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Editorial: Lead Fishing Tackle Ban

Lead fishing tackle ban uncalled for

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Feb 28, 2018

Over and over and over here in California, elected repre­sentatives give us more and more reason why we should change their elected terms from year-round to just a few months a year.

Just taking a look back at the laws introduced in recent years by many of our politicians is good for a belly laugh, except for the fact that most of them actually get passed! The majority of politicians here in California apparently think their job is to dream up new taxes to take our money away, and write new onerous laws to take away our freedoms and control us.

Recently, a big gas tax increase was levied on us, despite the fact that hundreds of millions of dollars already earmarked for road repairs were siphoned off for other programs, including a train to nowhere, and things not even related to “road repairs.” And yet we, the people, went along with it.

Now, a politician in the Bay Area who doesn’t fish and knows nothing about it wants to ban the use of lead fishing weights in the state. Yes, Assemblyman Bill Quirk, (D)

Hayward, has introduced legislation that would make illegal almost every fishing weight used for freshwater fishing. Just plain stupid, since there are no studies or scientific evidence to suggest that there is any problem at all with them.

This reminds us of the spotted owl hysteria. When owl numbers began declining, radical environmental know-it-alls screamed from the rooftops that it was lumbering at the cause of the problem. So virtually all lumbering in the north state was curtailed or stopped. Thousands of jobs were lost, and small towns turned into virtual ghost towns. A decade later, spotted owls were still on the decline, and they surprisingly found that lumbering wasn’t at fault at all — it was the aggressive barred owl moving into spotted owl territory.

At least with the owls, there was a visible problem. With fishing weights, there is no visible problem. It’s all in the mind of this small-minded politician, Bill Quirk.

We urge you to call or write to him in opposition to AB 2787 at the following address. Unfortunately, you can’t e-mail him, because he won’t accept e-mails unless you are in his

district, a ploy that most legislators now use to avoid hearing from other state residents who don’t agree with them.

Write or call Assemblyman Bill Quirk, State Capitol, P.O. Box 942849, Sacramento, CA 94249-0020; telephone (916) 319-2020 or FAX (916) 319-2120; or at his regional office at 22320 Foothill Blvd., Hayward, CA 94541; telephone (510) 583-8818 or FAX (510) 583-8800.

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