Editorial: Fewer anglers in Cal every year

Western Outoor NewsPublished: Mar 04, 2015

Fishing license sales in California continue in a downward plunge, according to the California Sportfishing League, and the numbers have gone from 2.26 million annual resident fishing licenses sold in 1980 to only 990,000 in 2014, and the population increased nearly 60 percent in the same time period!

Those 990,000 fishing licenses bring the DFW $46,530,00, but they can’t find $2 million to raise the number of stocked trout, to the same size, that they have been doing in the past? So this year they intend to cut the numbers by about half, and the size by about half as big, way too small to even keep.

And we wonder why license sales are decreasing?

The Department of Fish and Wildlife’s proposed budget for 2014-2015 was $403 million, and yet they couldn’t find $2 million in that budget to purchase trout for our 990,000 kids and licensed anglers to fish for in 2015? That’s a total of $2.02 per angler, but they still can’t do it?

And we wonder why license sales are decreasing?

If one angler in California wanted to fish in the state, and buy all the stamps and tags for all species, he would pay a total of $120.04 for one year!

And we wonder why license sales are decreasing?

We say, “take a youngster fishing,” but if grandpa wanted to take his two 17-year-old grandsons fishing for one day in the local pond, he would have to pay $94.02 for the privilege! And, a fishing license is not good for “one year,” as it expires on Dec. 31 of every year.

According to the 2010 Census and the National Fish and Wildlife Service, California’s fishing participation is just 5 percent, last in the Nation. This is despite the fact that California has one of the nation’s longest coastlines, over 4,000 lakes/reservoirs and thousands of rivers and streams.

And we wonder why fishing license sales are decreasing? It’s obvious: A Department of Fish and Wildlife that cares more about money than about providing product or service to its constituents.

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