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Editorial: Seniors Gun Rights

Editorial: Seniors could lose gun rights

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Feb 14, 2018

An overturned Obama-era gun ban stripping seniors of their rights to own a gun is again rearing its ugly head, and anti-gun activists want the return of a “senior reporting” service that could put seniors at risk, once again, of being placed on a list that restricts their right to own and operate a firearm.

The original Obama gun ban was overturned, but now the antis are trying to push an even broader range of senior reporting for seniors receiving assistance, care, or having contact with Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, CHIP, and other ObamaCare subsidies.

The “Fix NICS” bill included in the possible legislation requires more stringent reporting of individuals who may be deemed “not appropriate” to be gun owners. The new bill pushes states and agencies to implement mandatory compliance in reporting any person who meets certain criteria.

Once in the system, then a “lawful authority” could deem you a danger or unfit to exercise your second amendment right to gun ownership.

While the bill is said to target those who could be a danger when owning a firearm, the language is vague and includes regulations that could limit gun ownership for those with several types of commonly listed mental illness, even those that don’t manifest in violent or suicidal behavior.

Historically, the 2007 “NICS Improvement Act,” commonly referred to as the Veterans Disarmament Act, disarmed more than 257,000 veterans who had served their country and stripped them of their guns and rights to own one.

Senior citizens are already a more victimized population, and many find comfort in self-defense firearms such as home defense pistols to protect them in the event of a home invasion or any other victimization. This legislation could reduce a senior’s right to self-protection based on issues that can be common during aging such as depressive disorders and stress conditions.

This entire idea is similar to tactics of repressive regimes around the world who fear the freedoms and rights of a free and armed society, and want to disarm those who live within it. Laws that strip anyone in society of their rights under the Constitution should find a quick home in the trash can, and those politicians who suggest them should be voted out of office.