Lake Havasu Striper Derby, May 14-15, 2016

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STRIPER DERBY Entry Open Division All-In Option $275 per team

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Entry and All-In


$275 per Team

Attention all teams. The 2016 WON Lake Havasu Striper Derby will again this year not only have the blind bogey options for $40 each day, but also a new $20 big fish option, payable to the 3 biggest stripper weighed during the tournament ( 50%-30%-20%).

Since almost everyone who enters the blind bogey does so for both days, and we assume that most will also enter the big fish option, we have for sake of simplicity combined these online into one, $275 entry that is "ALL-In.

If you want to sign up for individual options just go to the main entry page for the Striper Derby and select the  Basic entry option, or call our office and sign up by phone at 949-366-0248 and ask for Billy. If he isn't available please leave a message and he will return your call when he gets your message.

To order your free team T-shirts you need to order the free tshirt sign-up below twice to order one for each member of the team. The hats will fit everyone. If the shirts are 2 different sizes go through twice, or if they are the same size you can just order the correct size and change the quantity to "2". Also in the space provided put in each team member name and again put the shirt sizes ( ie Joe Smith XXL, Bob Jones L).

Price: $275.00

List angler names and shirt sizes::