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Equipment Review: Daiwa’s Seaborg’s for Swordfish!

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Nov 07, 2019


Fast and powerful, the Seaborg 800MJ and 1200MJ Series reels are the perfect tool for Southern California’s growing deep drop swordfishing craze. These new generation reels are smaller, faster, lighter and more powerful than anything before.

The powerful Megatwin 2-Speed Gearing is contained in an aluminum composite housing that is designed to dissipate heat and keep the motor cool. The two gear ratio system can be shifted at the touch of a button from a mega-power mode to a mega-speed mode.

The ATD ( Automatic Drag System) drag system gives you the power and poise to take control of anything that crosses your angling path. Seven large grease impregnated drags ensure smooth pay out and uncompromising stopping power. A Drag Radiator dissapates heat under heavy load. The new Seaborg Jog Power Lever system is designed for standup fishing techniques. With the standing fight concept in mind, the Jog Lever will allow an immediate response to wind in the line. The Magsealed Ball Bearing prevents water and dust intrusion inside the ball bearing which greatly reduces reel corrosion and noise. The 800MJ is ideal for shallower drops and smaller targeted fish.

The 1200MJ is designed with the capacity to fish the deepest canyons where Swordfish live. Big clunky electric reels are a thing of the past. The sleek, compact, powerful Daiwa Seaborg series 800MJ and 1200MJ are the electric reels of the future.


• Fast and Powerful

• 2-Speed Megatwin

• ATD Drag System with Drag radiator

• Magsealed Ball Bearings

• English Version LCD Screen

• Convenient 12-Volt DC Operation

• Momentary Winding Power= 285-pounds

• Max Winding Power = Hi 13 lbs. — low 33 lbs.

• MSRP 800MJ: $1,599.99

• MSRP 1200MJ: $1,699.99

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