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Equipment Review: Seastar Solutions Introduces New Pro-Pedal Foot Throttle

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Nov 14, 2018

Easy-to-install foot throttle offers improved comfort, control – and reliability


SeaStar Solutions, the world leader in marine steering and control systems, is proud to introduce the Pro-Pedal foot throttlle: The first foot throttle that can be fully customized to fit both the boat and the driver, making it easier and more enjoyable to pilot today’s high-performance boats – designed with a more durable torsion spring and locking fasteners to improve both reliability and durability, season after season.

“Driving a high-performance bass boat at wide open throttle requires experience, skill and a sixth sense,” said David Wolfe, Product and Support Manager for SeaStar Solutions. “SeaStar’s Pro-Pedal is a marked improvement in control that any boat driver, pro or amateur, will definitely appreciate.”

SeaStar’s Pro-Pedal foot throttle offers significant advantages in terms of customization and comfort in order to meet the individual requirements of the boat driver. Its compact design keeps the deck uncluttered and allows for more room around the pedal, and an integrated slide makes it easy to adjust the pedal position for different drivers.

In use, the Pro-Pedal starts off at a comfortable but adjustable 12.5º forward angle, as opposed to a nearly vertical idle position found on competitive units, so the driver can place his foot in a more natural position at slower speeds or when idling.

An innovative patent-pending design allows the driver to set idle-to-WOT travel on the Pro-Pedal to match his individual ergonomics. Whatever travel length is set, the Pro-Pedal will always provide optimal idle-to-WOT throttle control based on engine type. This improves driver comfort and assures maximum performance.

A robust, torsion spring built into the footplate has proven extremely reliable in returning the Pro-Pedal to idle speed position, inspiring added confidence and practically eliminating the potential of a broken spring. In addition, the Pro-Pedal uses self-locking fasteners which hold a tight fit and decrease the tendency of other fasteners to loosen when subjected to extreme vibration.

The Pro-Pedal has been engineered for easy installation and can accept the throttle cable from the back, the front or up to the console. (All necessary hardware is included with the unit.) The Pro-Pedal is made of cast aluminum and is compatible with a wide range of OEM and aftermarket cables, but performs optimally with SeaStar’s own Xtreme control cables.

Designed and assembled in America, the SeaStar Pro-Pedal will be available starting in December 2018.

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