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Fishing Equipment Review: Seeker PinHead Series Rods

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Feb 29, 2012

Pinheads by Seeker

Seeker has gone green. Not in the environmental sense but in our new line of rods called the PinHead Series. We’ve taken traditional actions and recreated them in a “Green Colored” all S-Glass (Super Glass) construction. The PinHeads are equipped with a Carboloy tip guide, chrome plated stainless steel guides, a “Deckhand” style double black on black wrap, a corktape grip, a heavy duty rubber butt cap and finished off with a distinctive traditional “Turks-Head” knot.

This line of rods follows the new direction of product development at Seeker Fishing Rods. Seeker has identified an opportunity to bring to market an entry level product that is built on the same high quality blanks as all of our other lines. As in the past, all of our blanks are hand crafted in Long Beach, California. Our finished rods are wrapped and finished in Long Beach as well. Couple this with high quality componentry from around the world and you have a first class rod that will perform beyond the angler’s expectations.  

The PinHeads are hitting the stores now. All 5 models are modestly priced under $200.

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