Central CA Saltwater Fishing Report

Brief and productive sums up Santa Barbara area surf fishing

BY CAPT. DAVID BACON/WON Staff WriterPublished: Jan 30, 2012

SANTA BARBARA — A 1.5-hour burst of surf-fishing resulted in 8 barred surf perch for Dave Sommers Friday morning off the Santa Barbara coastline, and the fish were hungry and biting aggressively.

Preferring to fish grey light, Dave Somers hit the beach casting Friday. He didn’t have all day and he proved he didn’t need much time. Even in windy conditions (up to 20 knots) he found productive territory. Somers reported, “I did some exploration and found an area to fish even in spite of the wind. After I found the spot, and on my second cast, I caught my first perch.”

Somers continued, “I got very creative with the way I fished and knew there had to be something a bit larger. BAM! Huge, strong bite. The fish veered left and veered right as I worked him back on the retrieve. He didn't come easy. Really fun! I fished for 1.5 hours and caught 8. The largest was 13.5 inches and the smallest was 9 inches.”

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