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Equipment Review: HSM Low Recoil Ammunition

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Nov 14, 2018

Produces less than half the felt recoil of standard ammunition


HSM Ammunition’s Low Recoil is a unique and exciting line of rifle hunting ammunition with zero compromises. It is truly a breakthrough from what has been available previously. Available in these most popular hunting cartridges: .243 Win.; .270 Win.; 7mm-08 Rem.; 7mm Rem.

Mag.; .308 Win.; .30-06 Spring., and; .300 Win. Mag. Recoil in each of these calibers has been reduced a minimum of 50%; most clock in at well over a 50% reduction of recoil. What makes the HSM Low Recoil rifle rounds so radically different, so unique, is they all feature full, standard weight-for-caliber hunting bullets! There is no compromise in impact or expansion when compared to bullets found topping other low recoil ammunition. A “Magic Bullet,” indeed!

HSM partnered with world-renowned Sierra Bullets in developing these HSM proprietary bullets featuring a distinct HSM orange polymer tip. They are as technologically advanced as has yet been encountered. Combined with HSM's sterling reputation of using only the very best components and time-honored crafting of every cartridge, HSM Low Recoil ammunition can be equated to “handloads in a factory box.” For peak performance, recommended range is max. 250 yds.


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