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Equipment Review: New FishReveal Software from Lowrance

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Apr 27, 2018

Find more fish, easier and faster;
view structure in greater detail


Lowrance constantly strives to deliver new and exciting sonar and navigation features that make a big difference to anglers on the water. Their latest software release does just that. The brand recently released a free software update for HDS Carbon, HDS Gen3 and Elite-Ti displays that includes sonar enhancements, new automatic routing functionality and improvements for C-MAP charting.

At the heart of the release is FishReveal, an exciting and innovative sonar feature that makes fish standout on DownScan Imaging. FishReveal is a massive leap forward in fish finding technology that allows anglers to quickly and easily discover how fish orient themselves in and around cover and structure, with clearly defined fish arches.

Unlike traditional CHIRP views that provide strong fish targets but lack refined structure detail, or DownScan Imaging that provides photo-like images of bottom and structure details but show fish targets as tiny dots; FishReveal smart target viewing blends the best data from both technologies, eliminating the need for split-screen viewing and interpretation. The upgrade also includes enhancements to StructureScan 3D and StructureScan HD; the addition of C-MAP Easy Routing and Navionics Dock-to-Dock Autorouting capability; plus, a new, easy-to-interpret C-MAP navigation palette.

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