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Fishing Equipment Review: New T3 baitcasting reels from Daiwa

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Apr 11, 2012

Daiwa T3 reels offer super-free casting,
super-fine backlash control

New T3 baitcasting reels from Daiwa offer a unique levelwind mechanism called the T-Wing System, promising improved casting performance. Plus, there’s a new magnetic backlash control to keep that extra casting performance in check.

At the heart of the T-Wing system is a unique, t-shaped levelwind aperture, designed to reduce casting friction, yet provide precise, level winding of line upon retrieve.

When casting with Daiwa’s new system, line flows freely through the wide, upper portion of the “T” with minimal friction. Tests against some of Daiwa’s own top casting reels showed a distance increase exceeding five percent. That translates to over 10 percent more water coverage in a day’s fishing. Lure drop rate after splashdown was also improved by up to 12 percent.

Keeping that extra casting freedom under control is a new, magnetic anti-backlash mechanism called Magforce 3D. Like Daiwa’s current Magforce V system, it automatically applies smooth magnetic braking that adjusts itself as the spool speeds up or slows down. The 3D system adds to that even finer control with a simple three-position switch with settings.

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