Editorial: Gun Rights

Editorial: How important are gun rights?

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Nov 21, 2017

Every time there is a shooting anywhere in the United States, some politicians starts screaming all over again for “more gun control,” when in fact, the problem is a lawbreaker behind the gun, not the gun itself. That’s probably too simplistic for the lefties, who want nothing more than total control of our lives. But that is why, exactly, we need our guns.

We hear some say, why can’t we negotiate? The reason is simple, there is no “negotiating” with our Constitution or our rights. Do we “negotiate” our first amendment rights? Why should we have to “negotiate” our second amendment rights? And how long do we have to “give in” to the gun mongers before we take a stand?

Now, as is to be expected, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-Cal.), along with two dozen other Democratic senators, introduced S. 2095, the Assault Weapons Ban of 2017 , that would ban the sale, manufacture, transfer and importation of 205 “military-style assault weapons by name.”

The reason they want the type of guns identified “by name,” is because their definition of “assault weapons” keeps changing. Semi-automatic, thumb-hole grip, type of stock, what is looks like, color of the gun, ad nauseum. There is no end to the desire of the left to take our legal guns away, so they can control us and our lives in every way possible.

The proposed legislation would also classify “assault weapons” as any that could accept detachable magazines and has certain cosmetic features, including pistol grips, telescoping stocks and threaded barrels. Additionally, the bill would ban magazines capable of holding more than 10 rounds.

First, identifying ANY rifle or shotgun with a detachable clip as an assault weapon encompasses a huge number of standard hunting rifles and shotguns, including almost all slug shotguns. You probably own at least one gun with a clip.

When is this going to stop? Only, when the citizens of California get tired of the far left dictating how their lives will be run and get tired of the endless tax increases and endless spending and dump them! Then, and only then, will this state return to some semblance of freedom.

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