Editorial: Watch Your Gun and Wallet

Editorial: Watch your gun and wallet

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Dec 19, 2018

Last week, the California Legislature convened for an organizational session and swearing in ceremonies for legislators, and considering that California politicians consist almost entirely of left-leaning, anti-Constitutional and anti-gun legislators, there are going to be more and more attacks on your rights to own guns, and more and more taxes imposed so they can funnel more money into their choked coffers.

During their short stint in Sacramento, several new anti-gun proposals were introduced, including Assembly Bill 18, sponsored by Assembly Member Marc Levine (D-10), a long-time anti-gun legislator who continues to try and strip citizens of their rights.

AB 18 would place an additional excise tax on handguns and semi-automatic firearms. While the legislation lacks details of how the actual proposal will look, it expresses the intent to place an additional tax on handguns and semi-automatic firearms for distribution to various community-based intervention and prevention programs. Once again, lawmakers are saddling lawful gun owners with additional taxes and fees for the misdeeds of criminals.

The legislature reconvenes on Jan. 7 for the 2019 session and we are anticipating many more gun control proposals to be introduced, as there are many more anti-gun, anti-liberty politicians in the California political system.

We are expecting the same push we see by anti-gun lawmakers in California year after year, more restrictions and costs placed on law abiding citizens while criminals will continue to operate outside the system and circumvent the existing laws already on the books. We also wouldn’t be at all surprised to find more attempts to pass localized laws and ordinances that attempt to restrict the use of guns and hunting.

We suggest you keep up-to-date on all the most recent political moves and threats to our guns and rights by supporting the National Rifle Association (NRA), California Rifle and Pistol Association (CRPA) and all of the various sportsmen’s organizations both statewide and national, who support our rights to guns and hunting.

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