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Editorial: A Special Wish

Editorial: A special wish for WON readers

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Dec 26, 2018

We here at Western Outdoor News are blessed with a job that pertains to the outdoors that we love, but even more, that we can share those experiences with you, our readers, and hopefully help you find those great fishing holes, the best hunting areas, and keep you up-to-date on the political climate that can impact your sports.

We’re sure you are aware of the fact that Sundays and Mondays are always our editorial work days, since the paper is put together on Monday and up on the internet the next day, and in your mailbox just days later. Subscribers can actually get the online version of Western Outdoor News the day after we gather the news!

We would also like to thank all of our sources and providers of information: The bait shops, marinas, guides and other readers who share their experiences with us to pass on to you. It is certainly a collaboration of many, many people to get all the information we need on the hundreds of streams and rivers and lakes and ocean ports in California.

And then, there are those who keep us in business: Our advertisers. A huge shout out of thanks to you, both big and small, because without your support we would not be here. We contact hundreds of businesses and guides and marinas for reports every week who do not advertise, but the reason for that is to keep getting the necessary coverage we need for our timely reports for the entire state. Some of those contacts just feel they don’t need to support us in any way other than with reports, but that doesn’t pay the bills.

The one thing that we all share, though, is a vast appreciation of the outdoors and the bounty that she provides. We all share a common love for the mountains, the deserts, the plains, the foothills, the rivers and streams and ocean waters, and for those fish and game species that are provided by them.

What we all like least is the constant battles against anti-hunters, animal-rights activists, and the gun-grabbing left wing politicians. Those battles are non-stop, but they’re not making inroads on our rights, thanks to the National Rifle Association, statewide hunting groups and organizations and a very simple desire by most Americans and Californians to maintain our freedoms and our rights under the Constitution.

We are proud to stand with you in support of America and our liberties. Thanks for your support.

* * *

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