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Forkies off Loreto will be tourney target soon

BY ROBIN WADE/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 14, 2012

LORETO — The first half of the week had seasonal north winds just strong enough to mess up the water and anglers plans. When anglers could get out, the firm bet was for shallow rockfish such as pinto bass and reds, some cabrilla and pargo were also being caught close to Coronado Island on cut macks and squid.

“The yellows are still cruising around but are refusing to bite,” Rick Hill of Loreto Sea and Land Eco Tours said. “Saturday we had a group that trolled up some sierra and after the first two were in the boat they spotted some blue whale action and it was off to the races. Normally 2 sierra wouldn't made clients very happy but a ‘close up’ hour with a big blue whale can sure change your perspective.”

“Somewhere in the next ten days we are going to start doing some pre-tourney fishing for the big rock-hugging forktails,” Hill said. “April will be a hot time for yellows and a big tourney right in the middle of all the action, is very exciting.”  

Hill said the $10,000 in cash and prizes is really stirring up the interest of the locals. The tourney he refers to is The Great Loreto Yellowtail Tournament which takes place from April 26 - 28 with two days of fishing. Besides yellowtail, eligible species that pay out will be dorado, cabrilla, and pargo (in all their biological forms).

The tournament Committee also decided to incorporate a Catch and Release bonus incentive into the “Other Species” division since sailfish should also be around. For more information go to and make those Alaska Airlines reservations soon, they have two flights a week coming here now!

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