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WON 2020 Saltwater Fishing Charters

How to catch a cow tuna: WON announces 2020 Puerto Vallarta fly-in charter schedule


SAN CLEMENTE —WON is excited to announce two fantastic 2020 charter opportunities for anglers who dream of catching giant yellowfin. These trips to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico make the logistics of the mission easy. Just hop on a jet and the charter operators take care of nearly all the necessities, and on the WON trip aboard the sportboat Apollo that includes heavy rods and reels up for the task. The El Pescador trip is ideal for those who want a more personal, luxury experience.

For more info call Cameron Gauci at (949) 366-0921 or email

Jan. 20-24, 2020, Apollo, 3.5-Days, Puerto Vallarta
Price: $1,550.00

May 21-24, 2020, 3.5-Days, Puerto Vallarta-El Pescador
Price: $2,500.00

June 3-5, 2020, Amigo, 1.5-Day, 22nd St Landing
Price: $295.00

June 28-30, 2020, Eldorado, 2-Days, Long Beach Sportfishing
Price: $405.00

July 22, 2020, Triton vs. Gail Force Limited Load Battle!
Price: $135.00

Aug. 7-8, 2020, Black Pearl, Reverse 1.5 Day, Virg’s Landing
Price: $295.00

Sept. 4-7, 2020, 4-Days, Cedros Island
Price: $1,850.00

Sept. 8-11, 2020, Toronado, 2.5-Days, Pierpoint Landing
Price: $455.00

Sept. 10-14, 2020, Kingfisher, Alaska 5-Days
Price: $2,895.00
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