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Editorial: Benefits of Fishing & Hunting

Editorial: Benefits of hunting and fishing

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Jan 11, 2018

Reading and watching all the hoopla about vegetarians and vegans, you would think that the vast majority of Americans don’t eat meat and depend on depleting the grocery store isles of their greens and fruits. Not so. And in fact, a long ways from it!

According to outdoor writer and scholar James Swan in a piece in the Outdoor Wire, less than three percent of Americans are vegetarians, and only half of one percent are vegans! That’s not at all worthy of all the press that vegetarians get, but hey! That’s the media nowadays; they wouldn’t know the truth if they saw it!

Want more? According to Swan’s research and studies, over 80 percent of vegetarians and 70 percent of vegans return to eating some meat! So, why are hunters and fishermen in the United States a minority group? Our guess is it’s just a lot easier to buy meat in the grocery store than to go harvest it.

“If you eat meat, someone has to kill a fish or animal,” Swan wrote. “Hunters and fishermen do get their hands dirty and bloody to put organic food on the table.”

He reminds us that while 94 percent of the public are non-hunters and 87 percent are non-fishermen, they don’t have a bad opinion about either activity. Hence, it requires mass media to reach that audience so everyone understands that what hunters and fishermen are doing is ethical, teaches where some of our food comes from, builds affinity for nature, and shows why hunters and anglers are leaders of conservation.

And, sportsmen are about the only folks who support conservation programs. In 2011, roughly $23 billion was spent on hunting, and roughly $35 billion was spent on fishing. Add in license fees, which support state and federal conservation agencies, and those facts add up. No hunters and fishermen, and fish and wildlife will definitely suffer.

It’s important that we hunters and fishermen stand up for our sports and not be afraid to speak up in defense of our rights to hunt and fish for our food, and for the health and enjoyment it provides. Stick to the facts and you’ll always win the pro-hunting or fishing argument… the anti’s only have misinformation and lies on their side.