Central CA Saltwater Fishing Report

Velocity on sanddab duty out of Santa Cruz

BY CAPT. DAVID BACON/WON Staff WriterPublished: Feb 06, 2012

SANTA CRUZ — Capt. Ken Stagnaro reported excellent action on sanddabs during his trips on the Velocity out of Santa Cruz, and fishing was so good that passengers could pretty much pick the number of sanddabs they wanted to take home and be confident they would make their mark.

With delightful weather and easy runs, it was a sure thing. “We ran half-day trips fishing 250 feet of water just 7 miles south near canyon edges,” said Capt. Stagnaro. One trip logged 580 sanddabs for 17 passengers who never needed to break a sweat.

Fishing the sanddabs, especially in benign weather, is basic…just a number of baited hooks above an 8- to 12-ounce weight. Some anglers tied on sanddab rigs with up to 10 hooks while others limited themselves to double-dropper loops. Strips of squid made very durable baits which could often catch multiple fish. Berkley Gulp! and Power Baits stayed on hooks even better, making it quick and easy to de-hook a load of fish and get back down quickly to hook up another load.

The crew of the Becky Ann reported similar success this week. “On Wednesday we took 24 Dungeness crabs and on Saturday we ran a combo trip scoring 425 sanddabs and 24 crabs (plus 2 crew limits) for 4 passengers,” reported Capt. Jim Rubin.

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