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Equipment Review: Strike King’s Pipsqueak

Western Outdoor NewsPublished: Dec 12, 2018

Who Are You Calling a Pipsqueak?


The KVD Popping Perch changed the way anglers looked at hollow body topwaters. First, it often isn’t a frog that we’re trying to mimic. Second, what the fish see on the bottom is more important than how pretty you make the top. Third, it doesn’t matter how pretty you make a bait if you can’t catch the majority of what bites it. The Popping Perch had an answer for everyone of these scenarios. The newest Addition to the KVD Popping Perch family is a new big-time little brother. For 2019, check out the all-new KVD Pipsqueak Popping Perch!

“The Popping Perch is arguably the perfect hollow body topwater bait. The action is unreal, and the hookup percentage is far better than anything else out there. There are however times when a smaller bait is the ticket. The problem with making something smaller is that you typically sacrifice action. That is certainly not the case with the Pipsqueak” says renowned topwater expert and FLW Pro, Todd Castledine. “The profile of the Pipsqueak makes it super-easy to cast, walk and skip. But, don’t let the size fool you, this thing is designed to catch and land big bass! The Popping Perch design is built around a specific hook configuration that ensures hookups. The new Pipsqueak is a chip off the old block!” Castledine added.

The all-new Pipsqueak Popping Perch is 5” long and features a 3/0 black nickel, premium hook. It comes in 8 strike-inducing colors and can be found in better tackle retailers everywhere.


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