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Moss Landing boats enjoy wide-open salmon bite

BY CAPT. DAVID BACON/WON Staff WriterPublished: Apr 23, 2019

MOSS LANDING — The salmon bite out of Moss Landing turned on for the Kahuna at mid-week and kept right on going strong through the weekend, with no sign of slowing. The best part is that the fish were close-by and were easy to mooch wit light tackle.

limitsofkingsLIMITS OF KING salmon came quick and easy for the Kahuna out of Moss Landing when 17 anglers landed their two fish limits early in the day. The fish were feeding on krill up high in the top 5 to 20 feet of water. “They whacked ’em!” said Carol of Kahuna Sportfishing.

The waters around Moss Landing teemed with salmon. These early-season fish aren’t big, but they are plentiful, and they are hungry. Kahuna was right in the thick of the action. At mid-week, the report was of wide-open fishing with early limits of king salmon. Capt. Carol Jones in the Kahuna Sportfishing office said, “Fish were feeding on krill, up high in 5 to 20 feet of water. They have ultra red meat and very yummy. We whacked ‘em! I talked some skiff fisherman into mooching, showed them the tricks and sold them mooching rigs. They will have a blast! One guy came back to tell me ‘thank you’, they did indeed have a blast fishing topwater with light tackle.”

On Kahuna, Bella Myers, a 9-year-old, came out with her mom and dad. She hooked and landed her 2 fish--her first salmon. Her Mon, Lauren Myers also caught fish, but naturally Bella got bigger fish than her Mom. That is probably as it should be, right? Early in the week, Mike Margrave pulled a 12 pounder.

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