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Equipment Review: Rapala introduces new 50 lb. High Contrast Digital Scale

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Sep 22, 2017

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No matter the task, the right tools make completion easier and more efficient. Before hitting the water again this summer, make room in your boat for the newest high-tech accessories from Rapala.

Packed with must-have features, Rapala’s new 50-pound High Contrast Digital Scale is the most innovative accessory for competitive- and conservation-minded anglers practicing CWR — Catch-Weigh-Release.

Foremost of the scale’s features is a fish-friendly gripper to secure your catch. A reverse-image LCD-illuminated screen makes reading light text on a dark background easy, even on bright, sunny days. Directional pad operation offers intuitive navigation through menu options, which includes a quick reference for minimum and maximum bin and total weight, eight stored weight locations, tare weight, and memory backup. Anglers using the 50 lb. High Contrast Digital Scale can choose from three weight-unit options: pound/ounce, decimal pounds, or kilograms. It runs on two AAA batteries (not included).

Retail Price: $34.99

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