we had a great steak BBQ on the flat, calm waters just east of Long Point.

Although my gut feeling was to start at the opposite end of the island there hadn't been anything caught recently in that direction so I opted to go east. There had been a few fish in the previous days scattered along the kelp lines but when I saw the conditions in the light of day.ugh! It just doesn't look good back there right now. But I did meter a very few fish on a couple of the spots and I waited it out through the best conditions of the morning tide for absolutely nothing. So it was time for a little move. Right outside Salta Verde Point there was a couple mile stretch of surface bait with birds on it and with the water just over 60 I gave it a very thorough check watching both the up and down (Furuno 1150.f'n fantastic meter) and the sonar. Unfortunately, I didn't find any signs on the hoped for schools of yellows, just bait doing bait stuff. I hit a few beaches for much the same result and the morning was dragging on and some of us succumbed to the lack of sleep the night before and took a little nap.

Within seconds after I took the second picture I made the choice of either running the boat up on the beach or getting the money shot as beer slowly tipped below horizontal and the beer poured out, ran down Dan's leg, filled his boot and woke him with a start and the funny look on his face of  " Who am I? "Where am I? "And what the hell has just happened?" I was laughing so hard I thought I was going to split a gut!!!

Shortly after the spillage I did mark one big school of smaller seabass; the only bunch of fish I saw the whole trip and they didn't bite. We finally lucked on to a little spot of conditions that showed some promise and although I had to re-anchor it three times as conditions changed we did finally find what we were looking for. Dan hooked the first one, definitely a better grade fish but unfortunately just out of gaff range as the fish made a power dive into the rocks and kelp and got away. I was next and landed the first seabass of the day.we were on the board!!! We had a lull in the seabass action but were hooking the occasional bass, perch or soup fin shark (which act very similar to seabass and will often fool ya).

On the next swim by both Dan & Brian hooked seabass and we landed them both; one of which was the jackpot fish of just over 25 pounds.  We had a couple more false alarms with bat rays and soup fins until Matt got on the board with a nice one. Then all eyes were on Castro. Like so many anglers Mike had heard stories of the mythical, magical, highly illusive seabass and other than the fact that he witnessed them being  caught he was still having a hard time believing that they really existed, but, ultimately patience prevailed and Castro captured his first ever.a beautiful 21 pounder. Congratulations Mike!!!

This was hardly the wide-open bite that we sometimes see at this time of year where you get limits in a few minutes like we did on our last trip to Catalina. This was a long, slow just wait-it-out type situation that was made easier because we had the conditions and reports from other boats that nothing was going on anywhere else so the suction pump was not a factor. I actually prefer this kind of seabass fishing because you really have to angle for them.

We half heartedly hit a couple more spots that actually had decent conditions but bite time had passed and it was over. We headed back to Huntington with still enough time to get some boat clean-up done in the nice weather on the run home.

It was great to get a good trip with good friends and Gary the video guy there to record for our 20th Annual WON Squid/Seabass Seminar this Thursday, April 15.

Hope to see you all there!

To view pictures of this trip go to "Fish Report". Be sure to check-out our charters on the "PacificEdge".





Go to  for seminar sign-up info & while there read about WON's WSB Championship May 15-16.  Sign-up for the seminar & get the tips you'll need to win!


Capt Mark Wisch talks about catching squid and fishing for white seabass. This annual "Candy Bait" seminar has become a tradition for many southern California saltwater anglers and for those wanting to catch the elusive white seabass at our nearby offshore islands. This year the program has been expanded to include not only how to catch squid but also the tools and techniques required to catch WSB. Mark will show you the tackle needed and gear needed, and more importantly how he likes to rig it for success.


We'll have nets, crowders, books & other good stuff you can purchase at the seminar. If you can't make it but still want to buy good stuff it's all available on-line on our website or you can call the store 800 339-3922.


Seminar Details:

Cost: $15.00 (advance reservations only, $20.00 at the door)

Thursday Apr 15

Time: 7pm

Location: Seal Beach Church of Religious Science

500 Marina Drive, Seal Beach Ca. 90740.



Pacific Edge

5042 Edinger Ave

Huntington Beach, CA. 92649

800 339-3922


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